OLTL Update Monday 8/18/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/18/03

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Marcie is back at work at the police station; she tells her brother on the phone not to worry, that she is okay. Bo is told by a police officer that they are trying to track down where Marcie's threatening emails have come from. Al visits Marcie and is concerned about her, too. Marcie's brother Ronny shows up and wants her to come home where she'll be safe, but she refuses. She feels safe there with Al. Jen shows up and tells Marcie that she is getting married. Marcie is thrilled and agrees to be her maid of honor again. Jen meets Ronny and rushes out. Ronny says he'll stay in town to keep Marcie safe. He and Al agree to do their own detective work. Marcie is concerned but they rush off before they can hear her warnings. The sorority girl tells Marcie that they will be having their special pre-rush ceremony for the girls they really want, like Marcie. Marcie is thrilled. The girl phones Deke to tell him that their plans are proceeding smoothly.

R.J. tells Bo that he wants to make a complaint against Antonio for beating him up and that Jessica was a witness. Bo questions him and R.J. is defensive as usual. Evangeline arrives to be R.J.'s attorney. Bo assures her that they will investigate what happened. Evangeline tells R.J. that he won't have much of a case once they figure out that R.J. is the one who started the fight. After they see Antonio, she gets an idea, saying that even though they can't put Antonio in jail, it should be enough to get a restraining order against him and will help out Keri's custody case, which makes R.J. happy.

Jessica meets with Antonio at the Llanview Hotel's restaurant. She tells him about Keri's accusations. Antonio swears he never hit Keri and never would. Keri loiters nearby, watching them, to put pressure on them. Jessica assures him that she believes what he says. But she is still worried about his temper. He promises to keep working on it and is touched that she went to see Keri on his behalf. They make plans to meet later for dinner.

Keri is upset that R.J. was beaten up by Antonio. She admits that she gave herself the bruises in order to get back at Antonio.

Antonio meets with Bo, who questions him about what happened with R.J. Antonio tells him what happened. Bo is not happy that Antonio lost control and tells him that he's off the force. Antonio is shocked.

Lindsay tries to talk Jen out of getting married to Joey so soon after divorcing Rex, but Jen assures her that this is the right thing for her.

Joey tells Kevin about getting married. Kevin congratulates him. Jessica is not happy about and tells Kevin that when Joey is out of the room. Jen arrives so Kevin takes her outside for a private talk. He lets her know that he is the reason she got out of her divorce and that he keeps a close eye on his family.

Kevin's private detective woman phones him to let him know that she did get the medical records from the clinic (for Walker). He tells her to come to Llanfair to let him see them, so she does. He learns that Walker had tons of broken bones that had to be repaired, within the last year.

Dorian is kidnapped by the French guy that has been after the diamond. He holds her tied to a chair as they wait for his boss. She tries to find out who that is, but he won't tell her. The man arrives but we don't see his face. Dorian gasps at seeing him.

Starr and Walker are treated at the hospital. Starr is fine. She and Blair have a touching reunion. Blair questions her about what she meant, that Walker is the only one who knows where Todd is. Starr covers, saying she was out of it. Walker doesn't want to let the doctors x-ray him but they have to treat him, so he makes sure it's confidential and then he lets them do it. They find out what Kevin found out, that he had massive broken bones, and pins in his arm and shoulder, but he claims it happened a long time ago as a result of abuse from his parents. Blair questions him about what Starr said but he says that he was just trying to keep her spirits up when she was drowning. Blair thanks him for saving Starr but asks him not to mention Todd again. Starr visits Walker and says that, like when she saved the man on the wheel, she owes him. She asks him what he would like in return. He laughs and asks for some time to think about it. They hug. She asks him about when he called her "Shorty" but he says lots of adults call kids that.

Max decides to train Natalie to be a professional pool player. They watch The Black Widow on TV and he wants Natalie to play her, as a promotion for the bar. He has Natalie do a lot of exercises that will get her arms in shape. She wants to play, so he says sure and they play. Max wipes the table with her. She is chagrined. He says she has talent but will practice will be even better.

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