OLTL Update Friday 9/5/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/5/03

By Boo
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian slowly lifts the blanket off of David eyeballing his chest. David wakes and tells her to keep her hormones under control. Dorian scoffs at him and tells him she was just getting ready to suggest that he get his lazy carcass up. David tells her that it is okay to have fond memories of their marriage.  Dorian's memories are far from fond. David remarks that the days were pretty bad, but at night? He doesn't think Dorian has forgotten how compatible they could be.

Kevin snuggles in tight to Kelly who is surprised to see he isn't up yet. He is recovering from last  night he tells her. She asks if he thinks they made a baby last night. Kevin tells her they sure gave it a good try, and asks her if she feels lucky. Kelly does feel lucky. She reminds Kevin that today is the big day, everything they have been planning on is coming true. She pushes him out of bed to get ready.

AT the Palace Dawes is checking out the pictures of Blair and Kevin as Asa introduces Bo and Nora to Governor Brooks. The Governor asks when he will get an invitation to the wedding. Rene tells the Governor that they haven't set a date yet. Asa announces that when they do get married, Rene will be his 13th. Colson walks up and Asa introduces him to the Governor also. Colson tells the Governor that he was just appointed District Attorney this morning. Nora reminds him that it is 'acting' District Attorney for now. Colson replies that the voters will verify that in November. Governor Brooks excuses himself and walks away from the group. Nora tells Colson that it is a big IF, not 'when' for him to be the permanent District Attorney. Colson remarks that he doesn't see how he could lose with Asa and 'The 
Banner' backing him. Nora quietly asks Bo who else in the Buchanan family is on Colson's side.

Roxy and Nigel are shown to their room at the motel in Atlantic City. Roxy thinks it needs some leopard skin pillows or something to spruce it up. Nigel points out that there is only one bed. Roxy tries to explain to the bellman that they are not a couple, they just won the trip in a talent contest they are in. The bellman apologizes, but this is the only room available. The motel is booked up because of the pool tournament that is going on downstairs.

Natalie is losing confidence in her game. She thinks the girl she is playing now has it in the bag. Max tells her to stay cool and be ready to sink the 8-ball when the girl misses her shot. Cris is watching from the other side of the pool table when a man walks up and strikes up conversation with him. When he learns the 'redhead' that is playing is Cris' girlfriend, he tells Cris it is too bad Cris didn't put some money down on her. They could have had a great pay day. The other girl misses the shot, and Natalie takes her turn. Cris joins Max on his side of the table to watch. Natalie sinks the 8-ball and wins the tournament. Cheers all around.

Dorian takes the necklace out of the safe and nags at David to hurry up and get dressed. He still doesn't have a shirt on. David tells her to chill, the press conference doesn't start till this afternoon. Dorian insists that he 'practice' undoing the clasp to the necklace. She puts it on and turns her back to him. As David starts to undo the necklace, Blair walks in and is shocked to see David there. David Vickers? Dorian quickly shoves the necklace into her bra as David turns to greet Blair. Blair greets him......with a punch to the face. 'What the hell is he doing here Dorian?'

Nora confronts Asa as to why he is backing Colson. Colson is so smug and confident that he will win. Asa tells Nora that she doesn't have a chance against Colson, so she should save herself the humiliation. Nora starts to get riled when Bo stops the conversation to take Nora to check on the printer situation with all her campaign stuff. Nora tells Colson to keep that smug look on his face, she wants to see it fall when she wins. Bo and Nora leave.

Natalie is shocked that she made 500.00 just playing pool. Max reminds her that she got if for 'winning' pool. Cris knew she would win. Jess, Marcie and Al show up to cheer Natalie on. Max tells them they are too late, the tournament is over. Natalie tells them that she won, and they all congratulate her. Cris tells them they can cheer Natalie on with her next game. Natalie tells them she will be playing the 'Black Widow'. Max explains it is part of her winning the tournament, she gets to play the best. He tells Natalie it will be a learning experience. Marcie jokes that she thought she saw a black widow in the attic one time and never went back up there again. Al pretends he sees a spider on Marcie's arm, and the jostle around a bit, with Marcie bumping into Jeanette. Natalie introduces them all the 'Black Widow'. Marcie is very excited.

Kelly and Kevin are starting to get dressed for the day when Kevin receives a call from Lisa. She tells him that she is in the motel that the real Walker Laurence is staying at. Kevin tells her not to let him out of her site when she does find him, but he is unavailable this afternoon and will get back to her as soon as he can. Kelly asks if the call was about the real Walker Laurence. When Kevin confirms that, she tells him that the guy she met doesn't seem like a guy that could do this. Kevin reminds her that he bought the 'Sun' right out from under him and he made Kelly think that he was having an affair with her cousin. Kevin knows the man is trouble, and he wants him stopped.

