OLTL Update Thursday 8/7/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/7/03

By Liz
Pictures by Juanita

Al and Marcie are still at the Student Union while Al and Deke fight. Marcie begs Al to stop, saying that she wants peace not fighting. Al listens to her and stops but Deke calls him gutless. Al goes after him again. Joe shows up and drags Deke off Al as the cops show up. Al tells the police officer that Deke and his friend attacked Marcie in Angel Square. Deke says they can't prove it but a witness steps forward and says he saw the whole thing. Deke and his friend get arrested.

Walker and Kelly are still talking in Angel Square. Walker starts to talk about Kevin being unfaithful. Kelly tells him that she's use to the rumors but wants to know if he knows something. Walker tells her that Kevin is after her cousin Blair. Kelly doesn't believe him and warns Walker not to let Kevin find out that he's been saying that. Walker agrees with her and asks her not to tell Blair that he said it. He starts to leave when Kelly says, "You were the one that sent the letters." Walker reassures her that he didn't send the letters and tells her "I guess I'm not the only one that thinks Kevin is cheating on you."

Blair shows up at Kevin's office and gloats about him not getting The Sun. Kevin tells her that they have chemistry. Blair tells him that they don't and leaves.

River is by the pool, dreaming about Adriana when Dorian shows up. River tells her that he has to get to bed because he has to work in the morning. Dorian can't believe he got a job. River tells her that he's working at Foxy Roxy and Dorian figures out it's because of Adriana. River leaves to go to bed as Kevin shows up. Kevin tells Dorian to be careful of Walker Laurence but Dorian tells him he's just mad because Walker now owns over half of The Sun.

Rex and RJ are at Capricorn. Rex breaks the news to RJ that Evangeline sold her part of Ultraviolet to him, which makes him controlling partner. RJ is upset at first but then tells Rex that it doesn't matter because this will give a chance to concentrate on Capricorn. RJ then warns Rex that he better still get his 40 percent from Ultraviolet at the end of the month. Rex starts to leave when RJ asks where he got the money. Rex tells him "Bottle deposits." as he bumps into Jen. Jen holds up some papers and says that she that she isn't contesting the divorce and that they are signed. Rex tells her that she can have her divorce only if she comes to the Dominican Republic with him. Jen finally agrees while RJ calls Evangeline and tells her that he needs to see her ASAP because he has a gift for his ex-partner.

It's the next morning and River is at Foxy Roxy when Roxy walks in. She tells him that she was up all night watching Robot Wars on cable. River tells her that he loves that show. Roxy tells him that she
wants to make a pink robot that will take care of customers she doesn't want to touch. River offers to have some coffee delivered from the Diner.

Kelly shows up at Kevin's office with some coffee. Kevin is sleeping in a chair. Kelly tells him that she had to sign in before she was let into the building and she noticed Blair's name on the book. Kevin
says Blair stopped by to gloat about getting The Sun. Kelly discusses her new charity. The phone rings and Kevin answers it. It's a woman that Kevin hired to trail Walker. The woman reminds Kevin that it's going to cost him a lot to have Walker followed 24 hours a day. Kevin doesn't care and tells her to keep following him.

Walker is at Capricorn, finishing his coffee. He leaves while the woman follows him. Rex is asleep at a table and Joe walks in and wakes him up. Joe wants to know what it's going to take to get Rex out of Jen's life. Rex tells him that they are flying to DR to get a divorce. Rex then tells Joe that he was given a reason to divorce Jen and that Joe owes someone. Joe leaves.

Evangeline shows up at Capricorn. RJ wants to know why she sold her part of Ultraviolet without talking to him first. Evangeline tells RJ that she isn't use to being in a relationship with someone. She then tells him that she needed the money so she could put her mother into an assistant living home. RJ tells her that he wants to meet her mother. "I'd like that," Evangeline tells him.

Rex shows up at Foxy Roxy and tells Roxy that he is full owner of Ultraviolet. He also tells his mom that he is divorcing Jen. Adriana comes over with the coffee. River and her go in back and talk. They
make plans to meet at 1 and have lunch together. Carlotta shows up and almost catches them but Roxy stops her and tells her that she needs highlights in her hair. Adriana comes out and apologizes to
Carlotta for not coming straight back. Carlotta drags Adriana out. River thanks Roxy for all the help. Rex says he has to go. After he leaves, Roxy tells River that Rex really does love Jen and he shouldn't be divorcing her.

Dorian is sitting by the pool when the French guy shows up. He wants the diamond. Dorian pulls a gun out on him and tells him that Walker Laurence has it. Later, while walking in Angel Square, the French guy confronts Walker. Walker tells him that he doesn't have the diamond. Walker then overpowers him and takes his gun away. He warns the French guy to leave Dorian and him alone and that the police have the diamond. Walker then walks off as the woman, who Kevin hired, calls him to tell him about what happened.

Marcie and Al are at the Student Union again. They are talking about the attack. Marcie needs to go to the bookstore and Al offers to go with her. Marcie tells him that he needs to go meet with the new dean so he can get his job back at the radio station. Al agrees and Marcie leaves. Deke's girlfriend Madison and two of her friends walk in looking for Marcie. They decide to come back later. Later, Marcie and Al meet up again at the Student Union. Al tells an excited Marcie that the new dean gave him his job back at the radio station and all he needs to do is talk to the station manager. Marcie tells him to go do it now so he does. Madison and her friends walk up to Marcie. Madison tells Marcie that she's the new president of Sigma Delta Delta and that they want Marcie to pledge. Marcie doesn't believe it and is excited. Madison tells her that they have a secret thing for the new pledges to do and that they will be in touch. Marcie tells them ok and leaves. Madison tells her friends that Marcie is going to pay for what she did to Deke.

Joe comes bursting into Kevin's office. He knows that he bought Rex off. Kevin tells him that it isn't a big deal. Joe thinks Kevin did it to keep him away from Kelly. Kevin tells Joe to drop the whole Kelly thing. He then admits that he feels guilty for not being there for his family during the whole Mitch Laurence stuff. Joe finally settles down and Kevin tells him that he's the right man for Jen. Joe thanks him and tells him that he's the best man for Kelly as he leaves. Later, Joe finds Jen in Angel Square. They start to kiss as Rex walks up. He tells Jen to meet him at the airport in two hours. Jen says she'll be there.

Blair and Kelly are sitting by the pool. Kelly tells Blair what Walker said about Blair and Kevin having an affair. Blair tells Kelly that isn't true. Kelly leaves goes back to Kevin's office. Kevin tells Kelly that Walker is a dangerous man. Kelly reassures Kevin that they will have everything they want as long as he doesn't go crazy and ruin it.

Walker shows up at Blair's pool because Blair has asked him there. She wants to know if he told Kelly that Kevin and her were fooling around. Walker tells Blair that Kelly is exaggerating and that she must be reading into the fact that Blair and Kevin spend so much time together. Blair wants to know why she should believe him. "Because I got The Sun for you," says Walker. Blair gets upset and tells him that she doesn't need to be saved. She then pushes Walker into the pool and storms off. Walker gets out of the pool and laughs.

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