OLTL Update Thursday 8/21/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/21/03

By Boo
Pictures by Juanita

Joey and Jennifer are finally getting married. Andrew is performing the ceremony at Llanfair. They are surrounded by the whole Buchanan clan and a few friends. Lindsay is there to give Jen away. As the ceremony starts, Marcie remembers what the sorority girls did to her and starts to cry. When Jenn interrupts the wedding to see if she is okay, Marcie claims she is just crying because she is happy for Jenn. Once Jenn and Andrew are convinced, the ceremony continues. Mathew is a very cute little ring boy. Andrew finishes up the ceremony by telling Joe he can kiss his bride. When Mathew inquires if that is it, Andrew answers and announces 'Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Reverend Joe and Jennifer Buchanan. Everyone claps with glee. The guests all start to spread out around the house and start to chat. Natalie asks Jessica why Antonio isn't there. Jess thinks that would have been too bold of a statement. They talk about their mutual dislike of Jennifer, but Jess replies that she thinks Jen really loves Joey. They both hope so. Natalie thinks Jess should call and invite Antonio to dinner with all of them. Gabrielle kisses Bo and tells him how happy weddings make her. Bo responds jokingly that he would rather be fishing. The photographer gathers different groups to take the wedding pictures. Kelly and Kevin comment to each other how happy the bride and groom look. Kevin toasts to marriage and comments that a good marriage makes anything possible. Jessica calls Antonio and invites him to join them at the Palace for the reception dinner. Antonio agrees to meet them there. It is time for the Buchanan side of the family. After a few scatter brained efforts to get the whole family in the pic, it is done. Al and Jen are still concerned about Marcie, but she insists that they quit fussing over her. Jen asks her why she didn't wear the dress and the necklace that she was supposed to wear. Marcie makes up excuses for both and apologizes about forgetting to wear the necklace. Everyone prepares to leave for the reception dinner at the Palace. Marcie asks Al to take her by the Garage to see if she can find the necklace Jen gave her. She will not explain to Al why she thinks the necklace is there. He agrees to stop by the Garage and find the necklace before going on to the Palace.

Rex is drowning his sorrows at the Palace bar. R.J. teases him about drinking alone and asks where his ex-wife is. Rex tells R.J. that she is marrying a minister, but he has no idea what he is in for. R.J. walks away, and Rex tells the bartender to keep 'em coming. 

Blair and Walker are seated at a table at the Palace. Blair comments that when Starr realized that she could have gotten both herself and Walker killed, it really scared her. She has been a little angel since then. Walker comments that it won't last, but she is a great kid. Dorian approaches them and informs Blair that she had been kidnapped and it was Walker's fault. Dorian tells Blair that the French man kidnapped her again because Walker gave him a fake diamond. Walker claims to have thought it was the real one, seeing the way Dorian and Blair both fawned over it. Blair and Dorian argue about Walkers involvement with the kidnapping. Blair informs Dorian that Walker saved Starr's life, and dislocated his shoulder in the process. Dorian is not impressed, still blaming Walker for the kidnapping. She asks Walker to leave and is not pleased when Blair reply's that she doesn't want Walker to go anywhere. Dorian and Blair continue to banter back and forth. Walker decides to leave them alone for a little bit so they can re-bond. Blair tells Dorian that she is all wrong about Walker. 

R.J. joins Keri at another table at the Palace. He toasts the fact that Antonio lost his job. Keri is feeling pretty guilty about it and comments that Antonio would never hurt anyone intentionally. R.J. points out that he still hurts people whether he intends to or not. Keri is having second thoughts about keeping Antonio away from Jamie, but R.J. reminds her how much she has lost and all that she has gone through. It isn't fair that he is happy to 'trade up to a Buchanan' while she is miserable. Keri agrees that Antonio must suffer. R.J. tries to get Keri to tell him what she is planning. All she knows right now is that there is no way she is going to let Antonio be happy with Jessica Buchanan. R.J. is ready to leave, but Keri decides to stay a while longer when she sees Antonio enter the room.

Antonio is served with a court order to keep him from seeing his daughter, Jaime. He is furious and starts to storm off when Rae stops him. She tries to calm him down telling him that he has to get his temper under control, or Keri will get exactly what she wants. Antonio calms down a bit and they discuss whether Bo might give Antonio another chance for his job. Antonio doesn't think he will; Bo has already given him too many chances. Antonio thinks he not only lost his chance at being a cop, but also his chance to be in his daughter's life.

