OLTL Update Friday 8/8/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/8/03

By Liz
Pictures by Juanita

Jen and Rex walk into their hotel room at the Dominican Republic. Jen is upset that the judge won't be able to see them until the next day. Rex tells her to stop worrying and that in 24 hours they will
be divorced.

Daniel is at the country club when Nora walks up. They sit at a table and discuss the press leaks in the Mitch Laurence case. Daniel seems distracted and he tells Nora that it's his son' birthday today. Riley walks in and is made to put on a sports jacket. Daniel introduces Riley to Nora as his son. Nora tells Daniel that she already knows Riley and then excuses herself.

Bo is at his office, looking at the engagement ring, when Gabby shows up. She wants to have dinner with him but Bo tells her that he's too busy with the rolling brown-outs and won't be able to make it. The two then discuss how Gabby needs to get over her insecurities about Nora. Gabby promises to try before she leaves.

Joe and Jessica are in Kevin's office at the Banner, reading the article that Jessica wrote about Marcie's peace movement. Joe tells her that it's good. Kelly walks in and Jess hugs her. Kelly wants to know where Kevin is. Jess goes to find him and comes back to tell Kelly that her husband is having a meeting at the country club. Joe tells the two of them that he's going to go down to the darkroom. After he leaves, Kelly asks Jess about Antonio. Jess explains the whole Keri situation to Kelly and admits that she wants Antonio. Kelly encourages her to go after him.

Antonio is in Rae's office with her. She tells him that his five weeks is over and that he doesn't need to see her anymore. Antonio admits that he wants to be a better man for Jessica. He then shares with Rae how when he was growing up, gangs would rob the Diner and that his father would never fight back. He admits that is the main reason why he joined a gang when he was younger. Rae tells him that it's up to him to change his ways.

Blair is at the country club and Kevin walks up. The two trade insults and Blair leaves. Kevin follows her to the quarry. Blair messes with him and says she'll be with him if it's ok with Kelly. Kevin tells her that he can't afford another divorce if he runs for political office. Blair then informs him that she will not sleep with her cousin's husband.

Joe, who is in the darkroom, calls Jen. They talk and Jen tells him that she will be home the next day. After she ends the call, Rex offers her a glass of champagne. They talk about how Rex now has Sam's house. Rex says she can have it if she strips for him. Jen considers it.

Jessica is walking through Angel Square and bumps into Cris and Natalie. They are looking over the seating chart for their wedding. Natalie tells Jessica that it would be easier if Antonio and her would just get together. Jessica tells them that she's going swimming at the quarry and leaves. Antonio calls Natalie looking for Jessica and Natalie sends him to the quarry.

Gabby shows up at Crossroads and talks to Max. She's worried that Bo doesn't want to take their relationship to the next level. Max tells her to be patience. Natalie and Cris come in and Natalie gives Max some papers from Viki. Natalie then decides to play some pool. Cris and her discuss all the great memories Crossroads holds for Viki and Ben and that they are happy Viki decided to reopen it. As they talk, a man walks up and wants to use the pool table. Natalie makes a bet with him and she ends up winning. It turns out that she grew up in a pool hall while living in Atlantic City with Roxy.

Daniel and Riley fight over Riley's career choice. Riley informs his dad that he wrote the song that's climbing the college charts. Riley then pulls off the sports jacket and walks off.

Kelly goes to Bo's office. They hug. Kelly informs Bo about her charity and was wondering if some of the officers would speak on children safety. Bo agrees and they start to talk about Mitch Laurence and how awful he was to Blair and Dorian. Bo tells Kelly not to believe everything Blair says. Kelly starts to have flashbacks of all the times she's caught Blair and Kevin together.

Antonio arrives at the quarry and finds Jessica's clothes. He gets in with her and she tells him to leave. They talk about Keri. Antonio reassures Jessica that even if she didn't exist, he still wouldn't be with Keri. The two start to make love.

Nora and Matthew show up at the police station as Kelly is leaving. Kelly asks Nora if she'd be willing to give her free legal advice for her charity. Nora agrees. Matthew sees Bo and hugs him. Bo sends Matthew into his office to play a computer game. After Matthew is gone, Bo apologizes to Nora for coming down on her so hard about Gabby going undercover to catch Troy. While the two talk, Gabby is at Crossroads asking Max to help her make Bo jealous. Later, while playing the game with him, Matthew asks Bo if he can call him Uncle Bo. Bo asks him to hold off on calling him that for a little while longer. Daniel shows up and Nora asks him how Riley's birthday dinner was. Daniel doesn't answer her but instead gives her a cake with only one slice missing.

Riley is in Angel Square playing his guitar when Flash shows up. She tells him that she just got back from London. She gives him his birthday present, which is a CD. Flash then informs Riley that she can still sing. The two share a kiss.

Blair and Kevin show up at Blair's after riding horses. The two are laughing while Kelly watches them from the door. Kelly finally walks up to them and says, "So you're the other woman that Kevin's been

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