OLTL Update Monday 7/21/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/21/03

By Bubbles
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian asks Walker if she’s correct when she says she senses a connection between them. He replies that he doesn’t want her to take it the wrong way when he says he can’t get involved. She says she was just testing him, for Blair. She tells Walker that Blair’s out for the night. Walker says he can’t get together with anyone, even someone as beautiful and as interesting as Dorian. She tells him he’ll have to do a lot better at kissing up.

Starr comes out and tells Walker that she kept his secret and he says no wonder Todd’s so proud of her and thinks she’s so smart and brave. Starr tells him that her mother’s out with Kevin and that her mother hired Heddy back so they’re with her tonight. She asks if Todd ever said anything about Jack and he replies that Todd said Jack drools a lot and his diaper always needed changing. Starr introduces him to Jack and he says that Jack’s getting bigger. Then he comments that Todd also said he wishes he could get to know Jack a little better and tell him how much he loves him. Dorian comes out and Starr pretends to be mad at Walker for tending to the baby. Dorian tells her she’s being rude and she says she doesn’t care because she hates him. Then Dorian lectures her and makes her go back inside.

River comes to see Dorian, his grandmother, and she plays shocked when he reveals that he kissed some girl in order to get restricted by her father. He asks his grandmother if he can stay with her. Starr’s glad to hear that River’s staying with them. Dorian comes back after a call convincing Andrew to allow it and then tells her grandson to call her Dorian because she’s too young to be called grandma. Then Dorian tells Starr that she has to go to bed and when Starr argues Dorian assures her that children have bedtimes. She accidentally leaves her keys behind and he calls Adrianna.

Blair agrees to listen to Kevin’s pitch, but only because she lost the bet. She asks and he replies with an embarrassed smile that the Banner beat the Sun because Kevin bought the papers himself. He orders Blair a drink and she brings up Kelly. She wants to make a bet that she can win, that Kevin’s wife has no idea what he’s up to. He assures Blair that Kelly knows everything and it doesn’t bother her. He pulls her close and kisses her and Walker watches as Blair pulls away. Blair walks away mad and threatens to call Kelly and tell her. Kevin insults the Sun and Blair says she won’t betray Todd. He asks about Todd ever betraying her. Then the bartender tells Kevin that his car is leaking oil.

Walker comes up to Blair and asks her to dance. They dance together slowly and Kevin interrupts, assuming that Walker was responsible for the oil leak. Walker admits to it. Blair asks him why he would do that and Kevin explains that nothing’s wrong with the car and Walker simply paid the bartender to lie. He says he did it so Kevin would stop bothering her and they begin to argue over Blair. Walker says he wonders what his wife’s doing tonight and when Kevin says he’s as bad a jerk as Todd Manning, Walker pushes him. Blair yells at them to stop and a cell phone ringing breaks it up as all three of them reach for their phones. Blair takes off and Kevin calls his people to check the scanners to see if anything’s breaking. Walker orders a drink and Dorian comes up to him and says that she knows exactly what he’s up to.

Al picks up Marcie to take her to Ultraviolet but she’s a little more interested in her sign for the international peace rally tomorrow. She asks the Voice of the Night to get the word out about the rally and he agrees then helps her hang up the sign outside.

A line forms outside R.J.’s club, anticipating the prefect evening to come. Joey asks Jen if she’s okay regarding her mother being missing but he refuses to believe that she’s okay, or that she doesn’t want to be with him. R.J. opens the doors of Ultraviolet for business. Keri asks her father where his ‘partner’ is and when she presses for details and he doesn’t reply, Keri agrees to stay out of his business if he does the same with hers. Joey watches Jen and asks if he can take her away so they can be alone and talk. Then someone Joey’s helped says hello to him and Jen’s a lot less willing. She argues when Joey says she doesn’t belong with Rex. She walks away and Rex teases Joey that Jen’s damaged goods and no one can do anything about it. He’s about to go after Rex when Al stops him and informs Joey that Rex is right about Jen. Jen and Joey stare at each other from across the room and Rex comes up to her and kisses her. Then Rex walks by Joey and smirks and Al needs to stop him again from doing something stupid. Joey insists that he loves Jen, unlike Rex, and Al reminds him that love is not getting messed up over someone, it’s taking the time to get to know them, and wanting to be with them all day as well as all night. Marcie hugs Al and Joey says nothing.

Al asks Marcie if she wants to leave and she pulls him away. He takes her home and kisses her goodnight. She asks him to stay. He asks if she’s sure and she says she’s never been more sure about anything in her life. They go inside and find that her room has been ransacked. He tells her to stay put and not touch anything. She finds her flag ripped up and thrown on the floor.

