OLTL Update Friday 8/1/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/1/03

By Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Is Walker Really Todd?!?!?!

We have all seen the clues lately that point to Walker actually being Todd but today it is made perfectly clear. Making his first stop at Llanfair to see Jessica, he tells her that he will not let her go to jail for murdering Mitch. He reassures her after promising to tell Bo everything he wants to hear about that night at the docks and again swears that neither of them will stand trial. A very clever Walker then heads for the police station and confesses to Bo that HE was the one who killed Mitch with a second fatal blow to the head. This leaves Bo with no choice than to deadlock the case due to two confessions that will most likely be thrown out in court and lack of (stolen) evidence. Since Walker had Mitch’s body cremated immediately after his death Bo admits that they will never really know what happened to him and lets Walker leave. Last stop for Walker is his penthouse where he is seen clutching a picture of none other than Blair, Starr and Jack. Walker remembers visiting Mitch in jail after being arrested and being accused by him of “not being who he says he is!!” Walker then pulls out a briefcase full of money and thinks back to the night on the docks and eerily whispers…”I told you I would come back Mitch, and I told you I’d kill you and get away with it… and I did”. We are left with Walker standing at the foot of his steps gazing out the window with a look of satisfaction on his face as he embraces the Lord legacy ring!!!

Jen Refuses To Stay Away From Joe:

Joe pleads his love case to Natalie at Foxy Roxy’s begging her to talk to Rex and convince him to sign the divorce papers. Natalie reluctantly agrees and calls Rex to meet her at Roxy’s hair shop. Before Rex leaves Ultra Violet the private eye whom he hired shows up with the pictures of Jen and Joe, which puts him in a very irritable state of mind. Meanwhile at the hospital Jen if comforted by Joe assuring her that neither she nor her mother can’t be hurt by Troy any longer. Nora spies an embrace between the two and pulls Jen aside to warn her that she is a married woman and can’t been seen in open public with Joe if she wants her divorce from Rex to go smoothly. Jen insists that she loves Joe too much to stay away from him and vows to find a way for them to be together. Back at Foxy Roxy’s Rex tells Natalie that he will continue to fight for his marriage with Jen and will not sign any divorce papers. Rex tells Natalie that Jen will never live up to the Joe’s expectations of the perfect woman and is better off staying his wife because he understands her and can give her everything she needs. Back at the hospital Jen tries to persuade Joe to leave to go somewhere private out of town. Joe tells Jen that he has prior plans with his family at the Country Club but promises to call her as soon as he finished. Jen, unable to resist being away from Joe, manipulates Rex into having lunch with her at the Country Club by leading him to believe that she may be ready to reconcile their marriage.

Troy Finally Suffers The Consequences Of His Crimes While Lindsey Is Released From St. Ann’s:

Nora summons Troy to her hospital room and thanks him for saving her life claiming that he is still a good man and is the reason why she fell in love with him. She urges him to hold onto the good part of him and he promises that he will. Their heartfelt moment together is then interrupted by Bo who sends Troy away for a mental evaluation to determine if he will go to jail or St. Ann’s. Bo then asks Nora how she got it in her mind to use Gabrielle as the decoy in her plan to capture Troy. Nora keeps Gabrielle’s secret and explains that the whole operation was her idea and that she will make it up to both Bo and Gabrielle. Meanwhile Lindsey tells Jen that she is being released from St. Ann’s and put on out-patient status. Lindsey explains that Troy was secretly giving her drugs to relapse from her recent progress. Jen supports her mother finally leaving St. Ann’s and wishes her well and assures her that she is working on getting her life back together by being happy with Joe. Bo later stops by St. Ann’s to tell Lindsey that she is no longer a suspect in the Mitch Lawrence murder case. She explains to Bo that she understands the way Troy thinks and wishes that she could have worked out their relationship problems to be with him. Troy is later admitted to St. Ann’s where he runs into Lindsey who gives him the strangely same worded support that Nora gave him earlier…”you are a good man…hold on to that”

Keri Plots To Win Back Antonio:

At Foxy Roxy’s Keri overhears Jessica telling Natalie that she is willing to give her relationship with Antonio a chance. She confides in her sister telling her that she thinks it’s time to take the big step with Antonio at their lunch date later today. Keri, desperate to stop Jessica and Antonio from becoming closer, stops by Llanfair later to visit Jessica and warns her to back away from Antonio so that she and the baby can be a family with him together. Keri guilt trips Jessica with the idea of her daughter growing up without the presence of her father. After Keri leaves Jessica calls to break her lunch date with Antonio. After he gets the message from Jessica, Keri purposely stops by and uses Jaime as an excuse to be there. Antonio then surprises Keri by inviting her and the baby to stay and have lunch with him proving that Keri’s plan to separate Jessica from her lover is working as planned.

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