OLTL Update Thursday 8/14/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/14/03

By Liz
Pictures by Juanita

Flash and Midnight Logic is at Ultraviolet, playing. Joe and Jen come in and start to talk about her divorce from Rex as he listens. In another part of Ultraviolet, Marcie and Al are talking about how Al has gotten his job back as the voice of the night. Marcie shares with Al that she was asked to rush a sorority. Al is excited for her. The two kiss as Deke and his friend watches from the corner. Deke's friend says that he heard Madison as big plans for Marcie because she got Deke into trouble. Deke tells him that he has plans for Marcie tonight.

Lindsey, looking out of place, walks into Ultraviolet. She bumps into Jen. Jen wants to know why she's there and if she came alone. Rex walks up and tells a shocked Jen that he invited Lindsey. Jen pulls Rex aside and asks why he invited her mother there. Rex explains that Lindsey and him had a good talk about the divorce and he just wanted to treat her to a drink. Joe walks up just as Rex is reminding Jen that she'll never be happy in Joe's world. Jen tells Rex to leave her mother alone. Jen and Joe then approach Lindsey and tell her that Rex is just using her. Lindsey doesn't believe them. They walk off. Rex comes over to Lindsey and she asks him what he really wants from her.

Antonio, Jessica, Cris and Natalie walk into Ultraviolet. They sit down and talk about what Keri is doing to Antonio. Jessica wants to dance so Antonio and she walk off to dance. Nat is worried about what Keri is doing but Cris tells her that it will all work out.

Carlotta barges into Adriana's room and Adriana acts like she's sleeping. Carlotta apologizes for waking her up. They talk about River. Carlotta doesn't want Adriana to get pregnant by him because she could never explain that to her mother. Adriana tells Carlotta that she wasn't even thinking about that. Carlotta leaves and River comes out of the bathroom. He wants to do something fun and suggest Adriana sneak off and go to Ultraviolet with him. Adriana agrees and gets dressed up before they sneak out her window.

Keri calls RJ, crying. She tells him that she needs to see him right away. Later, RJ shows up and sees the bruise on Keri's face. He asks how it happened. Keri tells him that Antonio got angry with her and hit her. RJ vows to make Antonio pay.

Joe wants to leave Ultraviolet but Jen wants to have one more drink. Joe bumps into Marcie and Al. Marcie goes to talk to Jen. Al and Joe talk about their new relationships. Al also tells Joe that he hopes Jen has changed for the good now. As the two talk, Deke sneaks over and pours white powder into Marcie's drink. Later, Marcie comes back and drinks her drink. She starts to feel strange. She tells Al that it feels like she's floating. Al and her dance as Deke tells his friend that he put LSD in Marcie's drink.

Rex and Lindsey are still talking. Lindsey wants to know why Rex would want to be friends with her when he is surrounded by women his own age. Rex tells her it's because they are both survivors. Lindsey gives Rex a gift; it's a gold-plated business card holder. Rex seems touched and tells her that he needs to get some business cards now. Joe and Jen, who saw Lindsey give Rex the gift, goes over to them. Jen tells Rex that he's sick for hitting on her mother and then she accuses Lindsey of being drunk. Lindsey tries to explain to her daughter that she's nothing more than company for Rex but Jen won't hear of it. Joe offers to take Lindsey home. Jen tells him that she's going to stay there because she has some unfinished business with Rex.

Flash and the band come off the stage. Marcie rushes over to Flash and starts to hug her. She tells Flash that she could feel and see the music that she was singing. Flash asks Al if Marcie is ok. Al says he's going to take her outside for some fresh air.

River and Adriana show up behind Ultraviolet. The back door is locked so they have to wait for someone to throw some garbage away to sneak away. Adriana tells him that she doesn't want him to go to boarding school while River tells her that he doesn't want her to go back to Puerto Rico. They decide that they need to find a way to stay together.

Al and Marcie come out the back door and River and Adriana sneak in. Al is worried about Marcie. She keeps giggling and talking about the stars in the sky. Al guesses that one drink went straight to her head. RJ walks up and asks why they are back there. He then tells them that they have to walk back to the front of the building. They leave.

Jessica, Antonio, Cris, and Natalie are sitting at the table again. Antonio's cell phone rings; its RJ. He asks Antonio to meet him behind Ultraviolet so they can discuss Keri and Jamie. Antonio tells Jessica that he'll be right back and leaves. Once he walks outside, RJ grabs him and hits his head against the dumpster and knocks him to the ground.

River and Adriana see Cris. They decide they better leave. They sneak back into Adriana's room. They kiss and make plans to meet in Angel Square the next day. Then River leaves.

RJ and Antonio are still fighting in the alley. RJ tells Antonio that he will never hit Keri again; Antonio says he never hit her. As they fight, Jessica and Natalie are talking about Jess and Antonio making love. Jess then tells her sister that Keri came there when she was still in a towel. Nat tells her sister to stop worrying about Keri. Jessica starts to wonder why Antonio is. Jess goes out back and sees Antonio on top of RJ, punching him. She screams for him to stop. He finally does and lets RJ go. He turns away and yells Jessica's name but she's already gone. RJ goes home and Keri tends to his wounds.

Jen is sitting at the bar and Rex approaches her. He wants to know why she would come to his club. "I like the music," says Jen. Rex tells her that she will never be happy being Joe's wife. Jen tells him to go to hell and leaves. She goes home and climbs into bed with Joe. Joe asks her to marry him. Jen is thrilled.

Marcie almost passes out as Deke and his friend walk up. They tell Al that he as a loopy girlfriend. Al gets Marcie some water. Marcie says her back hurts and Al figures out that her drink was drugged with LSD. Marcie starts to cry. Al wants to take her to the clinic to get her checked out. Marcie wants to know who would do that to her and then figures out it was Deke. "Why are they doing this to me?" she asks as Al leads her off.

Antonio comes back into Ultraviolet. He asks Cris where Jess is. He tells him that Nat took her home. Antonio leaves to go find her even though Cris doesn't think it's a good idea.

Rex watches as everyone leaves Ultraviolet. He then pays Flash and the band. They leave and Rex sits down. He pulls out the business card holder and smiles.

Jessica and Natalie show up at Llanfair. Nat wants to know what happened. Jess tells her that she caught Antonio beating RJ. She also tells Natalie that she's falling in love with Antonio but he scares her sometimes. Antonio shows up and Natalie tries to get him to leave. Jessica decides to talk to him. She tells him to leave. Antonio tells her that Keri lied. "Keri's not the problem, you are," Jessica tells him. Antonio leaves but stands outside the door. Jessica leans against the door and starts to cry.

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