OLTL Update Monday 8/4/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/4/03

By Renaldo
Pictures by Juanita

Marcie tells Viki that The Voice of the night was fired from the radio station by Dean Baker and that a petition was started to reinstate him. Viki discusses the importance of freedom of speech with Dean Baker and demands he reinstate the Voice of the Night. Dean Baker tells her he respectfully refuses and Viki tells the dean to resign. 

Marcie's brother Ron shows up at Al's doorstep looking for Marcie and accuses Al of being responsible for the entire Peace Sign debacle. Marcie comes in just in time to have a reunion with her brother and tells Ron how important Al is in her life. Ron tells her that her protest was making big waves back home and that her family and the entire town were really affected it, especially since their brother Eric is currently serving. Marcie counters that Eric only joined because he's getting money for school, like others that were serving. Marcie's dad's restaurant has been boycotted as a result, as well as other family businesses. Marcie was disappointed that her loved ones were also against her. Ron tells Marcie to call her father and tell him that she'll stop the protest. Al says that in spite of how much he believes in her, maybe she should consider dropping the protest if it's hurting her family. Marcie still refuses to give in. Ron walks out on her. Marcie thanks Al for believing in her and they share a kiss that leads to the bed. As they passionately kiss, clumsy missteps interrupt their intimacy. They say it's best to wait. In the end, Marcie receives a threatening email.

Kelly asks Blair about the woman Kevin is cheating on her with. Blair tries to convince her that there was no woman and it was probably all a hoax.

At the palace, as Rex went on excitedly about the success of Ultra Violet and RJ's renewed confidence in him, all his wife could think about was Joe.

Viki's children had dinner at The Palace to plan her inauguration party for her new role as president of the university. Jesse told Kevin that she'd reconsidered working for The Banner and he tells her he wants her to run the college column. Natalie tried to convince Jesse that she should not feel bad over Keri and the baby and that she should follow her heart with Antonio.

As Jesse tells her siblings her plans to cover the Peace controversy at the university, Joey leaves the table to chase after Jen and the two of them share a kiss in the courtyard. The two of them discuss how hard it is not to be able to spend time together. Nat later tells Joe he should stay away from Jen. Rex calls his detective and tells him to "deliver the envelope." 

Asa announces to Kevin that they bought enough stock in The Sun to assume ownership. Walker tells Blair that a third of The Sun's stock had recently been traded and Dorian confirms that Asa told her that he was interested in buying The Sun. Blair confronts Asa about it at The Palace. Walker in the meantime tries to beat Asa's offer. Blair and Kevin discuss Asa's business move. In the courtyard, Kevin tells Blair she might as well let him buy the Sun and she tells him to go to Hell. He embraces her, saying "you didn't come here to talk about newspapers." She tells him whatever happened in the barn was a mistake. He wants her to admit that she has feelings for him too. Blair admits that she was drawn to him but that it's wrong. She doesn't want to hurt Kelly. Blair tells Kevin that Kelly enlisted her to find out who "the other woman" was. As the argument heats up, Kelly comes into the courtyard and Blair plays it off as a fight about The Sun and The Banner.

A French stranger enters Dorian's garden and she recognizes him as one of Mitch's people. The man says she knows exactly what he is there for. It seems he wants the diamond and Dorian tells him that Mitch barely left her anything. Dorian tells him she has no clue where the Badra is. He says she'd better have it when he comes back or someone will get hurt. Walker is the one that has it.

Per Natalie's instructions, Kevin introduces himself to Rex and tries to bribe him to divorce Jen as soon as possible. Rex refuses Kevin's offer, preferring to see if Kevin's monetary offer would increase. Rex tells Jen he wants them to stay married and that things will eventually work out after all. 

Joey leaves dinner as Viki shows up and bumps into Kelly. She asks if he's seeing someone and he tells her he might have found the perfect woman. He asks about her and Kevin and although she tells him they have everything they want, she sounds unsure. Joe meets Rev. Carpenter at Llanfair and Andrew shows Joe the pictures he was delivered of Joe and Jen kissing and embracing. Andrew suspends him from the curate position.

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