OLTL Update Tuesday 8/12/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/12/03

By Renaldo
Pictures by Juanita

Asa expresses to Kelly that he knows she's worried that Kevin is seeing Blair behind her back. When Kevin joins them, Asa announces that the governor might be leaving his spot open for Kevin. Asa tells Kevin that he needs to stay away from Blair if he wants to have a spotless reputation. Kevin tells Walker he knows he's not who he says he is. When he continues to press, Walker says he doesn't want to be late to his date with Blair.

Nora meets Bo for dinner at the palace and tells him she thinks its time they told Matthew the truth about his parentage. Bo isn't convinced that it's a good idea. Nora says that since she was recently hurt by troy and could've been killed, that it's real important that Matthew knows he still has a living parent. he says he wants to discuss it with Gabrielle first and shows Nora the ring he's thinking of giving Gabrielle. Gabrielle comes into the restaurant and sees the ring on the table, she smiles, knowing it's for her. Gabrielle sits down as Nora goes to make a call and Bo tells Gabby he has something to ask her. She's thinking it's a proposal, but it only ends up being that he wants to tell Matthew that he's really his dad. Gabrielle says she's fine with that.

Rex thanks Lindsay for spending time with him as they arrive to the palace for dinner. a women tells Renee she cannot eat there because of Lindsay's presence. Rex later thanks Lindsay for her time and kisses her on the cheek.

Nora bumps into Lindsay and Rex at the Palace and they make small talk over what happened with troy. when Nora returns to the table with Bo, she asks if anyone thinks its weird that Lindsay and rex are at dinner. Bo muses that it's a typical stunt with people like rex. Nora asks Gabrielle if she's okay with the new arrangement and gabby says its fine.

Walker arrives at the penthouse and finds Starr there watching TV. she asks him to tell Blair that Todd is alive while they are at dinner. Walker and Blair talk about Todd and she says that she can never forgive Todd no matter what.

Kelly tells Blair the good news about Kevin. they talk about Kevin's weakness for woman.

Kevin's detective tells Kevin that Walker knows she's been following him and that she accepted 10 grand to work for Walker as well. she later sneaks around in the penthouse as Walker is putting in his key.

gabby tells max she saw Bo with the ring and asks him to help her incite Bo into a proposal, she wants max to help he make Bo jealous.

Jesse is frightened when Antonio has another outburst.

Keri goes to Evangeline for legal help regarding custody of Jamie. Evangeline tells Keri that she might have a good shot at custody since Antonio isn't listed on the record as Jamie's father, but that he'd still have visitation rights. Keri cites Antonio's temper as a point of concern. she convinces Evangeline that she is afraid of him.

Evangeline comes to Antonio's to tell him that the custody battle is on. Antonio confronts Keri about the suit later at the palace and tells her how wrong she is. Keri tells Antonio to go ahead and hit her. as Keri leaves and Jessica arrives, Antonio hits the wall instead.

In the bathroom at the Palace, Keri hits herself with the door after thinking about Antonio's temper. She practices her speech to RJ about how Antonio hit her and smiles.

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