Gabrielle asks Nora about Bo’s whereabouts and then Nora talks to her about Troy. She asks Gabrielle for the truth about what happened in Angel Square, and then admits that she saw the video, and warns her about Troy. Gabrielle wants to know the details of what Troy’s involved in but Nora won’t tell and is more concerned with whether or not she’s having an affair on Bo. She swears to Nora that Troy won’t leave her alone and Nora believes her, adding that she won’t tell Bo unless there’s something she’s leaving out. Gabrielle says that Troy was abnormally irrational and didn’t hurt her, but scared her a lot.

Pretending to be Colin, Troy and his friend admit Lindsay, “Joanna”, into a psych ward, in a cell alone. Troy asks the friend to take care of Lindsay and make sure she stays safe but locked up. The friend promises Joanna will be alright since he thinks of his patients as family. Lindsay asks if he can speak to her daughter and the man says that the patients cannot use phones. Lindsay asks him to call Jen himself then so Jen can tell him that this is all a big mistake. Troy comes to see Nora, at her request, and he says he’s been out of town. Then he plays dumb when she says that Lindsay disappeared around the same time that he did. Nora closes the door and tells him that she knows he went to visit Lindsay the night she left. He says he was visiting another patient and simply ran into Lindsay. He swears it was the last time he saw her and wonders why Nora’s accusing him since he wouldn’t want Lindsay to get out of St. Ann’s. Nora suggests perhaps he did it to keep Lindsay quiet. The doctor tells Lindsay that according to her file she has no children and they need to learn to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Once alone Lindsay starts to repeat who she is, to herself, and gets scared that no one will come for her and she’ll be stuck here forever.

Nora reminds Troy that he was Lindsay’s alibi the night of the murder and Troy gets angry and swears he wasn’t on the docks and he didn’t have sex with Lindsay. She plays devil’s advocate and she suspects that he killed Mitch so he could keep his medical license by keeping Mitch silent. He says that would make him as crazy as Lindsay and she says he’s been doing some really crazy things lately, such as his crazy active social life. Then he assumes she’s jealous because he’s moved on. When she assures him that it isn’t personal he tells her to talk to his lawyer then. A teenaged boy comes to Nora and brings him the license plate number of the mustang; the one he saw the night of the murder. He says he didn’t see the driver, but had told Detective Antonio Vega he would bring by the information once he had it.

Riley tells Flash they don’t have to perform if her throat hurts but she feels that she does have to and he has to let her. Midnight Logic plays and Asa comes to see her, giving the thumb’s up. When Flash gets off stage her grandfather tells her that her voice is gold even if he doesn’t like the music. Then Joey comes up and tells her that she rocked the place, and gives her a big hug. Then Riley tells Flash their song has made the charts, number forty-nine. Then they kiss in celebration and Joey looks on, happy for them. But then he looks over at Jen, then walks over, and Jen smiles at him and then starts to strip on stage as everyone cheers on, except for Joey, and Rex, and of course a disgusted Flash. She moves to the table near Joey and throws her top at him. He responds by giving it back to her.

Gabrielle tells Bo via telephone that it’s okay he has to miss dinner again. She drops an earring and he picks it up and hands it to her. She tries to get away quickly and he says that he wants to apologize for the other night and Angel Square. He admits that he’s still dealing with his break-up from Nora, though not well apparently. He wishes she Bo well. He goes to the bathroom and sees his reflection as Colin, telling him that Troy is just like him, no better, in his evil Colin voice. He tells the man in the mirror that he’s wrong, that they’re nothing alike, and then he runs out and demands a scotch and water from the bartender. A man comes up to Troy and thanks him for treating his wife last month. The man says she’s doing great, thanks to Troy, and thanks him profusely.

Then Claire offers to buy him a drink, better than sleeping with her and dumping her, she says. Then she says that she followed him the other night and saw him pick up Lindsay Rappaport at a phone booth. He tells her that Lindsay called him because she wanted to turn herself in. He says that they were driving back and Lindsay jumped out of the car. He says he had just been trying to help but she took it as something more. He says he’s a little gun-shy now and Claire laughs that he would be over Lindsay. Then he adds Nora and says he’s having a hard time getting over her. He says it’s important that he gets over it and moves on. He tells her that he wants another chance and invites Claire to dinner, to a romantic place just outside of town.

Nora calls Hank and tells him he’s going over the list that Jen taped Troy with.

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