OLTL Update Tuesday 9/2/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/2/03

By Renaldo
Pictures by Juanita

Riley comforts Flash as she reflects on all the changes she's been through. He tells her that no matter what either of them are going, they will always be able to deal. Flash thanks Riley for making her feel better about everything.

Al brings Marcie back from the hospital. He tells Marcie everything is going to be okay and that she is safe with him. She asks how he found her and he told her he ran into the homeless woman at the club that had on Marcie's sweater. She thanks him and begs him to stay with her. As Marcie sleeps she has nightmares of how Deke and Madison attacked her. Al begs her to tell him who threw her in the dumpster. She tells him it was Deke and Madison. He tells her it will all be over tomorrow. Marcie wonders why Deke and the others hate her so much and Al tells her it doesn't matter.

Keri walks into a sleeping Jessica's bedroom. She balls up a shirt that belongs to Antonio and throws it on the floor. Keri is nowhere to be found when Jessica awakes. Jessica locks the front door, sensing she wasn't alone. Antonio calls her and she tells him she had a dream that someone broke in. Antonio comes to Llanfair, saying he was worried about the way she sounded on the phone. They share a kiss that leads to the bedroom. Jessica gives Antonio a gold cross that she bought for him. Antonio blames himself for all the things Keri's been doing lately. After he leaves, Jessica tells herself that everything is going to be okay.

Keri wonders what's happening to herself at Angel Square Park. Carlotta approaches her and asks her why she's doing the things she's doing. Keri opens up to Carlotta at the diner. Keri tells her it was Antonio's betrayal with her mother that began it all. Keri admits that RJ amplified it all. Keri begs for Carlotta to understand that it was her love for Antonio that brought her back from Toronto. Carlotta suggests that Keri move on. Carlotta says that Keri's behavior isn't good for the baby.

Kelly tells herself she make it through this troublesome time with Kevin. When Kevin comes home he sees that Kelly isn't there. She's left a note saying she went for a walk. Kelly meets a woman in the park with a baby. The woman confides that the baby helped save her marriage. Keri wanders into the park where she overhears the woman tell Kelly that the baby is hope and where there's hope, there's life.

Kelly returns home. She tells Kevin that she's nervous about their future. She asks if he wants to have a baby and he tells her it would be the greatest thing that's ever happened to them.

Keri knocks on Antonio's door but he isn't there.

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