OLTL Update Thursday 9/4/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/4/03

By Boo
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Rex is seating Lindsay at a table at the restaurant. He tries to get her to allow him to pay for the dinner tonight. He scored big with the 'Search and Destroy' contest at Ultra Violet. Lindsay comments  that he is doing really well with the club. He agrees, Jen can have Joe Buchanan he tells Lindsay. He is doing great without her. He sees Jen and Joe walk into the restaurant.

Kelly and Kevin are at Asa's. Kelly just wants to stay home tonight. Kevin doesn't think the Governor would understand. Kelly tells him that it is for a good cause. She is so happy that she has been told now that she can have a baby. She had almost given up hope. Kevin just doesn't want her to be disappointed again. Kelly tells him to stop worrying, they are going to have a baby. Kelly's phone rings. It is Dorian. Dorian tells her that she has made an appointment for her with the best OB/GYN in Philadelphia. Kelly asks her why. Maybe Kelly will believe 'him' that she could die if she gets pregnant. Kelly is annoyed and tells Dorian she will talk to her later as she hangs up on her. Kevin asks what that was about. Kelly just tells him it was Dorian being her usual self.

Dorian slams the phone down in frustration in her living room. She is startled to see David standing behind her. He shows her the key to her front door, and asks her if she wants that one back or the copy he had made. He compliments her on how good she looks, but she will look better wearing the necklace made out of the Badhra diamond. He puts it on her. Dorian is very pleased, they are exquisite she tells him. David reminds her that the necklace does belong to him. 

Natalie is practicing pool while Cristian cheers her on. They discuss going to the tournament in Atlantic City. Natalie wonders where Max is. He should be there soon. They need to get on the road if they are going to be in Atlantic City on time. Jessica walks in and asks them why they haven't left yet. Natalie tells her that Cristian was just helping her 'focus'. Natalie asks Jess how things are with her and Antonio. Jessica answers with a huge smile saying things are good, almost perfect. Natalie asks, 'almost'? Jess loses the smile.

Keri is heading to her car to leave the docks. Antonio is following her and demands to know why she was standing so close to the edge of the docks. She wants to know why he cares. He cares because Jamie needs her mother. When Antonio confirms that it is Jamie he is worried about, Keri jumps in her car to leave. The car won't start. She screams in frustration and then humbly asks Antonio to help her.

Bo and Asa are in one of Asa's living rooms. Bo wants to know why Asa is backing Colson instead of Nora. Asa comments that Nora has a small child to raise, one without a father. Bo points out that Colson has a child too, and he has a drinking problem. Asa says that everyone says the same thing about him, and it is all hogwash as he takes a drink from his cocktail. He tells Bo that Kevin, Kelly and himself are having dinner with the Governor. Bo figures that Asa finagled Kevin into this position. He reminds Asa that he has a lot of enemies that could use Kevin to get back at him. Asa says he has more friends than enemies, and Kevin knows exactly what he is in for.

Kelly and Kevin arrive at the restaurant and are greeted by Rene. Rene asks to speak to Kevin alone for a few minutes, so Kelly excuses herself to talk to Joe. Rene ask Kevin to please talk to Asa about all these late night meetings he has been having. It isn't good for his health. At first Kevin kinda blows Rene off saying that it isn't serious. Rene is desperate though and reminds Kevin that Asa has had multiple heart attacks. She tells him she doesn't want to marry Asa and become a widow before her first anniversary. 

At Jen and Joey's table, Jen wonders why Lindsay is with Rex again. Joe tells her not to let Rex get to her. Kelly walks up and asks to speak to Joey alone, so Jen goes to talk to Kevin. Kelly tells Joe that she has found out that she 'can' get pregnant, she might already be. Joe is very happy for her. As Joe gives Kelly a congratulatory hug, Kelly sees Dorian and David enter the restaurant.

Rex excuses himself from the table for a few minutes. Jen rushes over to ask Lindsay why she is with Rex again. Jen accuses Lindsay of 'hooking up' with Rex. Lindsay tells her that Rex is setting her up with the father of a friend. Jen tells Lindsay that Rex has no friends. Lindsay wants to know why Jen hates Rex so much, it's more than just the divorce. Did Rex do something to Jen that she doesn't know about? Rex returns to the table and kneels down to Jen asking if Jen is going to tell Lindsay or is he? Joey notices Jen at Rex and Lindsay's table.

