OLTL Update Friday 8/22/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/22/03

By Boo
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Jen and Joey are at the carriage house obviously very happy about last night, when the phone rings. Joey answers and asks if he is alright. He promises whoever is on the phone that he will be right there. After he hangs up he tells Jen that things just got a little less wonderful. He tells her that Andrew is in the hospital and needs him to take over the perish for a couple of weeks. It means they will have to postpone the wedding. Jen tells him that she understands, and promises that they are going to have a perfect life. Joey has to go to the hospital to meet with Andrew, he kisses Jen and leaves. Jen is disappointed.

Marcie and Al are walking through Angel Square talking about how beautiful the wedding was. Al teases that Jen has had plenty of practice. Marcie sees the girls that did the hazing on her and wants to go the other way. Al tells her that if she walks away now, the girls have won. Marcie doesn't want another confrontation. Al tells her that this time they are not going to get mad, they are going to get even and whisks her away.

Kelly arrives back at Asa's calling out for Kevin. She happily looks at a pamphlet about fertility. Kevin breezes into the room announcing that he has already had a very long day of appointments. Kelly asks if he got any sleep at all to which he says he did not. Kelly replies that she didn't either. She had an appointment today to she informs him as she picks the pamphlet back up. Kevin asks her to fill him in after he takes a shower to get ready for another appointment. Kelly is feeling a bit left out. After his shower, Kevin asks Kelly what she wanted to talk to him about. She happily starts to tell him about the appointment with the doctor when Asa interrupts them. Asa wants to grill Kevin before his meeting with the Governor. Kelly makes an excuse to go to the perish and do some charity work, she will talk to Kevin later. After she leaves, Asa lays into Kevin again about how much he needs Kelly in his corner. Kevin is to stay away from that 'she-devil'. Kevin is sick and tired of this, he tells Asa once again that there is nothing going on between him and Blair. Asa tells him that he needs a perfect wedding to get where he wants to go, so 'damn it, make it perfect!' They continue to talk about Kevin's bright future when Kevin flops onto the couch. Asa tells him that he should get some rest before his meeting with the Governor. Asa will wake him before it is time to go. Kevin closes his eyes to take a nap. Kevin dreams of the day he will become the youngest Governor this state has ever had. Asa is toasting him and he has Blair at his side. She is the one that made all this possible for him. Asa wakes him to get ready for the meeting with the governor.

Blair is sitting alone at the Palace bar. Rene asks if she is alone for the night. Blair informs her that she is waiting for Dorian. Rene decides not to stick around for Dorian's grand entrance telling Blair that she will seat them both when Dorian arrives. Dorian enters behind Blair's back for just a second before David Vickers sweeps her out onto the terrace. Dorian thought he was in San Francisco. David informs her that the diamond wasn't there. She pretends (not convincingly) to be surprised by that information. She explains to David that she sent him to San Francisco so that she might have time to try to get the diamond from Walker. She tells David that Walker says the diamond doesn't exist. She doesn't relish the idea of being back in the French mans clutches, but gives up telling David to do with her what he will. David insists that she get him that diamond within 24 hours, or he will turn her over to the count. Dorian agrees to do it, but how? David tells her that she is a clever girl, she will think of something.

Walker is admiring the necklace that he had made out of the Badhra diamond. He does not hear Starr come in behind him. She sees the necklace and realizes it is real. She puts it on and comments that it must be worth gazillions. Walker agrees. He asks what she is doing there. River is taking her to the movies, but she is keeping a secret for him so he agreed to bring her by to see Walker. Walker asks what is on her mind. Her dad is on her mind. She is upset that she might have drowned the other day and Todd would see it in the newspaper and be very upset. She wants Walker to run a picture in the paper that she has brought with her of Blair, herself and Jack. She wants big headlines that say 'Dad, we forgive you'. Thinking that Todd might come back home if he saw that. Walker arranges for the picture and the headline to be on the front page of the Sun the next morning. Starr makes him promise not to tell Blair. Walker asks Starr what will happen if Todd can never come back home. Starr doesn't want to think about this. She is sure her daddy will come home. Walker tells her that if Todd does or doesn't come home, he is there for her. Starr admits that she didn't used to like Walker, but now she thinks he is okay. She tells him that IF Todd doesn't come back, Walker would be her second choice and starts to leave. Walker says 'thanks shorty'. Starr stops to make it clear that only her daddy can call her 'shorty'. Walker nods agreement.

Vicky hands Jessica a cup of tea in the living room at Llanfair. Viki is surprised that Jess didn't go to Antonio's custody hearing today. Jess tells Viki that she saw Antonio throw Keri to the ground, and Keri has told her that Antonio has hit her before. Viki just can't believe that Antonio would ever hit a woman. Jessica says that Antonio has so much rage inside him, she just can't be around someone like that. Viki agrees. Jessica doesn't think that Antonio can live if he loses custody of his daughter. She decided to call Cristian and see if he knows how the hearing went.

Antonio comes storming out of a court room with Cristian trying to catch him. Antonio doesn't want to stick around to see Keri gloat. Cristian reminds him that his attorney's say he can appeal. Antonio reminds Cristian that his name is not on the birth certificate, he has no rights at all. Cristian tells him that putting his fist through a wall will not help matters. Cristian's phone rings. It is Jessica. She asks how the hearing went. Cristian informs her that Keri won. Jess asks how Antonio is, and before she can stop him, Cristian hands to phone to Antonio so she can ask him herself. Antonio is very happy to hear from Jessica. He tells her that the judge believed everything Keri said. Jess is sorry to hear that, but when Antonio tries to get her to agree to see him she tells him she has to go and quickly hangs up. Cristian asks why Jess wasn't there for the hearing today and Antonio tells him all about what happened at the Palace the night before. Antonio says that he had told his attorney's not to drag Keri through the mud, but if she is going to play this way, he has a few witnesses of his own to call. Cristian thinks he should go for it, and he should not give up on Jessica. He should go talk to her. They leave the court house together.

