OLTL Update Wednesday 8/27/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/27/03

By Renaldo     
Pictures by Juanita

Kevin tells Elise to stay in Atlantic City until she finds the real walker Laurence Kelly tells Natalie she can't wait to get to know her better. They discuss marriage in general. Kevin informs Kelly that he's one step away from being Lt. Governor. Dawes tells him not so fast.

Roxie remarks on how lonely she is. Roxie informs rex that she's performing at his talent search at ultraviolet. Renee asks Nigel if he's missing Roxie. He tries to convince her that he isn't, but isn't successful. Renee suggests that Nigel ask her to tea. After unsuccessfully trying to persuade River and Cristian to be her singing partners at UltraViolet, Roxie persuades Nigel to take the part when he comes to the salon to ask her out.

Asa assures Flash and Riley that the album will be a success. A drunk Daniel nearly attacks Riley at the palace. He's in the middle of insulting his son when Kevin interrupts. Kevin tells Daniel that if he wants the family's support in the race, then he needs to stop drinking. Riley tells Flash how hard it was growing up with Daniel. She tells him how great he is and its sad that Daniel doesn't realize as much.

Joe finds the invitation Rex gave Jen for the club. Jen cozies up to Madison and the other Sigmas while Al and Marcie listen via wire. The girls are suspicious but Jen makes them trust her. Al assures Marcie he loves her no matter what. Jen, al and Marcie meet later at Sam's house. Al tells Jen the tape of Madison's confession is with the dean. Jen tells Marcie that she doesn't want Joe to know what she did to get the confession. Jen tells Marcie she stripped to get the house from Rex. Jen later confesses what she did to help Al and Marcie and he tells her he thinks it's great and that she doesn't have to always report to him. When he gets a call from a sick Andrew asking if he can cover for Bingo at the church, Jen asks if she can join him. He encourages her to have fun and go out with Al and Marcie to Ultra Violet. Al is thrilled with the news that the Sigmas that were involved with the hazing were all expelled. Al tells Marcie he knows she can sing and asks her to perform at Ultra Violet. Madison and the girls vow revenge on Marcie for getting them expelled.

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