OLTL Update Friday 8/29/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/29/03

By Kate
Pictures by Juanita

David meets Dorian to get the diamond. Dorian unzips her jacket to show him the new necklace. David says he thinks he can work with that.

Rae approaches Keri, expressing concern for the custody battle. Keri says the judge ruled against Antonio, and he’s just going to have to deal with it. Rae says she’s not worried about Antonio, but rather Keri.

Jess and Antonio sit and chat, bantering about the new cat’s lack of a name. Jess assures Antonio that he’ll see Jamie sooner than a year. The lawyer seems to think he has a good chance of getting the
ruling overturned.

Lindsay enters Ultraviolet to see Rex. She thinks he should exhibit some artwork at the club. Rex apologizes to Lindsay for not going to dinner with her; he’s been working all the time to keep his mind off Jen. She is surprised to learn that Jen was at Ultraviolet without Joe the night before.

Kevin drops in on the newlyweds with a gift: bread and salt. He asks Joey to attend his press conference next week, and Joey says he’ll be there. Jen shows off their wedding pictures.

Al takes the airwaves to announce Marcie’s disappearance. Unbeknownst to him, she’s still in the dumpster behind the club, unconscious. Deke is back at school because he’s appealing his expulsion. Madison tells him about Al’s radio announcement. Meanwhile, a homeless woman starts going through the trash. She sees Marcie’s sweater sticking out of the dumpster and peers in to discover poor Marcie – she screams and runs off.

Antonio tells Jess that she’s helping him believe in the future. Meanwhile, Keri tells Rae that Antonio assaulted her as RJ joins them. Keri screams that she won’t be intimidated into leaving town. RJ wants Rae to leave, but Rae knows what Keri’s going through; she lost everything that mattered to her also, and was angry about it. Her reaction was to get even, but it never made her happy, and finally Hank showed her what she had become. RJ assures Keri that she’s doing the right thing; Antonio is getting what he deserves. Not getting to know his daughter will be the worst for him, RJ says.

Kevin and Joey discuss their marriages. Kevin has a perfect marriage, but Joey knows they spend a lot of time apart. Kevin says they all can’t be as happy as Joey and Jen. Joey is surprised to hear that Kevin is going to church this week, thinking it’s just to polish him image. Jen tells Joey that she can’t wait to have kids with him. Lindsey and Rex have a drink and talk about the newlyweds.

David removes the necklace from Dorian’s neck. She wants just one of the stones as a commission, but he refuses. He’s still angry about her failure to get him out of prison. He has another matter to discuss with her – the robbery of the century. They’ve always worked well together, and he’ll give her the stone she wants.

Asa and Kevin schmooze with a campaign backer, Arlen. They toast to retuning favors.

Al asks Deke and Madison what they did to Marcie. If they had anything to do with her disappearance, they will have to deal with him. Madison wants to confess but Deke tells her to keep quiet. The homeless woman goes to the carriage house to see Joe, but Jen freaks out and tells her to go to the shelter. Joe returns from the store and invites the woman, Mary, inside. She says there’s a monster in her house – a dumpster. Jen is uncomfortable around the woman as Joe tells her he’ll help her. After she leaves, Jen admits she messed up because she didn’t know how to deal with Mary. She blew her first chance at being a good minister’s wife, but Joe says she’ll learn.

Kevin goes to Ultraviolet to check on his investment. Rex says it’s doing great. Kevin thinks Rex should get into politics by hosting a fundraiser. He would be appreciative of Rex’s efforts. Kevin wonders if Rex could “look after” some bigwigs.

RJ tells Rae to leave Keri alone. It’s not just the stress or the bad situation, according to Rae: she’s clinically depressed. She thinks Keri is spinning out of control and needs help.

Keri goes to see Antonio at the student union, but he’s very angry with her. She took his daughter from him not once, but twice. Jess interrupts and Keri verbally attacks her, and Antonio tells her to leave. Jess and Antonio hug as Keri breaks down.

Dorian wants a decent offer from David, although she claims there is nothing that would get her involved with him again. He threatens to contact the count, so she listens. They arrange a meeting for the next day. He reminds her that they had some good times as husband and wife; she reminds him that he spent all her money.

Jess is glad Antonio didn’t lose it with Keri this time. She provoked him and he didn’t play into it; Jess is proud. He did it because of her. He knows how much he could lose if he doesn’t keep it together.

RJ urges Keri to get out and meet new people. He’s set up a blind lunch date for the next day. It’s time to think about her future.

Arlen goes to Ultraviolet on Kevin’s recommendation to see if Rex can set him up with an escort. Rex will introduce him to someone; he’ll call when it’s set up. Arlen hands Rex a wad of cash as Lindsay looks on. Rex asks Lindsay if she would have dinner with Arlen, saying he’s a father of a friend, but Lindsay is skeptical. She’ll do it as a favor to Rex.

Al frantically approaches Rex, still looking for Marcie. Mary, the homeless woman, comes in and asks Rex for some food, and Al notices Marcie’s sweater. He gives her some money to find out where she found it. She tells him and Al rushes out to the dumpster to find Marcie. He jumps in and tries to revive her.

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