OLTL Update Friday 8/15/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/15/03

By Liz
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian, Blair, River and Starr are having breakfast at The Palace. River asks Starr if she's still mad at him but she tells him no because he's taking her roller blading along the docks. Dorian tells them no and tells Blair that she shouldn't let Starr go to the docks because it's too dangerous. Blair doesn't hear her since Walker just walked in with Elyssa. The two sit at a nearby table. Walker tells Elyssa that he know she's double crossing him and that's a big mistake. Elyssa leaves and calls Kevin, who is jogging along the docks, and tells him that Walker knows all. Later, Kevin calls the orthopedic clinic and asks them if they have the information for him yet.

Viki comes home from the retreat and is greeted by Jessica. Viki tells her that the retreat was fun, even though the board of trustees wanted to burn her at the stake over Marcie. Jessica tells her mom about Keri taking Jamie away from Antonio and that Antonio was beating RJ up outside of Ultraviolet. Viki tells Jess that Antonio reminds her a lot of Ben and that Jess needs to get the full story about why Antonio was beating up RJ before making any decisions.

Jen and Joe are in Andrew's office. They tell Andrew that they want to get married as soon as possible. Andrew has reservations about Jen and Joe getting married so soon. He reminds Jen of her almost marriages to Al and Cris and her marriage to Rex. Jen reassures him that this time is for real. Andrew finally agrees to do the ceremony.

Natalie is at Crossroads playing pool. Max asks her why she's there so early. She tells him that she's covering for Cris because he has an interview with a gallery in NYC. Later the two watch pool player Black Widow play on television. Max asks Natalie if she would ever consider playing the Black Widow. Nat tells him no and leaves.

Blair gets up and goes to talk to Walker. He wants to have dinner again but Blair balks at the idea until Kevin shows up. She agrees to go out with Walker again and Kevin overhears it. Kevin and Walker tell Blair they have a meeting about some charity softball game. Blair walks off. Walker hands Kevin a folder and tells him that all of his history is in it. Kevin doesn't believe him and leaves.

River leaves the table and goes to the hallway to make a phone call. Dorian gets up and thanks Walker for saving her life by giving up the diamond. Starr follows River, who is making a date with Adriana, and asks him when they are going rollerblading. River tells her that he has to cancel. Starr gets mad and leaves. River comes back to the table and Dorian says he can't go anywhere because Andrew is coming by. River wants to leave but Dorian says that Andrew is willing to let him stay in Llanview but he wants to talk to River first.

RJ and Keri are in her hotel room. Keri admits to RJ that Antonio didn't hit her. RJ points out to Keri that Antonio still hurt her enough to push her to do bad things. Keri acts like she doesn't want to lie anymore but RJ encourages her to.

Viki shows up at Crossroads. She tells Max about how Ben and her had their first dance and kiss there. She puts some money in the jukebox and plays their song. Max tells Viki about Natalie's pool playing skills. Viki is happy for her daughter.

Jen and Joe show up at Llanfair as Jessica is coming home. They tell her that they are getting married. Jess tries to act happy for them and tells them good luck. Joe tells Jess that as long as you love someone, nothing should stand in your way.

Starr is along the docks, rollerblading. She sees some orange cones and is blading around them but she loses control and falls into the river. Meanwhile, back at The Palace, Blair is looking for Starr. Walker comes up and asks where Starr is. Dorian thinks Starr is hiding to get attention but Walker says Starr wouldn't do that anymore. River tells them that he couldn't take her rollerblading. Walker and Blair figure out that Starr went rollerblading by herself.

Andrew shows up at the Palace. He tells River that he can stay in Llanview and attend a special school there but he has to sign contract. River tries to read the contract but has problems with it. Andrew points out to Dorian that's the reason he needs a special school. River signs the contract and leaves with his dad. Dorian gets up to leave but is stopped by the French guy. He holds a gun to her and makes her leave with him.

Nat comes home to Llanfair and find Joe and Jen there. They tell her that they are getting married. Nat tells her brother that he's making a huge mistake and walks out to the front foyer. She finds a gift there from Cris; it's a brand new pool stick. She goes back to Crossroads and tells Max that she wants to play the Black Widow.

Walker and Blair are on the docks, yelling for Starr. She's under on of the docks, hanging onto a pole. She screams for them and Walker jumps in. He tries to pull her away from the post but she tells him that her rollerblade is stuck. Walker goes underwater to pull it free as Blair calls 911. As Walker is under, Starr passes out and slips underwater too. Walker grabs Starr and takes her back to the docks. He tells Blair to call 911 again because Starr isn't breathing. As Blair calls again, Walker gives Starr CPR. Starr wakes up and coughs up water. Later, as Blair hugs Starr, Walker passes out. Starr begs her mom to help him because he knows where her dad is.

Joe, Jen, Viki, and Kevin are at Llanfair. Joe tells his mom and brother that Jen and him are getting married the next day. Viki and Kevin look shocked. Kevin and Joe go to the living room to have a drink while Jen stays out in the foyer with Viki. Viki asks her why they want to get married so soon. Jen tells her that they don't want to wait anymore. Viki congratulates her. In the living room, Kevin tells Joe that as long as he loves Jen everything will work out. They discuss Kelly and Joe tells Kevin that knowing Kevin loved Kelly made it easier for when he lost her. Kevin then says, "I did love her a lot." "Did? What about now?" asked Joe. Kevin gives his bother a weird look and tells him that he still loves her because they are married.

Jessica shows up at Keri's hotel room. Jess apologizes to Keri for being at Antonio's apartment but reminds her that Antonio no longer loves her. They start to discuss Antonio's temper. Jess says that Antonio would never hit anyone he loves. "He did me," says Keri as she shows Jessica her bruised face. Jessica looks shocked.

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