OLTL Update Wednesday 7/30/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/30/03

By Lisa                
Pictures by Juanita

Kelly Confronts Kevin About Having An Affair:

Kevin and Kelly Arrive at Asa’s and Kevin admits to being surprised to see Kelly back in Llanview from their home in Texas. An uncomfortable Kelly asks her husband to tell her the truth and reveals that she has received mysterious letters from an anonymous person telling her that her husband is having an affair and asks him if it’s true. Kevin avoids the question by asking Kelly why she did not notify him sooner about the letters and tells her that incidents just like this will continue to happen now that he is involved with politics now. Kelly also reveals to Kevin the phone call she received warning her to get back to Llanview if she wanted to save her marriage. After seeing the expression on her husbands face she demands that he tell her the truth about having an affair. Kelly’s accusations prompt Kevin into a flashback about his kiss with Blair at the barn but swears to his wife that he has not been unfaithful. He makes Kelly promise to him that they will never lie to each other and assures her that he could not survive without her. They resolve their problems and talk about their future in politics. Kevin promises to find out who sent her the letters and make them pay.

Blair Denies Having Feelings For Kevin:

Dorian continues to scold Blair for her choices involving Kevin. Blair insists to Dorian that she did not sleep with Kevin and explains the story of how they ended up in a horse barn after running into the storm but Dorian doesn’t believe that it’s the complete story. She continues to grill Blair when she finally confesses that she and Kevin shared a kiss when Walker arrives. Walker tells Blair and Dorian that he is only there to check on Blair after finding out about her emergency plane landing. She attempts to explain what happened on the trip and when Walker asks her out to dinner. Blair declines on the offer using her state of exhaustion as an excuse. When Walker leaves Dorian warns Blair that she is juggling too many men in her life (Walker, Kevin, and Troy!!!) and advises her to get rid of all of them before they cause any more trouble. Blair then asks for Dorian’s opinion as to whether Kevin would tell Kelly about the kiss or not and Dorian advises Blair to just call and ask him herself. Blair works up the strength to call over to Asa’s for Kevin when Kelly answers the phone. Scared of being found out, Blair quickly hangs up the phone leaving Kelly very suspicious as to the identity of the caller. Desperate to find out the truth about her husband Kelly calls Blair and asks for her help to find Kevin’s mystery woman.

Antonio Chooses Jessica Over Keri Again:

Jessica finds Antonio at Ultra Violet and tells him that she is going to the police station to confess to Mitch’s murder after having a talk with Vicky. Antonio tries to convince Jessica that it was not her fault and if Walker was not at the docks that night, the incident would have never happened, but Jessica stands her ground and insists on confessing to the murder. Antonio offers to go with her to the station for moral support and run into Keri on their way out. Keri uses the opportunity to guilt trip Antonio into her arms by telling him that he missed their daughter’s first words…....dada. Jessica offers to leave Antonio to Keri but he makes it clear to Keri that his first obligation is to help Jessica in her time of need. The two to leave for the police station where Antonio offers to take down Jessica’s testimony for Mitch’s murder himself. She agrees and she thanks him for helping her get through everything. Then suddenly the power goes out leaving Antonio and Jessica in the perfect intimate moment to share a kiss. Back at Ultra Violet R.J. tries to convince Keri to move on with another man but she insists that she only wants to be with Antonio. Keri warns R.J. to stop fighting her about Antonio or else she will have no choice than to shut him out of her life. 

Flash Unknowingly Helps The Police Find Troy And Nora:

While hanging out at Ultra Violet Asa insists that Flash go to a specialist in London to fix her throat. After being rushed to the emergency room during a coughing spell Bo finds Troy’s hospital badge in Flash’s bag and figures that Troy could possibly be holding Nora at her house. Flash gets over her coughing spell and is assured by grandpa Asa that she will get the best treatment possible in London. She tells Riley to front for her as singer in the band until she can come back. Flash then confides in Asa when she tells him that she feels guilty about not recognizing that there was something wrong with Nora at her house. Asa assures Flash that Nora has the strength of a Buchannan and will give Troy the fight of his life before hurting her.

Nora Begins To Realize The Depth Of Troy’s Plan:

Troy tells Nora that they are just like star-crossed lovers and must die together because they cannot be together on earth. Nora pleads with Troy trying to convince him that he is a good man but he doesn’t fall for it highlighting his recent crimes including what he did to Gabrielle. Nora tries to tell him that he is not like his brother Colin and that she will help him get through it. He shows signs of vulnerability but is then pulled back into reality confessing to Nora that there is too much blood on his hands for them to go back to his old life. He stresses the importance of her drinking the glass of poison wine so that they can die together but Nora resists by taking the glass and pouring the wine out onto her carpet floor. Meanwhile at the abandoned morgue
Gabrielle prays for Bo to figure out where Troy has hidden her. At the hospital Bo looks for clues about Troy and runs into a nurse explains that she last saw Troy leaving the hospital parking lot in a big hurry. She then goes on to tell Bo that Troy had lured a woman to the hospital by leading her to believe that her son was hurt. Bo eventually connects the story to Matthew and Nora. When he goes to check on Flash in her hospital room and sees Troy’s badge hidden in her bag he connects the pieces together and makes a call to Nora’s house. Just before they are interrupted by Bo’s phone call Troy starts to give Nora vague clues as to where he as hidden Gabrielle. The answering machine picks up and Bo assures Nora that Matthew is safe having a sleep over at Dorian’s with Starr. He also warns Troy that he knows he is there with Nora holding her against her will. This upsets Troy even further prompting him to violently throw the phone across the room. Now in a state of rage, he accuses Nora of lying to him when she boldly decides to break the wine glass to use as a weapon. Troy grabs her and holds the broken glass to her neck just when Bo arrives at the house. Troy hides himself and Nora until Bo enters the living room. When he reveals himself and Nora as his captive he warns Bo to drop his gun or else he will kill Nora.

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