OLTL Update Tuesday 8/26/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/26/03

By Renaldo
Pictures by Juanita

Cris persuades Natalie to play against a big talker at Crossroads while he goes to ask Antonio for money to settle in case she loses. Roxie, Max and gabby show up to catch it all. Roxie ruins Natalie's shot by opening her mouth and the guy wins. Bo puts up $2,000 for Natalie to play him again. Natalie wins the second game.

Kevin tells Daniel that if he wants a successful campaign than make sure Nora isn't running against him. Daniel tells Nora how important she'll be to him when he take office. She remarks that it sounds like he's scared she'll run against him. He says she's too smart to run against him. Nora tells Bo at Crossroads she's decided to run against Colson. Bo encourages her. While Bo and Nora talk, Gabrielle tries to persuade Max to talk to her like she's the only woman there and to show her some pool moves. As Max and Gabrielle are dancing, Bo cuts in. Max tries to persuade Natalie to enter a pool competition.

Jessica and Antonio make love at his apartment. Keri steals his spare key and uses it to walk in on them. Antonio wakes up and runs Keri off. Jessica goes after Keri. Jessica wonders if Keri is okay and Keri is instantly offended. Keri tells Jessica that Antonio will never see Jamie again.

Cris tells Antonio that the main thing to be worried about is Keri's state of mind and how that could affect the baby. Cris arrives to Crossroads with Antonio and the money. As Antonio leaves he crosses RJ and tells him to tell Keri to stay away from him. Keri later tells RJ that she walked in on Antonio and Jessica. RJ tells her to stay away from Antonio. When Antonio returns home Jessica is there. She tells him she loves him and that she'll always be there.

Dorian tries to explain to David over the phone that she has no idea where the diamond is. As she leaves to meet him, she takes her gun with her. She bumps into Kelly at the door, spilling Kelly's papers. Dorian reads the papers and informs Kelly that they read if she gets pregnant she could die. Dorian tells Kelly that babies don't save marriages. David calls Dorian again and she tells him she has no clue where the diamond is. Kevin shows up and Kelly tells him she can have children. Dorian intercepts and tells Kelly to make sure she tells Kevin the whole truth. Kelly begs Dorian not to say anything to Kevin until she says it's okay.

Kevin continues to daydream about Blaire Kevin tells William Dawes he's on the lookout for corruption in politics.

Walker and Blair kiss passionately on his sofa. Starr rings the doorbell and they quickly recover. Starr demands to know why Blair is there with Walker. Starr screams at her mother that she's betraying Todd. Walker asks Blair to go upstairs while he speaks with Starr. Starr says the only man meant to be with Blair is Todd and reiterates that Todd is coming back. Walker says he'll tell her exactly where Todd is. Walker tells Starr that Todd hasn't come back because he's afraid Blair won't want to see him. He says Todd wants to be a different person first and asks if Starr has heard of plastic surgery. Walker says to Starr "It's me, your daddy. I'm Todd." Starr won't believe him. He asks her to test him with questions only Todd would know the answers to. Every question she asks he answers quickly. They embrace when she realizes it's true and he tells her to keep it their secret. She opens her bag and gives him the Bhadra necklace that she took from Dorian. Starr tells him to give Blair the necklace. Blair knows its the Bhadra when she sees it and Walker tells her to try it on. Walker later gets a mysterious call about "people finding out." Blair comes home and shows Dorian the necklace and Dorian is ecstatic. Blair hands the necklace over.

Kevin's investigator tells Kevin that the real Walker Laurence lives in Atlantic City.

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