OLTL Update Tuesday 9/9/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/9/03

By Renaldo
Pictures by Juanita

David breaks into Dorian's house looking for the necklace. Dorian catches him and quietly calls the police to report the burglary. As he hears the sirens he panics. Dorian comes downstairs and he demands to know how could she call the police on him. He threatens her with the Count's name and she tells him that the Count died weeks ago. She says she will call off the police if he helps her impede Kelly's plans of having a child with Kevin. Dorian apologizes to the police for the "false alarm" and she and David have a drink. He wants to know more about the necklace but she turns the subject back to that of Kelly. She says if he wants the necklace, he'll do exactly as she asks. Dorian laughs as she wonders why the fates keep throwing them together. He says she doesn't despise him as much as she'd like to think. He leaves, but not after saying how much he "sort of" missed her.

Thinking Flynn is the Walker she knows, Blair demands him of what is going on. Flynn says she may think she knows what's going on but she really has no clue. Flynn gives Blair a fake story, saying he's been running a casino there in Atlantic City. She says she hates lies and he promises her that it almost over. Blair says she'll never trust anyone including him again and leaves. Flynn tells his boys he wants the place cleared out by midnight and curses Todd for starting all the confusion.

Todd runs into Elisa, Kevin's spy, and she tells him she knows the real Walker Laurence Flynn is living in Atlantic City. She demands to know who he really is and he offers her the truth and a drink. He jokingly tells her he's Batman as she begins to feel woozy. She faints and someone takes her away. Todd wipes his prints from Elisa's glass. Seeing Blair down near the bar, he hides near a plant. Blair orders her drink and he makes himself scarce. After her drink, she leaves and at the last minute decides to go back up to Flynn's office.

Walker goes back up to Flynn's office, asking if he told Blair knew the truth. Flynn says he should've and accuses Todd of being a liability. One of Flynn's henchmen pulls a gun on Todd and tells him he'll kill him. Todd produces a copy of a document to be mailed to some very important people upon his death, explaining the incriminating truth. Flynn backs down. They discuss how to handle Blair, just as she begins banging on the door. Todd opens the door as Flynn disappears and tries to make amends with her. He asks for another chance. She chuckles on how he changed his clothes so fast. She why should she give him a second chance and he says because he's in love with her. She tells him lies are not the best way to start a relationship. As she leaves, he asks where they stand and she tells him she doesn't know. Flynn emerges and laughs, saying how Todd has his work cut out for him.

Kelly asks if Dawes was being the chandelier falling at the press conference and he says he thinks so. She asks what could Dawes possibly want from him. Asa tells Dawes he knows he was behind the incident and threatens him not to try anything similar again. Dawes hands Asa the envelope containing the photos of Kevin kissing Blair. Asa goes to Kevin's room with the photos. He shows them to Kevin. Kevin tells Asa he's already made Dawes think Kelly already knew. Asa asks what if the photos make it to the tabloids. Kevin tells Asa to butt out of his life. Kevin later apologizes for his outburst and Asa tells him that he should not dismiss Dawes or his threats. Kevin promises that he is through with Blair and that hopefully, by the time of the election, Kelly will be having a baby. As Kevin slips into bed that night, Kelly gets up and goes downstairs. She notices the envelop on the table. Just as she's about to pick it up and open it, Kevin comes down and distracts her with a loving embrace. He tells he loves her even though it seems like he's ignoring her with work and the campaign. As she leaves to go make tea, he destroys the photos.

Blair comes home and admits to herself that she has to let go of Todd. She says how Todd has made it hard for her to trust anyone. Todd, at the same time, thinks of Blair at Flynn's office and tells himself he cannot pull this off. Todd looks into the mirror, touching his reconstructed face, then hurls a paperweight at the mirror, smashing it to pieces.

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