OLTL Update Friday 7/25/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/25/03

By Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Joe Brings Bo in as Reinforcement to Save Lindsey & Jen:

Joe, able to see through the lies he is being fed by the doctor at the mental facility, refuses to leave until he gets better answers to his search for Jen and her mother. The doc is then called out by a nurse to tend to an emergency with a group of patients. The emergencyÖa violent struggle between Lindsey and the serial killer in her room. Desperate to protect her daughter, Lindsey jumps on the serial killer and smothers him with a pillowcase and is eventually pulled off of him by one on her attending nurses. Back in the docís office, Joe asks to see the two blonde patients that were recently admitted but is denied access. He snoops around the office trying to find any info on the two missing women and calls Bo when he finds a file describing Lindsey and Jen under the alias surname, Farrell which Bo recognizes as Lindseyís maiden name. Bo immediately leaves the station in route for the mental facility. Back in Lindseyís room, Lindsey and Jen figure out that Troy set up their visit with the serial killer to get rid of them just as Bo arrives demanding to see the two women that are registered under the name Farrell. 

Nora & Gabrielleís Plan to Catch Troy Takes a Wrong Turn:

Gabrielle waits for Troy at Rodiís to trap him for the police after Nora warns her not to leave the restaurant alone with Troy. Troy eventually shows up and demands that Gabrielle give him Jenís computer. Gabrielle admits to not having the computer but saves herself by telling him that she erased all the footage of the two of them off her hard drive. Gabrielle then gets Troy to trust her by telling him that she wants to help him divert Boís attention from connecting him to recent the recent crimes in Llanview. Troy forces Gabrielle to take their conversation elsewhereÖto his loft apartment. She tries to come up with excuses not to leave Rodiís, but for the sake of her cover she eventually agrees to leave with him. Meanwhile in a surveillance truck, Nora gives the order to move the surveillance to Troyís apartment location after she hears that Gabrielle and Troy are heading there. When Gabrielle and Troy arrive at his loft he asks her to dance and spots the wire on her jacket. He immediately changes his demeanor and Nora can tell from the truck that he knows about the wire and decides to rush in to save Gabrielle with her team. When they arrive upstairs at the loft there is no Troy or Gabrielle present and all they find is the wire Gabrielle was wearing left on a table. 

Kevinís Sight is Set on Blair While Walker is Set on Keeping Them Apart:

Kevin follows Blair to Rodiís and tries to convince her to talk about selling him The Sun. Meanwhile back at Dorianís, Walker barges in to question her about Blairís whereabouts. Dorian is able to see that there is more to Blair and Walkerís relationship than he admits but he covers by telling her that itís just a work relationship and that he does not want to see his partner get hurt by Kevin. Walker is irritated at he fact that he is being interrogated and leaves for Rodiís in search of Blair. Over at Rodiís Kevin continues to entice Blair with his never ending charm and asks her out to a fancy dinner. Blair at first hesitates to accept his offer but eventually gives in and leaves Rodiís to change into something a little more appropriate for their night. When Walker arrives, just missing Blair, he is taunted by Kevin who gloats about his relationship with Blair. Walker reminds Kevin that he is a married man and should watch out before Kelly finds out. Kevin tells Walker that his relationship with Blair is based on business ONLY and leaves for his date. After Kevin leaves, Walker calls Kelly and warns her to get to Llanview quick before her husband sleeps with another woman. Desperate to find a way to stop Kevin, Walker then drops by for a little unannounced visit with Vicky at Llanfair. He demands that she get her son under control before he ruins his life. Vicky refuses to do anything and tells Walker that neither Kevin or Blairís love life is any of his business. Walker shocks Vicky when he tells her that it is his problem ever since Kevin decided to sleep with Blair!!! Vicky reminds Walker that Kevinís wife IS Blairís cousin and she would not hurt Kelly in that way, and besides Blair is still in love with Todd. Back at Dorianís, Blair shows off her extremely revealing date outfit to Dorian. Dorian, concerned with the fact that her niece is now dating Kevin, is reassured by Blair when she explains that she only wants to see how far Kevin will go to get what he wants, but that she has no intention of sleeping with him. When a very suave Kevin arrives at Dorianís to pick up Blair for their date he surprises her when he reveals his plan to take her to a restaurant in Bermuda! Blair at first tells him to go to hell, but is convinced when Kevin lets her in on a little secretÖthat there will be a HUGE World Terrorism convention on the island giving them the opportunity to run exclusives in their two respective papers. After Kevin and Blair leave, Dorian gets a call from Kelly telling her that she is on her way to Llanview. 

Jessica, On the Verge of a Breaking Down:

Natalie expresses to Vicky her concern for Jessica. Natalie is afraid that Jessica is keeping something secret about Mitchís murder and is continuing to keep herself closed off from the family. Back at the police station Jessica runs into Boís office and pleads for Bo not to suspend Antonio for not giving up information about Mitchís murder. Bo then asks Antonio to leave so that he can have a moment alone with Jessica. Bo tells Jessica that Antonio is hiding information about the case because he is protecting someone and questions her again about being on the docks the night Mitch was murdered. But before she has the chance to answer Bo gets a phone call fro Joe about Lindsey & Jen being held at the mental facility. Before he leaves, Bo tells Jessica that he will definitely follow up on their conversation. Antonio then finds Jessica to persuade her to tell him who stole the evidence from the police station. They continue to argue all the way back to Llanfair when they are interrupted by Vicky who is at home with Walker. Walker warns Antonio that if he continues to pursue the case the only person who is going to get hurt is Jessica after Antonio tries to threaten him by rechecking his alibi from the night Mitch was murdered. Vicky then pulls her daughter aside and gives a very emotional plea for Jessica to confess to her what is disturbing her about her fatherís murder.

Cristian Neglects His Engagement to Natalie:

Back from his trip to New York, Cristian and Natalie reunite at Rodiís. Natalie, excited that her fiancťe is back, asks Cristian about the wedding list items he was supposed to get fro New York. Cristian admits to Natalie that he completely forgot about the list and did not get any of the things that she asked him to get for the wedding. This sets off Natalie into thinking that Cristian is not serious about their upcoming nuptials. Cristian argues saying that they still have lots of time before the wedding, which infuriates Natalie even further to storming out of Rodiís leaving Cristian behind.

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