OLTL Update Thursday 7/31/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/31/03

By Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

The Power Blackout Screams Trouble for Llanview Residents

Keri Tells R.J. That She Will Not Give Up On Antonio:

Keri tells R.J. that she still loves Antonio and wants to be with him as a family…and if R.J. doesn’t support her she will shut Jaime out of his life forever. Evangeline comes to see R.J. at Ultra Violet and compliments him on having the club still up and running during the town blackout. Evangeline and Keri are then left alone together when Keri asks her to talk to R.J. about not pressuring her to leave Antonio alone. When R.J. returns to the two ladies Evangeline warns him to lighten up on his daughter before he looses her for good and drives her right into Antonio’s arms. He takes her advise and thanks her for caring so much about his family. Later R.J. finds Keri and tells her that he will stay out of her way to get back with Antonio when Antonio himself shows up. He asks to be alone with Keri and explains to her that they cannot make things work between the two of them and tells her it’s over. Keri blames his choice on Jessica, which sets off Antonio’s temper. After making it clear that they have no future together he leaves the club and Keri is comforted by a sympathetic R.J. 

No More Voice Of The Night:

Al tells Marcie at Ultra Violet that he was fired from his position as Llanview U’s Voice of the Night by the dean after promoting her pro-peace ideals. His anger over the situation intensifies when he finds a anonymous note in Marcie’s purse that reads traitor motivating him to confront the crowd calling the culprit a coward. 

Rex Sets A Trap For Jen:

When the lights go out at Ultra Violet Rex persuades the crowd to stay at the club by enticing them with free alcohol. He manages to get the club up and working with candle lights and a portable CD player for music. His triumph over the blackout is cut short when Jen drops by the club to see him. Their argument prompts him to seek legal advise from Evangeline about getting a larger settlement if he can prove that Jen is cheating on him but Evangeline advises Rex that he would first need to put her on retainer before she hands out any advise. Unable to meet her high fee, Rex looks towards R.J. to connect him with a private eye that can get proof that Jen and Joe are having an affair. In the meantime he sets out to prove himself an honorable law abiding citizen by taking control of the bar and allowing Riley to sing lead in Flash’s band at the club. Meanwhile he puts his plan in motion to catch Jen and Joe in the act to prove their affair to the divorce courts.

Jessica Tells Her Family Her Plans To Confess To Mitch’s Murder:

Antonio drops Jessica off at Llanfair who tells her mother that she went through with confessing to killing Mitch. Jessica sets her family down and explains the entire story of what happened on the docks and tells them how Antonio did everything in his power to protect her. Vicky assures her daughter that she did the right thing and should feel better now that the burden has been lifted off her shoulder. Natalie gets Jessica alone and attempts to talk to her about her relationship with Antonio. Jessica insists that there is nothing to talk about and explains that not only does Antonio have a family, but she is also afraid of his temper. Natalie asks Jessica to honestly confess whether she loves Antonio or not and Jessica admits to not having an answer even for herself. When Antonio returns from Ultra Violet he tells Jessica that he told Keri it was over between the two of them. He pours his heart out to her explaining that she could make him happy by just spending time with him. Jessica actually lets down her wall of protection and invites him to a lunch date for the next day. 

Bo’s Desperate Search For Gabrielle Leaves Nora In Danger:

Troy continues to hold Nora against her will with a piece of broken glass against her neck. After the lights go out because of the blackout Troy blames Bo for cutting the power to his house. Bo tries to convince Troy that the power going out is the result of a town wide blackout but his attempts prove to be un-useful and agitates Troy’s state even further. He begs Nora to just go away with him and drink the wine and she agrees if he will remove the glass from her neck. When he begins to let go Nora breaks free and runs towards Bo. The struggle allows Troy to escape leaving Nora behind as Bo chases him. Nora then realizes that in her fall her wrist was deeply cut by the broken glass. When Bo returns explaining to Nora explaining that Troy managed to get he notices her cut and calls for an ambulance. A half-conscious Nora attempts to recall everything that Troy said about where he hid Gabrielle and remembers some key clues that point to the old morgue in town. Bo waits until he hears the sirens of the ambulance for Nora to leave, but is he too late as we get a glimpse of an unconscious Gabrielle in the morgue? When Bo arrives at the morgue and sees that the lock on the door was tampered with he directs his assistant to check every single unit until they find her. Back at Nora’s, she waits for the ambulance to arrive but suddenly starts to hear the sirens fade away when Troy enters the door with her helpless on the ground. He becomes even more frantic blaming the failure of his plan on her and takes her car keys to leave Llanview and her behind. She begs him to help her when she passes out and he immediately runs to her aide and promises to help her. He then rushes her to the Llanview hospital emergency room leaving himself vulnerable for arrest to save her life. Back at the morgue, Bo finds Gabrielle unconscious and at first is unable to wake her up, but after confessing his undying love for her she finally opens her eyes to her hero.

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