OLTL Update Wednesday 8/20/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/20/03

By Renaldo     
Pictures by Juanita

Nora is shocked to find out that Daniel Colson is running for D.A. and that Hank isn't. Nora tells Renee she absolutely refuses to work for Daniel and Renee says Nora should run against him. Nora tells Renee to forget it. Rene tells her to think of the alternative. as Nora observes Daniel from a distance she considers it.

Madison and the other Sigma's takes Marcie to an abandoned warehouse in Angel Square. She begs them to let her go so she can be present at Jen's wedding. They make Marcie get down on all fours and oink like a pig, then they douse her in garbage, ruining her bridesmaid gown. Marcie is shocked when the girls reveal that this has all been in retaliation for Marcie getting Deke arrested. They force her to sing a song. She surprises them with a soulful rendition of "America the Beautiful." They rough her up and she escapes, bumping her knee, and tunes into Flash in Angel Square. She begs Flash to help her home. Marcie begs Flash to help with her makeup and find something to wear.

Rex stops by Jen's and she begs him not to ruin the wedding. He gives her the keys to Sam's house and says he's not interested in ruining the wedding. He doesn't leave before telling Lindsay how beautiful she looks today. Lindsay remarks that Rex is a nice guy after he leaves. Lindsay and Jen talk about how much they miss Sam.

Joey expresses to Viki that he knows she isn't 100% sure about him and Jen and she counters that all she ever wanted was his happiness. Al is concerned when Joey gets off the phone with Lindsay, learning that Marcie still hasn't shown up to join Jen. Viki suggests that Jessica and Natalie go to be with Jen while she waits for Marcie. Kelly helps Joey with his bowtie and wishes him happiness. Al tells Bo that Deke made another veiled threat against Marcie yesterday at the station.

River and Adrianna have a romantic meeting in Angel Square. He admits to her that he has a reading disability. He manages to read her romantic poetry in spite of it.

Daniel apologizes again to River for his words to Flash yesterday and suggests the three of them have dinner. Later Riley tells Flash how his father apologized for trashing her. She tells him the only reason he did is because he learned she was a Buchanan. River meets his father at the Palace and berates him for his prejudice against Flash before knowing who she really was. Flash tells Riley what happened with Marcie and they pass the warehouse where she was humiliated. They go in to investigate.

Rex meets a beautiful woman at the Palace Bar and follows her up to her hotel room.

Marcie finally shows up and Jen asks her what happened to the dress and why was she late. Marcie says she just had a family problem. Jen is just happy she's there. Al makes Marcie promise to tell him what stalled her. Jen finally begins her walk down the aisle.

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