Antonio enters the Palace and asks Rex if the Buchanan party is here yet. Rex tells him they are not. R.J. and Keri approach Antonio with R.J. giving him a hard time about losing his job. Antonio asks Keri how she could just out and out lie like that. Keri replies that he hurt her. What about what she did to him Antonio wants to know. R.J. vows that Antonio will never raise a hand to his daughter or his granddaughter again as he and Keri leave. The Buchanan party arrive all at once. Jess asks Antonio what is wrong. He tells her about Keri's court order to keep him away from Jaime. Jess is so sorry to hear that. He agrees to stay and have dinner with them all. They all gather around one huge table. Kevin tells the group a funny story of Joey's childhood. 

Blair is trying to get Dorian to tell her more about the kidnapping, but Dorian is too busy watching Viki and the wedding party. She is still so obviously jealous of Viki. She complains that she is all alone. Blair reminds her that she is here. Dorian retorts that Blair is here with the man that tried to have her killed. Blair calls her a drama queen as Walker rejoins them. 

The wedding party has finished their meal. Jen throws the bouquet. Natalie complains that she is supposed to be next as Jess catches the bouquet. Jen assures Lindsay that she is happy. Viki welcomes Jen to the family. Jen promises to be a good wife to Joey. Jen and Joey make their escape. Gabrielle approaches Bo and asks if he has seen Al and Marcie. Natalie and Cristian say their good bye's and run into Max on the way out. Max and Natalie joke around about her staying on her exercise program. Cristian and Natalie leave as Max approaches Bo and Gabrielle. He has two tickets for the Van Morrison show, and knowing how much Gabrielle loves him, he thought she might want to go with him. The show is tonight. Gabrielle says that she would love to go, but since Bo's nephew just got married, she shouldn't. Bo assures her that all is well, and she should go to the show with Max. As Max and Gabrielle leave, she asks Max if Bo is still watching. Max checks and reports that he is watching like a hawk. Gabrielle is pleased. Jess approaches Antonio and assures him that no matter what Keri said, she knows he would never hit Keri. Antonio is relieved that she believes him. Jess goes to say good bye to Viki. Antonio's cell phone rings. It is Keri. She is out on the terrace and asks Antonio to come out and speak to her about Jamie. Antonio tells Jess and Viki that he will be right back and joins Keri on the terrace. Keri immediately starts jumping his case about being with Jessica. He is confused, he thought she wanted to talk about Jamie. Keri yells that he will never see his daughter again. Keri screams and makes it look like Antonio pushed her to the ground as a shocked Jessica come out onto the terrace. Jessica runs off with Antonio going after her. R.J. emerges from the bushes to congratulate Keri on her performance. Bo stops Antonio from going after Jessica. It is obvious that Jessica doesn't want to talk to him right now. Bo will arrest him if he is forced to. Antonio gives up his pursuit of Jessica.

Blair apologizes to Walker for being in such a bad mood. He asks if it was because of Dorian. Blair thinks it is because of the wedding party. They always make her think of Todd. She tells him of her and Todd's 'perfect' wedding with the gold balloons. Walker almost slips that he remembers, but covers himself well. 

Kevin and Kelly are back home and getting ready for bed. They discuss how beautiful the wedding was. Kelly is feeling a little insecure about their marriage, but Kevin reassures her that he still loves her very much, and there will be better times ahead of them. He then announces that he has work to do and leaves the bedroom. 

Joey and Jen arrive at the guest house at Llanfair for their wedding night. They are very much in love and very happy.

Natalie and Cristian are also getting ready for bed and dreaming of what their wedding will be like. Natalie wants it to be a HUGE wedding. She knows marriage is a big step, and wants the wedding to be big to so that everyone, including themselves, that their lives will never be the same again.

Marcie is getting frantic that she cant' find the necklace. Al finds it and demands to know exactly what is going on with her. He doesn't want to hear that it is the wedding this time either. Marcie finally breaks down and admits to Al what happened to her. 

As Al and Marcie enter the Garage, Al sees the garbage dumped all over the floor and asks what the hell happened there. Marcie says she doesn't know but he has to help her find the necklace. Al is being very patient and loving with her. 

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