Blair demands to know what David is doing there with Dorian, and tells him to put his shirt on. David and Dorian spin a tale about Dorian having a kink in her neck and David offered to rub it out for her. Blair keeps questioning why David had his shirt off. She thought the two of them hated each other. David says that he is there to make amends with Dorian. Dorian tells Blair that she has accepted David's apology. David asks Blair to introduce him to her 'friend'. Blair introduces David to Walker. As David goes to shake little Jack's hand, Walker stops him and tells David that if he touches Jack, he will kill him. David asks him who made him Jacks protector. Walker tells him that any one that knows anything about David would do the same thing. David says that him and Jack go way back, to the time when Todd told Blair that little Jack was dead. He talks about Todd having him put in a Moroccan prison to keep him quiet. Walker says that is sounds like he got off easy. David wants to know what Walkers problem is, he doesn't even know him. Walker answers that is the problem, because he does know him. David, Dorian, and Blair all turn to look at Walker.

Bo and Nora enter Bo's apartment to pick up something Bo forgot. Nora asks Bo if he really thinks she has a chance at winning the election. Bo thinks she has more than a chance. Nora remarks that she is going up against Kevin's newspaper and Asa's money. Bo tells her that Asa only backs politicians he thinks he can use after the election, Nora doesn't qualify. Nora thinks Asa should just retire and travel the world with Rene, or better yet take Flash on a trip around the world. Bo tells her that Asa won't stop until he sees Kevin in the Governor's mansion. Nora then thinks about Asa finding out that Mathew is his grandson, what will happen when he gets his hooks into Mathew. Bo assures her that will not happen. Gabrielle enters the apartment to see Nora and Bo there together.

Nigel offers to sleep on the floor, but Roxy will not kick him out of the bed. This is his vacation too. It doesn't really matter anyway, cause they will playing the slots all night anyway. Nigel tells her that wagering money causes him stress which makes him break out in a rash in unmentionable places. Roxy will not here of him not gambling. She slaps him on the butt as she pushes him out the door with her.

Natalie starts her game with Jeanette as Al tells Marcie that last night was wonderful. She thinks so too. Al is a little worried about her as she feels a little warm. Marcie assures him that she is fine. Al knows she has gone through a lot lately, and hopes Deke and Madison get charged with attempted murder. Marcie tells him it is all over now, and all they managed to do was get more people on her side. Al still isn't going to take his eyes off Marcie. Roxy and Nigel walk into the room with Roxy wondering why all of Llanview is there. She then sees the 'Black Widow' and runs to introduce herself interrupting the game. Jess explains to Nigel who the 'Black Widow' is. Roxy rattles on to Jeanette who nods politely. Jess pulls Roxy away reminding her that they are in the middle of the game. The man walks up to Cris again and asks if he would like to make a bit on his redheaded bride to be. A 5000.00 bet. Roxy overhears and watches as Cris turns down the offer and walks away. She runs to convince Cris to make the bet. Cris finally gives in and places the bet with the man.

David asks Walker if they have met. Dorian quickly rushes David out of the room reminding him that he has an appointment. Walker says he read about David Vickers down at the 'Sun'. Blair hopes David isn't in town to stay, the man is trouble. In the foyer Dorian reminds David that they have to get ready for the press conference. She tells David that she will meet him there. David is having none of that, he will not leave her there alone with the necklace. Dorian tells him fine, he can shower upstairs. David reminds her that they have plenty of time and hints that they should fool around. Dorian tells him that she has someone very special in her life right now. When she can't tell David who it is, he tells her that she should go after the Governor. He is perfect for her. As they both head upstairs to get ready, David grabs the corner of Dorian's portrait and makes it hang crooked. Kelly comes in the front door looking for Dorian. She finds Blair and Walker on the floor coloring with Jack in the front room. She asks Blair out to the foyer for a private word and tells Blair that Walker is an imposter. Blair asks what she is talking about, but as soon as Kelly mentions that Kevin has an investigator Blair blows up at her. She doesn't want to hear anything about it. Walker saved Starr's life, and he saved hers. Kelly realizes that Blair isn't going to listen and apologizes for saying anything. She asks for Dorian, but Blair doesn't know where she is, she is somewhere with David Vickers. Kelly tells Blair to just tell Dorian that she will meet her at the press conference and leaves. Outside, Kelly shakes her head as she leaves. Blair goes back into the front room to join Walker and Jack. Walker is telling Jack a 'Walker's version' of 'Jack And The Beanstalk'. Blair tells Walker that she has never seen Jack warm up to anyone like this ever.

Natalie is on a roll, when she misses one shot. Cris tells Roxie not to mention anything about the bet. Roxy says she will take it to her grave. Cris hopes he doesn't take it to his. Jeanette runs the table and wins the game. She tells Natalie that she has real talent and not to let it go to waste. Natalie runs to Cristian and tells him for a second she thought she really had a chance. So did Cristian. Natalie says it was a good thing she wasn't playing for money. Jess, Marcie, and Al rush over to congratulate Natalie. Cris sneaks back to talk to the man he made the bet with. He tells the man that he doesn't have the money right now. The man tells him that is okay, he has a week to get the money. The man knows Cris is good for the money because everyone knows what happens to a man that welches on a bet.

