OLTL Update Wednesday 8/6/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/6/03

By Renaldo         
Pictures by Juanita

Three students harass Marcie in Angel Square about her peace banners. They push her to the ground and she bumps her head on the concrete, cutting her forehead. They tell her if she tells anyone, they’ll do worse. Riley comes by after the kids leave and he asks her about the blood on her head. They take her to Foxy Roxie's to get cleaned up.

At the station Marcie, with Al’s support, tells an officer about the attack. When they tell the officer how it all started with the peace banner, the officer is lax with the report. Marcie decides to withdraw her complaint. Al says he supports her, but doesn’t want her to get more hurt. Marcie says she will not back down, especially since something similar happened to her brother Eric who is gay. She said Eric stood up for what he believed in, and so would she. 

In Angel Square, Al comes across the wallet of one of Marcie's attackers and pockets it. He locates the three on campus and is about to fight them when Marcie stops him. 

Kevin tells his people that Walker outbid them for The Sun. He and Kelly have dinner at The Palace. He steps away and calls Blair but Starr answers. She says her mother is unavailable at the time. Kevin tells Kelly that he put in a bid on a home near The Banner and Kelly is upset that he did it without consulting with her. After they come to terms about it, Kevin tells her that the new place is in the same building as Todd's old penthouse, where Walker now lives. Kelly tells Kevin that Blair and Walker like one another and Kevin asks her to elaborate. 

Blair is frustrated that she was locked in the cabana with Walker. He questions her about Kevin, then tells her he himself is the right thing for her before kissing her. Blair berates him for it before River opens the door to let them out. Blair asks Starr if she’s the one that was responsible for locking them in the cabana. Starr tells her no.

Blair later recalls the kiss as Starr and Walker talk over their plot. Blair, Starr and Walker arrive to The Palace for dinner, and see Kelly and Kevin. The five of them decide to share a table and Kevin tells Blair that Walker is the one that bought out The Sun. Walker tells Blair and Starr that he bought it for the two of them. Blair is grateful. Later the women leave and Kevin and Walker have drinks together. Kevin tells Walker he’s onto him. Kevin says he did a background check on Walker and found nothing before the time Walker came to Llanview. “Who the hell are you, Walker Laurence?” Kevin demands. 

Walker tells Kevin to stay away from Blair and indicates that if Kevin doesn’t, something will happen to Kelly.

Kelly tells Blair to just admit she likes Walker. Blair says Walker has too many secrets. Blair let’s it slip that more than one man is giving her choices to make and Kelly asks who the other one is. Blair says Todd and Troy are the ones responsible for all the confusion in her life. Blair has a romantic dream about Walker by the pool. When Walker turns into Kevin, she’s startled awake.

Kelly bumps into Walker in Angel Square. Walker insinuates that there is trouble in her marriage. She asks him if he knows something. 

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