OLTL Update Wednesday 8/13/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/13/03

By Liz         
Pictures by Juanita

Max and Gabby are sitting at Crossroads when Natalie and Cristian show up. Max tells them they can go play pool since there's no one there. As Nat and Cris set the pool table up, Gabby tells Max that she's worried about what's going to happen between Bo and Nora once Matthew knows the truth. Max reassures her that things will work out as a man comes into Crossroads, yelling for Max.

Bo and Nora discuss Sam with Matthew. Matthew says that his dad is in heaven now and is an angel. Bo tells Matthew that he wants to be his dad now. Matthew thinks Bo and Nora are going to get married and gets excited. They explain to him that they aren't getting married nor are they going to live together. An upset Matthew tells them that they aren't a real family because Bo isn't living with them before he runs upstairs.

River comes home where Dorian calls him into the living room. He goes in and sees a bunch of boxes filled with a home entertainment system. Dorian tells him that she bought that stuff for him. Starr comes in and thinks the stuff is hers. River tells her that it isn't and Starr gets mad. Dorian tells her that maybe if she cleaned her room and changed her attitude, she'd get things too. The phone rings and Dorian answers it. It's the French stranger and he wants the diamond. Dorian tells him that Walker has it and the man tells her that he'll get it, no matter what.

Adriana is in her room looking at pictures of River. Carlotta comes in and finds the pictures. She gets upset and tells Adriana to stay away from River as she tears the pictures up. She then informs the girl that they are going to Crossroads to see Nat and Cris.

Elyssa is in Walker's penthouse, snooping around. She hears Walker unlock the front door so she hides. Walker comes in and calls a Dr. Jameson. He tells the doctor that his arm is stiff and painful. Walker demands a prescription be sent to the local pharmacy. He then leaves again as Elyssa gets her cell phone out and calls Kevin.

Renee shows up at Asa's. They had dinner plans but Asa has forgotten them. An upset Renee blasts him but Flash comes in and defends Asa. Asa tells Renee that she can have dinner with Nigel. Renee agrees as Kevin tells her that his grandfather loves her very much.

Max sees the man that just came into Crossroads. It turns out to be a pool shark by the name of "Rack 'Em" Russ. Rack 'Em watches Nat play and says she's good. He then goes over to show her how well he plays when Roxy walks in. Roxy knows Rack 'Em from when she worked in Atlantic City. Rack 'Em offers to teach Nat some pointers as Carlotta and Adriana show up. Carlotta asks Cris to talk to Adriana about River and why she shouldn't be with him. Cris pulls the girl aside and they talk about how Carlotta hated Nat at first too. Cris explains that his mother is old fashioned and she just needs time. Adriana then tells Carlotta that she now knows what she has to do.

Roxy seems jealous of the time Rack 'Em is spending with Nat. She goes to the bar and asks Max to go to Atlantic City with her. Max declines.

Dorian decides to go over and see Walker. As she's leaving, Andrew shows up. He wants to know why he wasn't told about River taking her car and gets upset that Dorian has bought River a bunch of stuff. Andrew then reminds Dorian that River has a serious learning disability and that Cassie and him are going to send him to a special boarding school. Dorian tells him no and then leaves. River informs his dad that he will not go to a boarding school.

Nora comes from upstairs and tells Bo that Matthew will be ok but doesn't understand why he's so upset since Sam never lived with them. Bo thinks it's best for Matthew to absorb what they told him and talk to him again at a later time. Bo leaves and Nora gets a phone call. As she's on the phone, Matthew sits on the stairs. Nora tells the person on the phone that the file is in her office and she walks to the other room. Once she's gone, Matthew sneaks out of the house.

Gabrielle expresses to Max that she's worried about the impact of Matthew knowing Bo is his father will have on her relationship with Bo. Max's old friend Arthur comes to Crossroads and Max introduces him to Gabrielle as one of the best pool players he knows. Cristian is still amazed by Natalie's talent at the pool table. Arthur is impressed by Natalie's talent. Arthur decides to play Natalie. Roxie arrives and recognizes Arthur. Roxie invites Max on a trip to Atlantic City and he declines. Arthur teaches Natalie some tricks.

Bo tells Matthew he'd like to be his dad. Matthew interprets this the wrong way, thinking Bo is going to marry Nora and live with them. Nora tries to make it clear that that wasn't the intent and Matthew says dads and moms are supposed to live together and runs off. Bo and Nora decide to hold off on telling Matthew the truth for now. Nora later gets a call from Dorian telling her that Matthew is there. Matthew asks Starr for advice and Starr tells him they should try to get Gabrielle out of the picture.

Bo tells Gabrielle how things went with Matthew. Bo asks Gabrielle if they could get away for the next couple of days, but Gabrielle tells him she has plans with Max.