Gabrielle greets Bo with a kiss and is very surprised to see him home. Bo tells her that they are actually just leaving to go to the country club. Nora explains that it is for the Governor's news conference. Bo asks Gabrielle to join them but she begs off saying she needs to do her column. After Bo and Nora leave, Gabrielle complains because everything is always more important than she is. She calls Max on her cell phone and tells him she is on her way to Crossroads and she isn't in a good mood. Max tells her he is in Atlantic City to support Natalie, but Al and Marcie are there too and she should join them. Gabrielle decides to join them and leaves Bo a note telling him that Max made her a better offer.

Cris finishes giving his information to the bet man. Natalie wonders if she will ever get a rematch. Max says that Natalie will beat her one of these days. Jess says she almost beat her this time. Natalie says she wouldn't have made any of those shots without all of them there rooting her on. Roxy drags Nigel off to gamble. Jess has to leave to go to the press conference, and Cris and Natalie decide to get going too. Marcie tells Al that now she really isn't feeling well and maybe they should leave too. Al feels her forehead and says she is burning up. Max gives them the key to his room and tells them to go up and let Marcie lay down. As they go to leave, Marcie gets dizzy and almost passes out. She is shaking really badly and says that she needs to go to the hospital. Max agrees.

Colson is telling the press that the upcoming election is merely a formality. When the press asks if that means Nora Buchanan is dropping out of the race, Nora walks up behind them all and tells them she will answer that question. She believes the citizens deserve a choice, so she will be running against Colson. She has faith in the intelligence of the citizens. Kevin walks up to Dawes and tells him that he has decided not to cave in to blackmail. Dawes wonders how the Governor will react, and what about Kevin's sweet wife. Kevin sees Kelly walk in and tells Dawes they will find out right now how Kelly feels about it. Kevin goes to Kelly and whispers asking where Dorian is. Kelly tells him that she will be there later and asks why they are whispering. Kevin tells her that he will tell her later. Kelly tells him about trying to warn Blair, but Blair wouldn't listen. She knows Blair will get her heart broke, but for now she hasn't seen Blair care this much about someone since Todd.

Blair and Walker come downstairs after getting Jack to sleep. They discuss what a good time they had at the beach with the kids and how brave Starr was for not being afraid of going back into the water. Blair likes that Walker likes her kids so much and that they are so crazy about him. She notes that with the kids, she didn't get much time alone with him. There is a lot about him that she doesn't know. Walker asks her what for instance. Blair tells him that she saw the scars on his back. He says they are typical war scars and walks into the living room. Blair follows him and asks if he was in the military. He tells her no, it was his step father that did that to him. Blair doesn't think she could ever forgive something like that. Walker tells her that she would be surprised what she could forgive and kisses her. Back in the foyer, Dorian straightens her portrait as her and David come down the stairs. Dorian wants David to give her details on their plan tonight. David tells her he will clue her in when the time is right and they leave. Back in the front room, Blair hears Dorian leave and tells Walker that they are all alone, does he want to go upstairs. When he says he does, she runs for the doors to the foyer. Walker gets a call on his cell phone and tries to resist answering, but finally does. He yells into the phone 'What!......How the hell did that happen?' He writes on a paper where the person is and tells them he will be there. After he hangs up, he tells Blair that it is a personal thing having to do with money, and he will have to be out of town for a couple of days. He will call her. He kisses her and leaves. Blair looks at what he wrote down on the paper and is curious why he wrote 'Xanadu Casino'.

Back at the casino, we see a man in a dark suit hang up a cell phone and slip it in his pocket and walk away. Gabrielle walks in looking for Max.

Dorian walks into the country club to meet Kelly. Kelly immediately jumps her about being with David. Dorian and David exchange little signals and David keeps his distance. Dorian tells Kelly that David just dropped by. Kelly tells Dorian that she should just hide that necklace if David happens to come around again. Jess, Natalie, and Cris come in to support Kevin. Jess asks why he seems so nervous. Natalie remarks that he is about to become one of the most important men in the commonwealth. Kevin agrees that is it and goes to join Kelly as Asa asks everyone to have a seat and introduces Governor Brooks. The Governor makes the announcement that Kevin is the new Lieutenant Governor and everyone claps. The Governor calls Kevin to the front of the room to sign the papers and make it official. Dawes comes around the corner with his arms crossed over his chest. A little girl approaches Kelly with a bunch of flowers and looks up above her. Kelly looks up, in slow motion everyone in the room looks up and as Nora and Bo start to react, Kelly throws her hands over her head and screams. 

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