OLTL Update Thursday 9/11/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/11/03

By Kate
Pictures by Juanita

Kevin and Asa discuss Dawes and all the trouble he’s causing with the blackmail photos and almost dropping the chandelier on Kelly. Asa says they’ll find something on Dawes, or make it up, but Kevin refuses to play dirty. Asa says you fight fire with fire.

Kelly and David bicker. She figures he’s up to something nefarious with Dorian, but David says that Dorian sent him there to talk to her. Dorian looks on as Blair arrives.

Walker goes to Crossroads to set up a surprise for Blair. Antonio comes in for a beer and Natalie notes how lonely he seems without Jessica. Antonio’s lawyer McGovern calls and says they have a second chance at custody right away.

At the courthouse, Evangeline urges RJ and Keri to make some concessions in the custody battle. They are violently opposed.

Larry tells Bo, Gabrielle, Marcie and Max that Al is suffering a complication: his liver may be failing. His past drug use may have had something to do with it. Marcie goes in to talk with Al and sings him a song as his family looks on from outside.

Blair storms over to Kelly and David, wondering why Kelly is having dinner with the piece of slime. David says he’ll go call Animal Control and leaves, but Dorian stops him and says she’ll take care of Blair. She calls her on her cell phone saying there’s a problem at home that she needs her help with, and Blair leaves. David returns to Kelly.

Asa says his private detective has found out that Dawes likes hookers, but Kevin doesn’t want to get in a smear campaign; his people are poring over all the construction contracts the ex Lt. Governor awarded Dawes, and is sure they’ll find something there.

Blair arrives at Dorian’s; all Dorian wants to know is how things are going with Walker. He reminds her too much of Todd, but Dorian thinks Walker will make her happy. Walker calls Blair to tell her something exciting is happening at Crossroads and he doesn’t want her to miss it.

Kelly doesn’t understand why David is back in Llanview; he tells her he’s in love with Dorian. Kelly bursts out laughing.

Asa entreats Cristian to get a woman to trap Dawes. Cristian is wary, but Asa says no one threatens his family and walks away; they have to get the message to Dawes tonight.

Carlotta testifies that she saw the babysitter Keri hired ignoring Jamie. Evangeline says Antonio is unemployed and was let go for excessive violence on the job. Next up is Rae, who says that Keri’s drive to keep Antonio from the baby has nothing to do with her concern for the baby’s safety, but rather to punish Antonio. Evangeline notes that Rae saw Antonio as a patient, but Rae reminds her that she can’t divulge information because of patient confidentiality. Carlotta hands a note to Antonio: Get Bo.

Larry tells Marcie she is suffering from exhaustion. Max tells her to go home and get some rest; Marcie doesn’t want to but he and Jen convince her. Bo gets a call from Antonio and says he’ll be right there.

Blair enters Crossroads, which Walker has filled with flowers and candles. He says it would mean a lot to him if she sang for him, and he’ll accompany her on piano. Blair can’t believe he would do this, but he starts playing and she sings “My Funny Valentine.”

David is glad to see Kelly smile. He thinks she seems so sad now, but she denies it. Kevin arrives and asks if David is bothering her.

Jen gets Marcie some tea and tells her she needs to get some rest. Marcie starts crying and Jen says he’ll be okay. Marcie tells her she loves AL more than anything and this could be her only chance at love.

Joe reads some Bible to Al. Al says Marcie is the best thing that ever happened to him.

Evangeline roast Antonio on the stand, reiterating his violent tendencies. His lawyer points out that he’s never struck a woman or a child. Bo enters the courtroom and testifies that Antonio is one of the best officers he’s ever worked with, and he would have been just as rough on Mitch Laurence. He doesn’t condone the fight with RJ, but Bo would stake his life on Keri and Jamie being safe around Antonio. Antonio’s lawyer calls Evangeline to the stand.

Walker and Blair drink champagne. He tells her he wanted to do something Todd would never do and he wants to make her feel things no man has ever made her feel. Blair says he’s on the right track. They grow closer.

Evangeline admits she offered Antonio a job, McGovern gets her to say that she wasn’t concerned with his “violent tendencies”. Keri testifies that Antonio hit her two or three times and RJ corroborates. He insists that Antonio will do anything to get back at Keri.

RJ yells at Evangeline about almost hiring Antonio; she advises them to cut a deal. Keri refuses. The judge rules for joint custody. Carlotta and crew exult while Keri glares at Antonio.

Marcie goes on the radio station to ask for support for Al. Meanwhile Larry tells the Holdens that Al’s liver is failing rapidly and he’s going to need a transplant.

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