Back at Roadies, Natalie asks how Keri is taking all this. Jessica tells her that she isn't taking it good at all. She doesn't' know what she would do if she lost Antonio. Cristian assures Jess that Antonio is crazy about her. Jessica thinks that Keri is finally starting to see that. She doesn't anything will break them up, not even whatever Keri might want to try.

Antonio is fixing Keri's car. Keri remembers another time when he fixed her car. They got back together soon after that. She asks Antonio what happened between them. Antonio just says that things change. Keri then asks if he is blaming her for leaving. He never said that he tells her. She knows that is what he is thinking though, but she left because of him sleeping with her mother. Now he is doing the same thing with Jessica. Antonio asks what that is supposed to mean. She says both are pretty and blonde. When he tells her to stop with the 'blonde' stuff, she says maybe he is just a bigot. He tells her that is crazy. She then asks if he is calling her insane now. Antonio has had enough, he tells her that her car is fixed and tries to leave. Keri stops him and asks if that is what he is going to tell the judge, that she is crazy now. She yells at him that it won't work, he will never see Jamie again. R.J. walks up and 
asks what is going on. Antonio tells them that sometimes he just wishes they would both disappear.

Joe joins Jen at Rex and Lindsay's table when he sees Jen getting upset. Rex tells Lindsay that he thinks Jen hates him for what she did in the Caribbean when they went to get their divorce. Jen tells him no one wants to hear this, but he insists that her mother does. He continues by telling Lindsay that Jen really wanted her fathers house in the settlement. Jen was willing to do anything to get it. She completely bared her 'soul' to him and let him see who she really is. He thinks that she hates him now because that embarrasses her so much, but he is honest when he says she was never more beautiful. Joe suggests that Jen join him back at their own table. Jen tells Lindsay to please listen to what she has told her, she doesn't want her mother getting hurt. Rex assures Jen that Lindsay won't get hurt.

Dorian calls Kelly to her and David's table and asks her why she is drinking seltzer instead of wine. Kelly says she just didn't feel like having wine. Dorian asks if there is a more specific reason. Kelly notices the necklace Dorian is wearing and tells her that it is beautiful but she really shouldn't wear it out in public, it must be worth 5 million at least. Dorian says to triple that and she would be right, only her insurance company would only insure it for 10 million. Dorian then asks if that is the Governor that Kevin is talking to. Kelly confirms that it is and asks if Dorian would like to be introduced to him. Dorian thinks the Governor looks busy right now, so she will just go say hello to Joey and his new bride. After Dorian walks away, David asks Kelly if they can get together sometime for old times sake. Kelly simply says no, and walks away.

Dorian approaches Jen and Joey's table and apologizes for interrupting, but begs Joey for a moment of his time. Jen tells him to go ahead. Joey steps away from the table with Dorian. Dorian asks him if he knows what is going on with Kelly. Joey says he knows that she is trying to start a family with Kevin. Dorian tells him firmly that Kelly can't do that. If she gets pregnant it could kill her.

Natalie finally gets Max on the phone. After she gets off the phone she tells Cristian and Jess that he is already in Atlantic City checking out the competition. Max things she has a good chance of winning. Plus, Natalie gleams, the 'Black Widow' is there. If they hurry they might actually get to see her. Natalie explains who the 'Black Widow' is to Jess. Jess says she will join them in Atlantic City for support. Natalie is very grateful. Antonio walks in as Natalie and Cris are walking out. Cris ask Antonio to close up for him. Jess can tell something is wrong with Antonio, but he tells her it is just a little set back, but he isn't going to let it worry him.

