OLTL Update Tuesday 7/29/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/29/03

By Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Kevin & Blair Take Their Relationship to the Next Level:

Trapped in the barn by the storm Kevin and Blair share an intimate kiss while back at Dorian’s Kelly asks her aunt if her husband is having an affair. She tells her Dorian that an anonymous person sent her letters about Kevin cheating on her while she was in Texas. Kelly admits that she and Kevin slowly grew apart when he became more interested in politics and asks Dorian if she has noticed him spending a lot of time with anyone in particular. Back at the barn Blair stops Kevin by telling him that they have to think of what it will do to Kelly. Blair admits to Kevin that she only wanted to see how far he would go. Kevin doesn’t believe Blair’s story and asks her to prove her motifs by kissing him again. She resists and tries to convince him that they should leave. Meanwhile, Kelly asks Dorian where Blair is when they are interrupted by Matthew who is having a sleep over with Starr. Kelly prepares to go to sleep when Kevin and Blair come in the door together to see Kelly back in Llanview for the first time together. Blair advises that Kevin and Kelly should go back to Asa’s to spend some quality time together. After they leave, Dorian immediately accuses Blair of being Kevin’s mistress.

Jessica Tells Walker She Plans to Confess:

At Todd’s penthouse Walker shows his anger in the recent union of Kevin and Blair when he is interrupted by Jessica who has come to tell him that she plans to confess to murdering Mitch. Walker tries to scare Jessica into not confessing but she still insists on telling the truth. Walker suspects that her recent decision is due to her feelings about Antonio. Jessica explains to Walker that she feels guilty that Antonio lost his job because of the secret that they were hiding. After Jessica leaves Walker pulls out the diamond from the fireplace and promises that he will one day give it to Blair and possibly on their wedding day.

Troy Sets A Trap For Nora:

Nora rushes to the hospital looking for Matthew when she bumps into Troy. He assures her that Matthew is fine, but that she better cooperate or she will never see her son again. Troy then takes Nora back to her house and she frantically searches for Matthew. Nora tries to call for help, but ends up in a struggle over the phone causing Troy to unknowingly drop his hospital badge on the floor. Troy protests his undying love for Nora and admits that all he ever wanted with her was a family with Matthew. Nora tries to assure Troy that he can work out a deal not to serve time for his crimes is he just agrees to let her go. She than pleads for him to tell her where Gabrielle is and he tells her that she is on ice as we get a glimpse of Gabrielle kicking and screaming for someone to help her. Troy then confronts Nora about sending Gabrielle to spy on him when Nora asks him if he killed Claire. Just then Flash comes knocking on the door and Troy warns Nora not to try anything funny is she wants her son to live. While Flash is at the house Nora manages to sneak Troy’s hospital badge into Flash’s backpack to get the message to Bo. After Flash leaves Troy dresses Nora up in a white silk nightgown and explains to her that their love story is just like the that of Romeo & Juliet and demands that she drink a glass of poison wine to execute their suicide pact. 

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