OLTL Update Monday 9/8/03


One Life to Live Update Monday 9/8/03

By Renaldo
Pictures by Juanita

Cristian saves Kelly from the falling chandelier at the press conference. Dawes hovers in the background as the party turns to chaos. Kelly lets everyone know that she's okay and Kevin shows Cristian his gratitude by offering him a position with his staff. Cristian discusses taking the job with Natalie first. Dawes cryptically advises Kevin to be careful after the incident. Cristian accepts the job and asks for an advance. Kevin tells him he's family and an advance would be no problem.

David gives Dorian the "signal" and she cries out that her diamond necklace has been stolen. David and Dorian demand that Bo investigate who took the necklace. Bo tells Dorian to come down to the station tomorrow in order to take her statement. Antonio asks if there's anything he can do to help and Bo suggests he help himself by staying away from Keri, maybe even leaving town. Antonio finally tells Jessica how Keri's brakeline was cut and how he's the prime suspect.

Dorian and David arrive back to the house. She screams at him for the chandelier diversion and how it could've killed Kelly. He tells her that it wasn't her idea, but he gave her the signal because it was the perfect time amid all the chaos, especially since she'd found it as the perfect opportunity to take the necklace off. He asks her to hand it to him and she says she doesn't have it, thinking he'd somehow taken it. He tells her it was impossible for him to have snatched since he was several feet away. David says he's not leaving the house until he gets the necklace. She gives him her purse to prove that she doesn't have it. He believes her and decides to leave. After he shuts the door behind him, Dorian pulls the necklace out of her bra and smiles.

Gabrielle arrives to Atlantic City looking for Max and bumps into Todd posing as Walker. She asks what he's doing there as he's taken away by two security men. She also runs into Blair that says she's looking for Walker and Gabrielle tells her he went off with two men. Nigel and Roxie inform Gabrielle that Al and Max went off somewhere with Marcie. Gabrielle gives up on looking for Max and heads back to Llanview.

Roxie and Nigel play the slots in order to avoid going back to their suite. She coaches him on how to work the machine and he hits the jackpot.

At the hospital, Marcie's doctor suggests that Max and Al be examined just in case they were exposed to the same virus as Marcie. Marcie explains how she got the cut on her head and how she ended up in the dumpster. The doctor tells Al and Max that they were both exposed and it depends on their individual immune systems how the infection is handled. As Marcie tells then all that she's feeling better, they realize that Al is having symptoms. Marcie mentions to the doctor how Al seems more sick than she was in the beginning. Marcie blames herself for the infection. Al's fever worsens and the doctor asks for assistance.

Nora and Bo come back to his apartment to look for Matthew's game. They recognize a song on the radio as the one they danced to at the contest and reminisce. He accuses her of being the reason they got second place and they begin dancing. Gabrielle comes home and sees them. She slams the door hard to get their attention. She goes off to the room telling Bo to ignore her like he always does, not before telling Bo that she had a great time away with Max. Bo gets a call from Max telling him that he's in the hospital with Al and Marcie and that he needs to see Gabrielle.

Blair realizes she cannot use the elevator that the men took Walker into without a special key. Blair spills her drink on one of the security men that took Walker and as she helps him wipe it off, she swipes his key.

The two men take Todd up to meet the real Walker Laurence Flynn. Todd and Flynn discuss how they made a deal for Todd to impersonate him. Flynn wants to know who's investigating him, or Blair will learn everything. Todd tells Flynn the one bankrolling the investigation is Kevin Buchanan and that he knows how to handle him. Todd promises Flynn he'll make sure no one figures out their secret and leaves through the back way. The two security men bring Blair into Flynn's office just as Todd leaves. Blair asks Flynn what's going on, thinking he's the Walker she knows.

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