OLTL Update Friday 7/18/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/18/03

By Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Walker Promises Starr the Return of Todd:

 When Starr accuses Walker of stealing Todd’s “Lord” ring she demands that he tell here where her father is.  Starr threatens Walker by attempting to call Blair and is stopped when he tells her that he know for sure that Todd is not dead.  He continues by telling Starr that he and Todd are friends and that Todd gave him the Lord ring the last time they met.  Starr has doubts about Walker’s story but is convinced when Walker answers a series if questions that only Todd could know the answers to.  Starr then questions Walker as to why he has not told anyone that her father is alive, especially Blair, and Walker confesses that Todd asked him not to.  Walker then tells Starr that her father wants her to help Walker keep his secret and that Todd will come home when things settle down in Landview.  Blair walks in to Starr refusing to keep the secret but Starr covers for Walker by lying to her mother about their conversation.  Before leaving the penthouse with Blair, Starr warns Walker to stay away from her mother.  The next day Walker visits Dorian, Blair and Starr at the Country Club to tell Dorian that he plans to give Dorian everything Mitch left him in his will.  Shocked, Dorian and Blair admit to misjudging Walker and apologize for thinking bad of him.  Dorian then pulls Walker aside and suggests that they work on becoming more than friends.

Joe Confronts Jen About Their Breakup:

Outside The Palace Restaurant Joe finds Jen and begs her not to lie about her feelings for him although she called off their relationship.  Jen continues to tell Joe that she is better off with Rex because he understands her.  Joe pleads with Jen not to go back to Rex because she is too good for him.  Jen sticks to her guns and leaves Joe to meet Rex inside the restaurant.  She apologizes to Rex for the way she has treated him lately and wants their marriage to work.  She then purposely stages a kiss with Rex so that Joe can see that she has moved on. 

Kevin, The Mystery Man:

At The Palace Restaurant Vicky and Clint spy Kevin flirting with Blair.  Vicky interrupts the two to invite Kevin to Clint’s good-bye party.  Kevin declines on the offer due to a heavy workload at The Banner.  Back at The Banner, Kevin invites the new A.D.A. Daniel to discuss his political plans for the future.  Kevin advises Daniel to consider running against Hank for Landview D.A. and promises to back him up with support from the established Banner.  In return for the political support, Kevin asks Daniel to disclose confidential information about Mitch’s autopsy report and Daniel agrees.  The next day Antonio confronts Kevin about having the information on Mitch’s autopsy and printing it in The Banner.  Kevin then immediately calls on his new friend, Daniel after Antonio leaves to warn him that the detective knows there is a mole in the department leaking information for Kevin to print in The Banner.

Vicky and Clint Have a Heart-to Heart About the Fate of Their Children:

After seeing Kevin and lair together at The Palace, Vicky expresses to Clint her concerns about the choices her children have been making lately.  Joe wanting to leave the church for Jen, Kevin’s problems with Kelly, Jessica’s problems in dealing with Mitch’s death are all taking a toll on her continuing stress.  Clint tells Vicky that he wishes he could stay in Llanview

Jessica Admits to Killing Mitch:

Jessica tells Antonio that she lied about what really happened on the docks the night Mitch was killed.  Antonio questions her about who else could have been on the docks with her when she hit Mitch over the head with a pipe when he comes to the conclusion that she is still hiding information from him.  Antonio tries to comfort Jessica by telling her that she was only acting in self-defense but she continues to blame herself.  Interrupted by Natalie and Cristian, Antonio leaves Llanfair to head back to the police station for information about Lindsey.  Natalie tries to explain to Jessica that Antonio is only trying to help her but Jessica contests saying that she and Antonio do not fit into each other’s lives right now because of Keri and the baby’s return.

Troy Has Plans for Lindsey:

After leaving The Palace, Jen heads over to the police station to tell Antonio, Hank and Nora that Lindsey saw the incriminating footage of Troy on her video camera.  She shows them the videotape when Nora sees the footage of Troy with Gabrielle but decides to keep it secret from Bo.  Hank and Nora connect the videotape to a theory of Lindsey and Troy possibly teaming up to kill Mitch.  Nora comments to Hank on how Troy’s behavior is reminiscent of his psycho brother, Colin. At a mental facility we see Troy impersonate dear brother Colin and has plans to admit Lindsey to keep her mouth shut.  Troy gives Lindsey the alias name of Joanna, his dead wife!  The psychiatric staff then admits her and puts her in a straightjacket.  Back at the police station Jen begins to piece together the puzzle by suggesting that Lindsey and Troy could be on the run together!!!

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