OLTL Update Thursday 7/24/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/24/03

By Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Vicky Takes Action Against Marcie’s Victimization:

After hearing from Marcie that the Dean of Students at Llanview U was unwilling to bring the person who vandalized her room to justice, Vicky invites Dean Baker for a little chat with the new president.  Vicky questions Dean Baker about his decision to not investigate the break in and he explains to her that with all the negative press the school has received lately he thought it best to sweep the incident under the rug.  Vicky is outraged at his answer and demands that he retract his decision and perform a full investigation to show the students that they do have freedom of speech supported by the campus administration.  The Dean unwillingly agrees to Vicky’s terms warning her that her pro-activeness could lead to trouble.

Nora Gets Closer to the Truth About Troy:

Out on the search for Jen’s computer for the videotape footage of Troy, Nora is determined to find out the truth about Troy.  Meanwhile Gabrielle has already stolen Jen’s computer to erase the footage of her and Mr. MacIver in the park to keep Bo from ever finding out about her infidelity.  As she struggles to erase the footage off the computer, Bo comes up behind her and questions her about what she’s doing up so late and why she’s not in bed with him.  She covers up the computer and tells Bo that she is working on some fashion designs for a client.  Bo naively buys her story but still spies on Gabrielle and her computer project even after he excuses himself to go to bed.  The next day Nora and Antonio run into Natalie at the hospital who gives them more information that may connect Troy to a missing Lindsey.  Natalie tells Antonio and Nora about the strange behavior with Troy and his female colleagues.  Rae then joins the group and tells Nora that Troy was in fact terminated from his position at the hospital because of all the complaints he received from the female staff.  This information motivates Nora even further to find out if he has a connection to Lindsey’s disappearing act.  Back at the Llanview P.D. Bo and Nora bring Troy in for questioning about his whereabouts the night prior and denies having any part of Lindsey being missing.  Nora throws Troy a curve ball by bringing up the murder of Troy’s ex, Claire Baxter.  Troy again gives a half convincing story as to why he could have not had anything to do with her murder and is allowed to leave the station.  On his way out he bumps into a frightened Gabrielle whose intentions are now to help the police arrest him.  Gabrielle admits to Nora that she stole Jen’s computer to keep Bo from finding out that she kissed Troy, but offers herself up a the decoy to bring him down.  Nora is reluctant, but accepts Gabrielle’s offer and sets the plan in motion.

Bo Threatens Antonio to Either Tell the Truth or Give Up His Badge:

After seeking the help of resident therapist Rae Cummings, Antonio tells Rae that he is in fact holding information about Mitch’s murder case from Bo.  Back at the Llanview P.D., Bo is very weary of the truthfulness of his star detective.  When Antonio returns from the hospital he is brought into Bo’s office and questioned about information on the Mitch Lawrence murder case.  After the news of the evidence being missing from the evidence room at the police station, Bo demands that Antonio give him a good reason not to pull him off the Lawrence case.  Antonio surprises Bo by pleading the 5th and refusing to comment on the missing evidence for the case.  Bo, at this point, has no other choice than to suspend Antonio from the force requesting him to give up his gun and badge.

Lindsey & Jen Plan an Escape:

Lindsey wakes up only to find out that Troy has now locked her daughter in her mental facility room with her.  Once Lindsey realizes what has happened she promises Jen that she will come up with an escape plan to get them out.  Meanwhile Troy makes a phone call to his buddy who he persuaded to lock up Lindsey and explains to him why he needs Jen to be locked up also.  Troy then suggests to his colleague that a certain serial killer, who is a resident at the ward, be allowed to visit with Lindsey and Jen to hopefully get rid of the two forever for Troy.  His colleague at first hesitates but is reminded by Troy, who is masquerading as brother Colin, that he owes him and it’s now time to collect.  Back in Lindsey’s facility room, she sings a lullaby to Jen to comfort her and remembers back to when she and Allison Perkins had to escape from jail.  She wakes up Jen to tell her that she has come up with the perfect plan to spring the two from the mental ward.  Her plan to remove all the padding from her walls to reveal an escape route is a bust when a facility nurse catches the two in the act.  The nurse is at first outraged by the fact that there are two unidentified patients in a room together but is reassured when Troy’s accomplice arrives and explains to the nurse that the two women are both suffering from severe mental disorders and have proven to show more signs of improvement by being treated together.  The nurse believes the story and leaves Lindsey and Jen in his care.  Meanwhile at the hospital, Joey runs into a fellow man of the cloth and gets a lead to the whereabouts of Jen and her mother.  Joey immediately rushes over to rescue Jen and her mother just as the two are visited by the serial killer Troy has sent to finish them off.

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