OLTL Update Monday 8/11/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/11/03

By Renaldo
Pictures by Juanita

Walker hires Elisa, Kevin’s spy, to work for him as well and to feed Kevin false information. Kelly questions Kevin and Blair and they successfully convince her that Walker was mistaken about the two of them.

Antonio and Jessica give in to their passion at the quarry.

Joe visits Lindsay at the gallery and she remarks on how happy he’s made Jen. She also thanks him for all his help when she wasn’t feeling well.

Jen agrees to strip for Rex in exchange for her father’s house. When he suggests that they make love one last time, she tells him to forget it.

Max hires Cristian to work part-time at Croassroads.

Antonio and Jessica awaken the next day at Antonio’s. Antonio is panicked when Keri arrives with the baby and sees them together. Keri calls Jessica a liar since Jessica promised her she’d stay away from Antonio, then Keri leaves. Antonio demands from Jessica if she promised Keri she’d stay away from him. Jessica tells him that her and Keri spoke, but Keri must’ve just assumed that Jessica would follow her wishes. Antonio tells Jessica she doesn’t have to answer to Keri.

Rex meets Lindsay at the gallery and tells her much he already misses Jen. Lindsay says she didn’t think it would’ve worked out. He plays on her emotions by saying “You know what it feels like to lose somebody you care and knowing that nothing you do makes any difference?” Lindsay sympathizes. Rex asks Lindsay to lunch.

Jen arrives to the gallery, freshly divorced from Rex. Rex tells her when she realizes the mistake she’s just made, not to come crying back to her. Jen calls Joe at the gym and tells him the good news. Jen arrives at the gym and they have their reunion. Later when Jen comes back to the gallery to see Lindsay, she bumps into Kelly who’s there as a customer. Kelly tells Jen not to hurt Joe, he’s been hurt in the past by women including her. Jen says it will not happen.

Blair meets Walker in the gym to confront him about what he’s been telling Kelly. Blair shows him the letters that were sent to Kelly and proves that Walker had everything to do with it. She asks where he gets off, he says it’s because he wants to get Kevin out of his way. Blair says it’s deceitful and manipulative and that he’s just like Todd. He asks if that’s such a bad thing. Walker begs her forgiveness and asks her to dinner. Later Kevin comes in and tells Walker to stop meddling in his life. Walker tells Kevin he doesn’t know who he’s messing with and Kevin demands to know who he is exactly.

RJ visits Max at the Crossroads and asks why Max ratted him out to the cops. Max says he did it because Al has a new respect for him and he didn’t want to ruin it. RJ is annoyed that Max hired Cristian. Keri meets RJ at Crossroads and tells him what happened at Antonio’s and he tells her she shouldn’t chase after him. Keri tells her father she wants to hurt Antonio the way he’s hurt her and RJ says there’s a way to do it and he’ll help.

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