R.J. is in the car with an emotional Keri driving. He tries to get her to pull over and let him drive, but she insists that she needs to be driving so she doesn't have to think. R.J. tries to tell her that it is time to move on without Antonio. Keri insists that she can't, she has to have Antonio back. R.J. thinks it is time to get some help. Keri gets upset with him for agreeing with Rae. R.J. tells her that Evangeline thinks so too. She gets upset and yells at him to leave her alone and stops watching the road. They skid off the road and wreck the car. Both are okay. Keri apologizes for not listening to him when he told her to slow down. R.J. says it is all Vega's fault. He asks Keri what Antonio did to get her so upset. Keri tells him it was nothing really, Antonio was helping her because her car wouldn't start, Antonio did something under the hood. R.J. becomes very interested and hands her the cell phone to call a tow truck while he looks under the hood to 'check out the damage'. When he gets to where Keri can't see him, he pulls out a pocket knife and disappears under the hood.

Jessica asks Antonio what the set back was, she knows he had a job interview. He tells her that was the set back. She assures him that he will get something soon. She asks him to come to Atlantic City with her but he can not. He agrees to take care of the kitten for her while she is gone. He walks her to the door and kisses her good-bye.

Joe asks Dorian if she is sure of this information. Of course she is sure. She saw Kelly's medical records and she IS a doctor. Joey starts to leave to tell Kevin about it, but Dorian stops him telling him that Kelly will never talk to her again. She was hoping that Kevin would talk to Kelly for her. She will probably listen to Joey. Dorian sees Kelly talking to the Governor and watching her and Joey talk. She waves at Kelly and tells Joey she will distract the Governor so that Joey can talk to Kelly. Joe follows Dorian to where Kelly and the Governor are talking. Introductions go around and Dorian tells the Governor that she wants to talk to him about a sizeable contribution to his next campaign as she leads him away from Joe and Kelly. Joe tells Kelly that Dorian is worried about her, and so is he.

Rene watches Asa and Kevin's table conversation anxiously. Kevin tries to tell Asa that he needs to sit back and relax and enjoy his golden years. Kevin wants Asa around to enjoy all this when Kevin gets the Lieutenant Governor title. Asa asks if Rene is his speech writer. Kevin tells him that Rene loves him as much as Kevin does. Asa makes a deal with Kevin that when Kevin gets his title, Asa will sit way way back in the saddle. Kevin gives Rene a discreet thumbs up. Asa sees Dorian talking to the Governor and wonders what that trouble maker is up to. He doesn't like it at all...and doesn't like David Vickers.

Dorian is showing the Governor her necklace and tells him it is from an admirer. David walks up and asks if she is showing off her jewelry again. The Governor asks if it was a gift from him. David introduces himself as Dorian's 3rd husband, maybe 4th, maybe even 6th. She lost track some time ago. Dorian interrupts him and David asks to see her alone for a minute. Dorian informs him that the Governor and her are having a very important conversation. David brings up Kevin's name. The Governor thinks Kevin is a good person from a good family. Dorian brings out the claws just a little bit in pointing out that if Kevin were her son, she wouldn't miss his press conference for anything, too bad Viki has to be out 'fund raising'. The Governor says he has been meaning to talk to Viki about the job she is doing at the campus. Dorian would be happy to talk to Viki for him. He tells her to tell Viki that he thinks she is doing a wonderful job. Dorian is not happy to hear that, but covers it charmingly. 

Kelly convinces Joey that Dorian is doing her usual melodramatic stuff. Joey is relieved to hear that.

Dorian manages to get into the conversation that Viki's husband is in a coma and the accident happened while Viki was one of her 'other personalities'. The Governor thinks that is tragic, and he understand some because he recently lost a wife that had been in a coma for a long time. Dorian tells him that she is recently widowed. David is tired of watching Dorian's flirting ways and reminds her that they have something they need to be doing. Dorian makes her apologies and allows David to steer her away from the table before she jumps him for taking her away from a very handsome eligible man. David reminds her of why they are here tonight.

Kevin is hanging up the phone when Dawes invites himself to join Kevin at the table. Kevin tells him he is not interested in anything that Dawes has to say. He is going to take the Lieutenant Governor's spot, and Dawes can say goodbye to his fat road building contracts. Dawes tells him that he won't get the job once the Governor sees these. He hands Kevin pictures of Kevin and Blair kissing. He wonders what Kevin's wife will think of him with her cousin. Kevin sees Kelly come back into the room

Natalie is practicing her game and is surprised that others applaud her when she runs the table. She sees the 'Black Widow' and gets really self conscience. Cris drags Natalie over to introduce her to Ms. Lee and tells Ms. Lee that Natalie is her biggest fan. Jeanette is happy to meet them and compliments an obviously star stuck Natalie on her playing.

