OLTL Update Thursday 8/28/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/28/03

By Kate
Pictures by Juanita

Cristian and River look at a car magazine at Foxy Roxy’s. Natalie comes out, saying Roxy & Nigel are almost ready. Jess arrives and she, Cris, and Nat head to Ultraviolet for the singing contest.

River calls Adriana to let her know the coast is clear, and she hurries over to see him. Roxy and Nigel present themselves to the kids, who laugh at their costumes, saying they look great.

At Ultraviolet, Al and Marcie talk about her singing in the contest. Marcie is worried about singing in front of the crowd but Al assures her that she’ll be a success, and that she doesn’t need to worry about the Sigma thugs anymore. And then, she’ll get her surprise. Deke & Madison lurk in the shadows and smirk that Marcie is going to be surprised, all right.

Jen and Joey get ready for the evening. He has to run Bingo Night, but will see her at Ultra Violet as soon as it’s over. He promises her that as soon as Andrew’s out of the hospital, they’ll have a great honeymoon.

At the club, the floor fills up with people as the contest nears. Rex takes the stage to begin the Search & Destroy contest…if you like an act, clap, if you don’t, destroy. He introduces the emcee for the evening, The Voice of the Night. To everyone’s shock, Al takes the stage.

Kevin and Kelly are having dinner at the Palace. Kevin is on the cell phone; he hangs up and apologizes. The governor has a press conference scheduled for next week in which he’ll announce Lt. Gov Pratt’s resignation due to health reasons, and name Kevin as his replacement. Then Kevin will run for the election in November. It’s just the beginning for them. Kelly is glad it’s finally happening. Kevin mentions how proud Asa is. Kelly admits she’s worried about Dawes. Kevin assures her that Dawes is just unhappy because he’ll be out of the loop once Kevin takes office, and there’s nothing the opposition can do to stop him

River and Adriana kiss. They talk about how much they like spending time together. As they start kissing again, Carlotta storms in, screaming in Spanish that Adriana is a liar and should be ashamed. What is she doing there?

Al thanks the crowd for their support during the peace rally when his show was cancelled. The emails and letters kept him going. Jen asks Marcie if she knew he was the Voice, and Marcie beams and nods. Jen tells Marcie how good she looks. Marcie wanted to dress up for the contest. Jen didn’t know Marcie could sing. Marcie laughs that they’ll find out soon enough. Riley brings the girls some drinks and notes that the sorority girls were expelled. Rex comes over to harass Jen; she should do one of her stripteases after Search and Destroy. Jen glowers at him.

Al lets the crowd know that Midnight Logic will be taking a break this week so they can have the contest. The rules are, you like ‘em, you hire ‘em. You don’t like ‘em, you destroy them. The first contestants are Roxanne Balsom and Nigel Bartholomew Smythe. Rex can’t believe his eyes when they come out in full Sonny & Cher regalia. They sing “I Got You Babe” and the crowd loves them. They head to the bar and exult over their performance.

The next contestant is a geeky kid named Richie J. He badly sings Air Supply’s “I’m All Out of Love.” The audience boos and hisses the kid. Jess, Nat and Cris can’t believe Al is the Voice of the Night. Nat is going to compete in Atlantic City at pool, but Viki doesn’t know yet. Jess suggests they elope when they complain about wedding planning.

Carlotta yanks Adriana. She was worried sick about her and thinking the worst, and then she was shocked when she saw them through the window kissing. Carlotta blames River. She can’t believe River works at the salon, until it dawns on her that it’s just so he’ll be close to Adriana.

Roxy and Nigel do tequila shots to celebrate their triumph. Roxy teaches Nigel how to do a proper shot. She rubs salt on her chest for him to lick and they bond. Roxy goes to get her camera because when they win first prize, she wants a shot of it for “posterior”.

Rex struts by Jen with a couple of girls. He tells Jen they could make it a foursome, or he could ditch them and Jen could be his private dancer. She angrily gets up to see Joey enter the club, and goes to kiss him while Rex looks on in jealousy.

Al and Marcie fight about Rex. Marcie can’t believe he would even talk to Rex, but he made Al an offer and if the Search & Destroy night is a hit, it could be permanent and very lucrative. Marcie thinks she’s going to make a fool of herself but Al says she’ll be great. Finally the geek hits the last note and Al ushers him offstage to a barrage of boos. The next contestant is Marcie. Madison and Deke look on and say that as soon as Marcie’s done singing, she’ll know what it’s like to really be destroyed. Marcie is extremely nervous but starts singing “Piece of My Heart” as Al watches proudly. She gains confidence as the song goes on. The crowd loves her, except Madison and Deke, who are snarling at her. They audience cheers wildly.

Roxy comes in to the salon and Carlotta says River should be fired for taking advantage of a 15 year old girl. They’re kids, get over it, Roxy tells her as she grabs her camera. Carlotta will take matters into her own hands.

Kelly can’t believe that Walker isn’t really Walker. Kevin doesn’t know who he really is yet, but the real Walker is in Atlantic City. He surmises that impostor Walker was after Mitch’s money. Kelly declines Kevin’s offer of a drink or coffee, because she’s trying to get pregnant. Kevin thinks it’s really going to change their lives.

Everyone crowds around Marcie to congratulate her. They can’t believe how great she was. Madison should have known Jen was setting her up, but blames Marcie. And she’s going to pay. Jen and Joe leave. Rex follows them out.

Roxy complains about Carlotta. Al gets the audience to vote on the three contestants. R & N get applause and cheers, Richie gets overwhelming boos, and Marcie gets thunderous reaction. She can’t believe it, and neither can Roxy – they’ve been robbed. Marcie wins.

Jen and Joe return to the carriage house and kiss passionately. There’s a box of Joey’s stuff from the Llanfair attic, including yearbooks and a Duran Duran poster, and a kid’s bingo game. Joe suggests a game of strip bingo, which makes Jen remember her striptease for Rex.

Roxy is angry about their loss. She and Nigel win runner-up and receive a romantic getaway for two to Atlantic City.

Madison pays some girl to tell Marcie she’s wanted in back to sign a release for her prize. Marcie heads to the back, where she’s jumped by Deke. Madison says she got her expelled and calls her a fat pig. Deke is slamming Marcie against the brick wall as she tells them she’s not scared of them. He knocks her out and she slides down the wall.

Kevin wants to know when Kelly wants to try for a baby. They laugh and leave to try right away. Dawes calls someone on his cell. He plans on making things ugly for Kevin.

Carlotta decides to send Adriana back to Puerto Rico. River protests, but Carlotta drags a crying Adriana off.

Jen doesn’t want to play strip bingo. They kiss. Rex is back at the bar, depressed. Roxy doesn’t know what they’ll do with a trip for two. Maybe they can each use a night, or trade it in for cash. Nigel thinks they should just go together.

Jess tells Nat & Cris they should elope, but Nat wants a big wedding. Cris agrees, but wants to move it up a little. He’s thinking a month from today.

Al looks for Marcie. Madison and Deke have thrown her unconscious body in the dumpster behind the club. They don’t think she’s dead, but don’t know what to do other than leaving her there. They walk away.

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