Jen arrives at the main house to tell Viki about having to postpone their honeymoon, and to ask if her and Joey can stay in the carriage house a few more days before they move into her fathers house. Viki assures her that Joey and his wife are welcome to stay as long as they need to. Jen promises to be a wonderful wife to Joey and proclaims her love for him. The doorbell rings and Viki goes to the foyer to answer the door. It is Marcie and Al. They tell Viki about the hazing that Marcie was subjected to. Jen overhears and joins them, concerned for Marcie's well-being. Jen realizes that is why Marcie was late for the wedding and not wearing the dress. Viki asks for a small bit of detail, and once she hears agrees to set up a hearing with the dean in the morning. Marcie is worried about having to testify. She is worried that all this will just make things worse.

Kelly arrives at the perish surprised to see Joey there instead of Andrew. Joey explains that Andrew is in the hospital for a few weeks. He assures her that Andrew will be fine. He gets Kelly to admit to him that she is not happy. Kelly tells Joey of her and Kevin's political plans. Joey reminds her that they should never put their ambitions before their relationship. Kelly replies that they wouldn't be the first to do that, but she has to get going to meet with the Governor for dinner at the Palace with Kevin. She apologizes for burdening Joey with all this. Joey assures her that she is never a burden to him.

Dorian breezes by Blair to order a wine spritzer from the bartender. Blair wants to know why she is so late. Dorian tells her she was waylaid but won't tell her by who. Dorian wants to know what is going on between Blair and Walker. Blair knows that Dorian doesn't trust Walker, but she gets an eerie, creepy feeling around Walker and she wants to know what that feeling is. Dorian grants her blessing and suggests that Blair call Walker and ask him to join them for dinner. Blair is suspicious of Dorian's 180 degree turn from last night. Pinning Dorian between both her arms, Blair demands to know what is going on.

Viki comes down the stairs at Llanview to see if Jessica is ready to go out for the evening. Jess asks if they can just stay home tonight as she doesn't feel like being around people tonight. Viki agrees, all she wanted to do was spend some time with Jess before she goes on her fund raising trip. They discuss how much Viki loves her new job at the college. The doorbell rings. Viki answers the door to a determined Antonio. Viki tries to tell him that it is not a good time. He replies that he will wait, all night and all day the next day if that is what it will take. He will wait as long as he has to. Viki tells him that she is sorry to hear about what happened at the hearing. She also tells him that Jessie is just a little confused and needs some time. Antonio tells Viki that Jessica can have all the time she needs, but he will be right there waiting for her. Viki says she will tell Jess, and closes the door. Jess thinks Antonio will leave. Viki tells Jess that she doesn't think Antonio is capable of all the horrible things he is accused of. Jess didn't think so either. She tells Jess to take her time and listen to her heart. But she thinks that Antonio isn't going anywhere till Jess hears what he has to say. Jessica finally goes outside to talk to Antonio. Antonio is sitting on the bench by the front door holding a black kitten. He tells Jessica that he found the kitten in Angel Square and thinks he is an orphan. He thought Jessica would give it a good home. Antonio tells Jess that he will not be able to see Jamie for a year now, and he thought by then the kitten would be grown and the three of them would be able to play with the cat then. Jessica doesn't know what to say to Antonio. She is still confused about all that Keri has accused him off. Antonio tells her that he has lost everything that he cares about, and he doesn't think he can get it back without her help. He admits to her that he is in love with her.

Marcie and Jen are back at the carriage house. They are talking about how those horrible girls could do such a thing to Marcie. Marcie is feeling pretty down and insecure. Jen actually tries to boost her ego up a little bit and comfort her. Jen realizes that Marcie is the best friend she has ever had. Marcie agrees that Jen is her best friend too. They hug as Maddie knocks on the door. Jen answers the door and Maddie tells her that she was just bringing Jen a sig delta sweatshirt. The sorority girls were hoping that Jen would reconsider pledging. At first Jen tells her that she is kinda busy. After thinking for a second, Jen tells Maddie that she just might think about it. She knows they have the best parties. After Maddie leaves, Marcie asks Jen how she could even think about it. With an evil grin on her face, Jen tells Marcie to 'take a guess'.

Starr shows up at the Palace to meet with Blair. She is 'cool' to Dorian, and tells Blair that she is hungry. Dorian reminds Blair that she was going to call Walker to join them. Blair is surprised that the two of them agree on anything. Dorian and Starr both had Blair their cell phones at the same time and demand that she call Walker. Walker is locking up the necklace in the safe as he gets Blair's call to invite him to the Palace. He says he will be right there. Blair, Dorian and Starr are all obviously pleased. Walker comes in and asks if this is a family dinner. Star tells him the her and Dorian were just leaving. Dorian apologizes to Walker for the horrible accusations that she threw at him last night. Dorian and Starr say their good byes and leave. Walker asks what that was all about to which Blair tells him she thinks Dorian is possessed. Walker asks her why she called him to join her. Blair tells him it was Dorian's idea. Walker starts to leave saying that he only wants to be there if she wants to be with him. Blair stops him and assures him that she does want to be with him. 

Blair and Walker are just finishing up their meal when they see Asa and the Governor walk into the Palace. Blair smells a story and sends Walker off to get the scoop. Kevin walks up behind Blair's chair and puts his hands on her shoulders.

Dorian is at the penthouse and has the combination to the safe. She finds the necklace and as she is admiring it, the alarm goes off.

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