OLTL Update Tuesday 8/19/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/19/03

By Renaldo
Pictures by Juanita

Jen brings Marcie her bridesmaid dress and Marcie lets her on what's been happening with her enemies. Jen also gives Marcie a beautiful necklace. Marcie tells Jen that she's ashamed of her body and that she's never made love to a man. Jen tells Marcie how she hopes she can be the right kind of woman for Joe. Jen asks Marcie why she's so interested in pledging the Sigma's and asks Marcie if she can trust the girls. Madison and the other sorors plot against Marcie. They show up at her door after Jen leaves in hoods and cloaks and kidnap her.

Bo tells Deke if he's smart, he'll leave Marcie alone. Al and Ron rush in telling Bo they have proof that Deke was the one that Marcie the threatening emails. Al and Ron say they broke into Deke's room to get it. Bo says they blew it since the evidence was obtained illegally. Ron thanks Al for being there for Marcie. Deke taunts Al, telling him that it's not over.

Blair takes care of walker as he recovers. He gets a call from Dr. Higgins and the doctor tells Walker that he his medical information was given to Kevin. Walker has a fit and tells Blair that Kevin is digging into his life. She remarks on how he behaves just like Todd. Blair leaves crossing paths with RJ. After she leaves, RJ shows Walker the necklace he had made out of the Bhadra. Walker is pleased with the results and tells RJ not to breathe a word.

David Vickers is revealed as the man that was behind Jacques wanting the diamond. She tells him all about Walker's games and he doesn't believe Walker is the one that has it. He demands the diamonds whereabouts and Dorian tells him it's in a locker in San Francisco and gives him the key. Dorian shows up at Walker's and tells him she wants the real diamond now. He says it no longer exists. David tells Jacques to keep an eyes on Dorian while he's gone.

Asa wonders what is Kevin's interest in walker. Kevin says he doesn't trust him and Asa remarks that it has everything to do with Blair. He tells Kevin to keep it zipped if he has any intention on becoming Lt. Governor. Asa asks Renee if they can set a wedding date. Daniel makes a snide remark to his son Riley about Flash, calling her street trash. He is later chagrined when he meets her again at dinner with Asa and Kevin and realizes she's a Buchanan. Daniel later apologizes to Riley and Riley wonders why. Flash is uncomfortable as Asa remarks on how impressed he is with Daniel as a person.

Blair tells Kevin to back off Walker. She threatens to expose his games in the paper if he doesn't leave Walker alone. Kevin says he won't let up.

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