OLTL Update Wednesday 9/10/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/10/03

By Renaldo     
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie offers to look after Crossroads as Cristian meets Kevin and Max goes to see Al. Kevin gives Cristian his $5,000 advance. Kevin asks Cristian to look after Kelly and thanks him again for saving her. Cristian gives the guy he made the bet with the $5,000. The guy tells him the interest is $1,000 and Cristian writes a check. The guy muses on how now he has Cris's address if the check bounces. At the same time, Natalie is talking to a printer about a check she write for the wedding invitations. Kevin later tells Cristian that he has a top secret job for him to do.

At Llanview Hospital, Gabrielle assures Al that he'll be fine. In the lobby Gabrielle tells Bo the truth about she feels about his relationship with Nora. She admits that why she was attempting to make Bo jealous with Max, her son was becoming ill. Gabrielle asks Dr. Larry why is it that Marcy is improving quicker than Al. Bo tells her maybe they'll find out when they get the results of the test. She tells Bo she's willing to do anything to see Al through this rough time, even if it means letting go of Bo. He tries to explain that any quality time he spends with Nora is in the interest of their son. The love he has for Gabrielle cannot compete with Nora. He apologizes for ignoring her. Max shows up to the hospital, bringing Al the tape recorder he requested. Gabrielle, Bo and Max all gather around Al's bed and tell him he'll be okay. Al goes into mild arrest and the doctor's usher the others out of the hospital room. Dr. Larry is able to stabilize Al, but he says that when he checked Al's liver enzymes he was worried. In his room, al speaks into the recorder as the Voice of the Night, saying how these are his last words.

Daniel gloats to Nora about how The Banner endorses him and not her. Daniel almost flips when Riley and Flash arrive at The Palace to have lunch with Nora. While Daniel argues with Riley over having lunch with his "rival," Flash tells Nora about Daniel's drunken outburst days earlier. Asa comes over and Flash asks him how could he endorse someone like that. He tells her to stick to singing. Asa tells Daniel to keep the drinking to a minimum if he intends on beating Nora.

Dorian calls Asa's looking for Kelly and is informed by Nigel that Kelly went to see her doctor. Dr. Perez reasserts to Kelly that her getting pregnant would be a tremendous risk. Kelly tries to convince the doctor that the only option for having a child if it's hers and Kevin's, not adopted. She says she can beat the risk. Dorian pops up at the hospital to try to persuade Kelly to stop trying to have a baby. Kelly tells her to stay out of her life. Dorian tells David she wants him to start making moves on Kelly, he says he wants his payment upfront. Dorian meets David at Crossroads and she hands him one diamond as payment. She tells him she wants him to keep Kelly busy. David wants to know what's in it for Dorian. She says it's a matter of life and death and that she wouldn't mind if Kelly left Kevin. David shows up at Kelly's table at The Palace to have lunch. She at first demands to know what he wants, but reluctantly decides to let him stick around. Dorian watches from a distance.

Todd goes up to Flynn's suite to make sure he's really leaving Atlantic City. Flynn tells Todd to make sure that no one learns their secret. Blair arrives home and sees Dorian with David. She tells Dorian Walker isn't who he says he is. She tells her all about how he's been running a casino in Atlantic City. Dorian mentions how she thinks Walker would be good for her, even better than Todd. As Blair is about to leave with Heddy and Jack, Todd shows up to tell her that his business in Atlantic City is over. She wants to know if he's the man that saved her daughter's life or if he's the man that lies and leads a double-life. He says she already knows who he is and kisses her. She slaps him. Kevin comes in and blasts Todd for a slanderous article he printed about him. Blair says he keeps doing things like Todd and that she cannot be with him. As Blair goes to check on Starr, Todd tells Jack who he really is. Blair returns and asks him to leave. As he's walking to the door, Jack calls out "Daddy." Blair tells Todd how sometimes Jack calls men "Daddy." Blair says how if Todd were standing right there in that room how she wouldn't take him back. After he leaves, he decides to keep Todd dead.

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