OLTL Update Wednesday 7/16/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/16/03

By Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Happy 35th Anniversary One Life to Live!!!  

As OLTL celebrates its 35th Anniversary today we are given the chance to relive all the heart stopping moments we loved over the years.  As Natalie and Cristian talk about plans for their upcoming wedding they are reminded that although they are looking towards the future, you canít forget your past because itís what makes you what you are.  Natalie and Cristian  dose off together on their couch and dream about their ideal dream weddings.  Cristian, of a non-formal fiesta style wedding while Natalie dreams of her fairytale wedding complete with long flowing gowns and tuxedos.  The dual dream sequences begin with the wedding receptions and a toast from Vicky, which takes us through a flashback history of her love life, her various marriages, and finally the love and  family she shared with Clint.  The good memories are then interrupted by Dorian who prompts the flashbacks of her and Vickyís constant battle with each other. This takes us through Dorianís time in prison, Vickyís multiple personalities, and their many cat fights. The dream sequence then focuses on the bad girls and boys of Landview and the horrible things they have done over the years like R.J. burning down his club, the rape of Marty Saybrook, the accusation of molestation with Andrew, and the fatal shooting of Luna.  We are then taken through the tragedies of the past with the infamous OLTL train crash, Blairís hit & run and the shooting of Cristian by Mitch.  The dream then takes a comical turn when Asa gives Flash a rundown of his 12 marriages from Olympia to Rae Cummings.  The dreams are then rapped up with the good times in Landview emphasizing the strong bonds of family with the Buchannans, Rappaports, Bo and Nora, Cord and Tina, the Cramer women and the Vegas.  Natalie and Cristian have both learned that even through there is hurt and pain that comes with every relationship the good time do outweigh the bad times and its worth taking chances and sacrifices for.

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