OLTL Update Tuesday 8/5/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/5/03

By Renaldo
Pictures by Juanita

Gabrielle has nightmares about being locked in the morgue. She shares with Max that getting involved with Troy was her second worst mistake while not telling Bo about it was the first. When Gabby says she wants to tell Bo everything, Max tells her to forget it. 

Bo is concerned the Nora decided to come into the office after what happened. He asks her what the point of involving Gabby in the investigation against Troy. Gabby arrives right before Nora has the chance to answer. Nora leaves as Gabby prepares to open up to Bo. She tells Bo about her dinner and drinks with Troy and how the two of them kissed. Bo asks her if she was motivated to do it because of the renewed friendship he has with Nora. Bo forgives her, but tells her she needs to find a way to get over her insecurities. Later Bo looks over the diamond engagement ring that has been sitting in his desk drawer.

Joe calls Jen over and she sees the compromising photos that were taken of them. She says she knows who took them. She pleads with Rev. Carpenter to give Joe his job back and Andrew doesn’t budge. Andrew says if they are so in love, then she has to divorce Rex immediately and that Joe should stay away from her until it’s really over. Viki arrives at Llanfair and Andrew makes himself scarce. Joe tells his mother that he was suspended by Andrew. Viki asks her son to re-think his relationship with a girl as troubled as Jen. She lists all of Jen’s schemes and faults, and Joe asks his mother never to speak badly about Jen in front of him. 

Colson demands why Bo closed the Laurence case. Bo says he never would’ve closed it if there hadn’t been a press leak. 

At The Palace, Kevin tries to make Rex another offer to divorce Jen by offering him controlling interest in the nightclub. Rex says there is no way Evangeline and RJ would turn over their shares of Ultra Violet. Evangeline meets Kevin at the Palace and he hands her check, saying he wants to pay her for her share of the club.

Jen pleads with Rex to give her a divorce and he says fine. But he tells Jen that she’ll never be happy with someone like Rev. Joe.

Kelly tells Blair that she feels like she doesn’t know Kevin.

Asa continues to bid for control of The Sun. Blair tells Asa to keep his hands off of The Sun, right before Asa gets the news that that he was outbid for the paper. 

Dorian gets a call from her broker that they have lost The Sun. When she curses Asa for it, Walker tells her that it wasn’t Asa that bought the Sun, it was him. Dorian demands how Walker was able to buy the shares when he claimed Mitch gave her all of the money. Seeing that he has more than he was originally willing to let on, she asks if he also has the Badra diamond. Walker says the diamond was seized by the cops. When they move on to the subject of him owning The Sun, Dorian says how much of an improvement he is over Todd. When she calls Todd a horrible father, Walker angrily defends him. Dorian wonders how he could possibly know what type of father Todd was and he says Starr told him. River meets Walker for the first time and he is unhappy that he’s the brother of the man that tried to rape his mother Cassie. 

While getting manicures at Foxy Roxie’s, Carlotta tells Adriana that she doesn’t trust River Carpenter and that she should stay away from him. Adriana tries not to giggle when she sees River playing in the window of the shop. Carlotta gets a call about the diner and has to leave the shop; River walks in right after she leaves. He was the one that made the bogus call about the diner. Roxie gives River a job at the shop in order to help him be closer to Adriana.

Dorian shows up at The Palace to gloat to Asa and Kevin about Walker owning The Sun.

Al, Viki , and Marcie meet with Bo at the station and they discuss all the threats Marcie has been getting. Viki tells Al and Marcie that the university is doing everything they can to make sure the two of them stay safe. 

Asa and Viki get into a debate about Marcie, where they have differing opinions. Asa calls Marcie foolish, Viki defends her.

Marcie gets a call from her brother and says she’ll get to new Jersey as soon as possible. As Marcie is hurrying through Angel Square, she bumps into a group of students that ask her if she got their message.

Starr tells Walker that Kevin and her mother have something going on. She asks Walker when Todd is coming home and Walker tells her to be patient. They cook up a plan to keep Kevin and Blair apart. Starr locks Walker and Blair in the pool house together.

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