Kevin calmly slips the pictures back in the envelope and asks Dawes if he bribed the pilot. Dawes tells him it isn't too late to back out. Kelly joins them and asks if there is a problem. Kevin tells her there is no problem at all. Dawes grabs the envelope and walks away, telling Kevin to think about it. Kevin tells Kelly that he needs to talk to Governor Brooks and leaves. Kelly approaches Dawes and warns him to stay away from her husband. Dawes notes that Buchanan likes his women feisty, he is amused with Kelly. Kelly warns him again to back off, because Kevin won't, and he will get more than he bargained for. Dawes watches Kelly walk away with a chuckle.

David explains to Dorian his half baked plan for stealing the necklace the next night. She calls him a moron for pulling her away from the Governor for this stupid plan. He reminds her that pretty soon he is going to be a 25 million dollar moron, so she should be a lot nicer to him.

Bo inspects Keri's car and tells Keri that it is obvious that the break line was cut. R.J. points out that Keri said Vega worked on her car. Keri can't believe that Antonio would actually try to kill her. R.J. tells her that he believes Antonio capable of anything to get Jamie away from her. Keri walks away in shock. R.J. points out to Bo that Vega is out of control. First he assaults R.J., then he hits Keri and knocks her to the ground. If Bo doesn't do his job now and arrest Vega, someone will end up dead.

Joey apologizes to Jen after getting off the phone saying a parishner needs him. Jen is very understanding and tells Joey she will wait up for him. After Joey leaves she goes to Rex's table. (Don't know where Lindsay is.) She tells Rex that she hopes he got his kicks watching her sweat about if he was going to tell Lindsay and Joe about her strip tease dance. She tells Rex to stay away from her mother. Rex asks if Lindsay shouldn't have a say in it as Lindsay returns to the table. Lindsay asks what she should have a say in. Rex tells her she should have a say in whether she wants to be friends with Rex or not. Lindsay replies that of course she does. Jen gives Rex a disgusted look.

David and Dorian arrive back at Dorian's house. Dorian admires the necklace in the mirror a little too much and David takes the necklace away from her. He will keep them safe for the night. Dorian puts the necklace in her safe for the night. David makes himself comfortable for the night on the couch, telling Dorian that he is sleeping with one of them. Either the necklace down her, or with her upstairs. Dorian closes the doors as she wishes him a good nights sleep.

Natalie and Cristian watch Jeanette sign a few autographs before she turns in for the night. As she goes to leave, she tells Natalie that she meant what she said, Natalie has game. Natalie asks what she is doing here. Jeanette tells Natalie that she is part of the rewards for the amateur tournament tomorrow. The winner gets to play a game with her. Jeanette gives Natalie a little advice about her last shot before she leaves. A very excited Natalie tells Cris that she has to win tomorrow, that would be one of her best dreams come true to play against the 'Black Widow'. Cris is positive it will happen.

Kelly and Kevin arrive back at Asa's. Kelly tells Kevin that they should get to bed as they have a big day tomorrow. He will be named Lieutenant Governor. Kevin saw Kelly talking to Dawes and wonders what he said to her. She tells him not to worry, every thing is going just like they planned. Dawes can't hurt them anyway.

Keri is sitting in a chair making out a will. In the will she notes that if something happens to her, she wants sole guardianship of her daughter to go to her father. R.J. Gannon.

R.J. and Bo go to Roadies to question Vega. R.J. accuses Antonio of messing with Keri's brakes. Bo explains that there was an accident, yes Keri is okay, but the brakes are tampered with. Antonio says all he did was tighten the battery cables, and asks Bo if he is really going to believe R.J. when R.J. is the one with the history of cutting brake lines. Bo apologizes to Antonio but tells him he does have to investigate. He advises Antonio not to leave town as he leaves. Antonio tells R.J. that what ever he has planned to do to him isn't going to work. R.J. remarks that whatever Antonio is talking about, it already is.

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