Renee shows up at Asa's, upset because he broke their date. When Renee berates Asa for forgetting, Flash defends him. Renee apologizes for overreacting and agrees to stay for dinner.

Walker comes home and Elise hides in another room. He calls his doctor to talk about the pain he's been having in his arm and his leg. Elise overhears. When Walker leaves, Elise calls Kevin to feed him the news. She calls him again to tell him of Walker's medical issues.

Dorian surprises River with room full of gifts and Starr is jealous. The Frenchman calls Dorian demanding the whereabouts of the Badra diamond and she tells him once again that Walker has it. He tells her that Walker doesn't have it and she needs to find out who does. Andrew visits River at Dorian's. He's angry at Dorian for giving River gifts in spite of his behavior. Andrew tells Dorian he's not happy with River staying there. He asks Dorian is she knows about his learning disability and he shouldn't be sitting around watching TV all day and he tells her that he and Cassie decided to send River to a boarding school that specializes in cases like his. River tells Andrew to forget it. Dorian also has no intentions of letting River go away to a boarding school.

Carlotta comes across River's pictures in Adrianna's room and tells her she's not allowed to see him; she tears up the pictures. Carlotta asks Cris to talk some sense into Adrianna. He tells Adrianna that Carlotta only means well. After Carlotta tucks Adrianna into bed that night, River climbs into her window.

Dorian comes to Walker's demanding the whereabouts of the diamond; she's sick of being threatened by the Frenchman. He says he doesn't have it. Walker says he'll deal with the Frenchman. As soon as Dorian leaves, the Frenchman returns Dorian with a gun to her head. Walker finally hands over the diamond and the man leaves. Dorian is upset that Walker has been lying all this time. The Frenchman brings the Badra to a mysterious man that crushes the diamond, proving it is a fake. When Dorian later calls Walker to thank him, he handles the real thing and makes a call to a jeweler to ask if he can cut a diamond into smaller pieces.

Walker comes back to his penthouse and takes some pills. Dorian shows up, wanting to know where the diamond is. Walker says he doesn't have it and Dorian leaves. Walker sits back down and gets ready to take some more pills when there's a knock on the door. He answers it and the French stranger, with a gun to Dorian's head, walks in. He wants the diamond so Walker gives it to him. After the French man leaves, Dorian blasts Walker for lying to her. Walker tells her to be grateful that he saved her life.

Renee and Nigel are having drinks in Asa's living room. They are talking about when they were pretending to be hypnotized. They also talk about Nigel's relationship with Roxy. Asa, Kevin and Flash walk back in. Asa tells Renee and Nigel that their dinner is ready. Renee asks if Flash will be joining them, she agrees to. The three walk out of the room and Kevin phone rings. It's Elyssa and she tells Kevin that Walker is seriously ill and that he's being seen at an orthopedic clinic.

Dorian comes home to find Andrew still there. Andrew tells her that he sent River to his room. Dorian tells him that River will not be going to a boarding school and that she's going to talk to Cassie about it. Andrew tells Dorian that Cassie has agreed to send River away and then leaves. The doorbell rings and Dorian answers it. It's Matthew and he's there to see Starr. Dorian calls Nora to tell her that Matthew has ridden his bike over there. Nora talks to Matthew and he asks to spend the night. Nora agrees and asks Matthew if he's mad at her; Matthew says he loves her very much. Later, after taking a bath, Starr comes down to see Matthew. He tells her that Bo wants to be his dad but doesn't want to marry his mom. Starr reassures him that it takes time but someday soon, Bo and Nora will be back together and Gabby will be out of their lives.

Gabby and Max are talking at Crossroads. Gabby is still worried about Bo and Nora. Bo walks in and Gabby asks like she's laughing at something Max said. Bo orders a beer and he and Gabby sit at a table. He wants to take the day off so they can take a drive out into the country. Gabby tells him that she can't because she promised Max that she'd help him fix Crossroads up. Bo understands and says they can do it another time.

Cris and Nat are in bed. Cris wanders if there's any money to be made with Nat being such a good pool player. Nat thinks there might be.

Carlotta is in Adriana's room, telling her goodnight. Adriana tells Carlotta that Cris helped her a lot. After Carlotta leaves, River climbs through the window. He tells Adriana that his dad wants to send him away so he's going to run away from home. Just then Carlotta knocks on the door and asks whom Adriana is talking to.

The French man takes the diamond to someone. The other person looks at the diamond and then smashes it. "It's a fake. Dorian must die now," says the French man.

Dorian calls Walker to yell at him some more about the diamond. As they are talking, Walker goes to the fireplace and pulls out a small box. Dorian tells Walker that the diamond is cursed and they should be happy they got rid of it. "I don't believe in curses," says Walker as he pulls the real diamond out of the box. He hangs up the phone and calls someone else. He tells them that it's time to see the jeweler about cutting the diamond up into smaller pieces.

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