OLTL Update Monday 8/25/03


One Life to Live Update Monday 8/25/03

By Renaldo
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian is caught trying to leave Walker's as the alarm sounds. She is able to lie her way out of being arrested. She arrives home with the Bhadra necklace and Starr watches from afar, recognizing it. Dorian calls David and tells him the diamond is now a necklace. She puts the necklace in her safe as she awaits David. When he arrives, she sees that it's gone. Starr has it.

Kevin tells Blair he dreamed of her. He and Kelly join Asa, Renee and William Dawes for dinner at The Palace.

Rex tells Lindsay that he doesn't think Jen will ever be happy. Lindsay wonders why Jen is alone and Jen tells her Joe is busy at the parish. Lindsay asks Rex to join her for lunch and he declines. Rex asks Jen can they still be friends and gives her a VIP pass to Ultra Violet's. she says she plans on being with Joe and he says Joe doesn't seem to be around too much.

RJ, Keri and Evangeline toast their victory over Antonio. Carlotta interrupts the festivities to tell Keri how wrong she is. RJ tells Keri not to pay Carlotta any mind. Evangeline tells RJ he should be concerned about Keri. Carlotta and Antonio watch the nanny that has Jamie in Angel Square Park. Carlotta remarks that the sitter isn't as careful with the baby as she should be. Evangeline overhears Carlotta. Antonio chews out the sitter. Evangeline says Antonio could've grabbed the baby and run and wonders what stopped him. Evangeline later tells Keri she should be thankful that he's Jamie's father, since he was the one that pointed out the sitter's negligence.

Kevin tells Elise to do more digging on Walker. Walker and Blair share a glass of wine back at the penthouse, they then share a kiss. Blair notices how smooth Walker's hands are and remarks that it's like he has no fingerprints. She asks him if he's in some kind of trouble with the law. He simply tells her his hands got burned in a fire years ago. She tells him again how much he reminds her of Todd. Elise tells Kevin that she found no fingerprints on Walker's glass.

Antonio tells Jesse he loves her. He explains to her what really happened when it looked like he pushed Keri. Keri comes to Llanfair to "warn" Jesse about Antonio's temper. Jesse thinks of all the instances of his temper, but also remembers how sweet he was to her. She tells him she finally wants to really be with him as Keri watches from afar.

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