OLTL Update Wednesday 9/3/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/3/03

By Renaldo     
Pictures by Juanita

River asks Adrianna to meet him at the docks before she goes off to Puerto Rico. They meet and have their good-bye. They promise to stay in contact no matter what. Adrianna later comes to Dorian's with Carlotta looking for River. Dorian tells Adrianna how much of an inspiration she's been to River. Dorian offers to cover Adrianna's school expenses and other expenses to keep her in Llanview. Carlotta reluctantly agrees. Adrianna meets River and tells him the good news that she's staying.

RJ and Evangeline take Keri out on a double-date with Dr. Jordan Kingsly. RJ is surprised to know that Jordan and Evangeline went to school together. Jordan tries to get to know Keri but all she can do is watch Antonio and Jessica dance. Keri abruptly leaves the table and walks off, bumping Antonio. RJ begs Keri to get herself together. As he's on his way back to their table, he sees the cat Antonio gave Jessica sitting in it's cage. Jessica tells Antonio Keri needs to get used to seeing them together. She gets a call from the paper telling her that there's something going down at the student union and they both decide to leave. RJ and Keri return to the table with Evangeline and Jordan. Jessica runs to Antonio showing him the empty cage and the blood on it. Antonio goes over to Keri's table and outright accuses her of hurting the cat. He has a violent outburst, saying he's sick of Keri. Kevin comes to take Antonio away before security could get involved. Jessica finds the cat and it's okay. Jordan agrees that they should reschedule. As Jordan and Evangeline leave, Keri tells RJ that she didn't hurt the cat and he says he knows.

Kelly is shocked to see David with Dorian at the country club. Kelly asks Dorian if she's crazy for getting mixed up with him again. Dorian tells her not to worry and if she's told Kevin that if she gets pregnant she could die. Kelly tells her to butt out. David tells Dorian that if they want to plan their next caper, they need not do it at the country club. At Dorian's house, David gives her the necklace. Dorian wants to know what the catch is. He tells her it's all hers and to register it as a gift from the Count. Then he says that the necklace will be "stolen." She says she wants no part of this insurance scam and he guarantees her it will all work out.

Kelly tells Kevin how worried she is about his political aspirations and their questionable future. Kevin gets a mysterious call that tells him to call off his press conference. Kevin and Kelly are watched as they leave the country club.

Al and Marcie confront Madison and Deke in the student union. At first Deke and Madison deny having anything to do with Marcie's attack until Madison lets it slip that Marcie bumped her head that night. The students are witnesses to Madison's confession. Madison and Deke and carted off by the police. Jessica shows up to get the scoop and Al tells her what happened. As Al and Marcie leave, she says how glad she is that it's all over. He says it's not over. He tells her there have been more email threats. Later in her room, Al and Marcie make love.

Evangeline and Jordan reminisce at her office when Antonio shows up for a job interview. He tells her the want ad said "Lawyer seeking investigator" and he didn't know she was the lawyer that was offering the position. She tells him to apply anyway and he says it would be a conflict of interest since she's the one that helped Keri keep the baby away from him. He thanks her for the consideration and leaves. Later, Evangeline tells RJ that she suspects RJ had something to do with the misunderstanding with the cat and that she's worried about Keri. RJ wonders if Evangeline is on his side and they agree that maybe what they thought they had doesn't exist.

Keri later takes a walk out on the docks and Antonio finds her.

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