OLTL Update Wednesday 7/16/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/16/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie thinks about her upcoming wedding and appears to be sad. She asks how he felt at the family reunion and he says he felt out of place because Llanfair and Angel Square are very different. She admits that she still feels out of place too and she says she wants the perfect wedding but between the two of them they have three very different families. She says that sometimes she dreams that you’re past is erased and you wake up with a clean slate. He tells her the importance of hanging on to the past, and remembering where you came from. She asks what if it means they can’t have the future they want and he promises they’ll have everything they want.

They lay together sleeping and Cristian dreams of an Angel Square wedding where everyone is casual and Viki and Carlotta do the toast together. Meanwhile, Natalie dreams of a fancy wedding where all three families come dressed traditionally, to the nines, and Natalie and her mother discuss her family memories. His dream interrupts hers as she suddenly sees herself on the rooftop, in the Angel Square setting. Natalie asks Viki about her wedding to Clint and then she pressures Clint for the details. The next scene is the historic proposal of Clint to Viki, while behind bars. Bo and Asa join in, the scenery splits back to the Palace, and Bo makes a toast to their best memories. Then Roxy tells her that true happiness is never going to be hers.

In her dreams, Natalie imagines her dancing with her father and him telling her more about his wedding to her mother. Scenes are shown of the couple’s loving and lengthy past, dancing, riding in a car together, kissing, and making love. Cristian dances with Viki and she tells him to never let hate cloud his judgment but to instead always be happy. Then she sees Dorian and asks if Cristian invited her. He says he doesn’t remember and then the memories play of Viki and Dorian’s past, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Dorian wishes Viki best wishes on her daughter’s marriage and they discuss all the time they’ve wasted on quarrelling. Dorian tells Viki that the love of these two finally brought them all together. Asa then tells Cristian that he was a horrible chauffer, but a damn good man. Then Carlotta welcomes Natalie to their family, in Spanish. Asa makes a toast, to family, but then Natalie sees Roxy whispering something to Jessica.

Back in Cristian’s dream, now in the world of the Lords and the Buchanans, Flash and Asa bond while Cristian and Natalie dance. Flash asks Asa if he’s really been married twelve times and if he remembers all their names. He takes out ‘the list’ of the wives, in chronological order, and tells her about all of them, starting with Clint and Bo’s mother. Images flash of memorable moments of each one, ending with Rae. Kevin comes over and reminds them that lucky number thirteen is coming up very soon, if Renee goes through with it. Then Clint jokes that Asa remembers all of the weddings and none of the divorces.

Dorian wishes the happy couple the best of the wishes and warns them to be careful about everything they do and say and feel, because it can all be taken away without warning, as she knows well. The lights flicker and Dorian disappears, then Cristian leaves, followed by all of the guests, leaving Natalie alone in black and white. Then Jessica comes and tells Natalie that she doesn’t deserve this and everyone left because she doesn’t belong in this life or in this family.

Natalie begins to toss and turn as the Natalie in her dreams teases her for even believing that her fairy tales could come true. Natalie says she still has Cristian and then wonders why Jessica is being like this when she knows she loves her. Then Roxy arrives and tells Natalie that she clued Jessica in to who Natalie really is. Jessica laughs about her being trailer trash, like her mother. As they disappear, Natalie calls after Jessica, reminding her that Viki is really her mother. As Natalie sings her biological mother’s praises, Dorian interrupts, teasing about everything being about Viki. Natalie asks Dorian for her help and Dorian responds that Jessica left with Cristian. Natalie doesn’t understand and Dorian explains that this is what she meant by her warning that she could lose everything. Then Dorian tells Natalie about a few of the people who have lived in Llanview, lived and loved, and lost. Clips are shown of Nora and Bo, Cord and Tina, Max and Luna, Viki and Sloan, as well as others. Joey comes around and tells Natalie that for every romance that went bad, a lot more went good. She wonders about how long the happiness lasted and he tells her it doesn’t matter because being happy now is a lot better than worrying about being miserable later. He begins to dance with his little sister and warns her to worry about the now. Then he disappears as Dorian resurfaces and Natalie tells her that she hopes she never becomes as cynical and jaded as Dorian is because she plans to maker her own happiness, starting today. Dorian wishes her luck but reminds her that Cristian left with Jessica. Then Cristian reappears, and so does the color, and he tells her he left just to get her some flowers. She dances with him; the room refills with people, and then switches back to Angel Square.

The colors fade again, this time in Angel Square when Carlotta, alone on the roof with her son, tells him that he and Natalie will never make it because he’s a Vega, from Angel Square. She tells him they mine as well kiss the marriage good-bye right now. Cristian tosses and turns as he sleeps. He dreams that he’s alone, without color, and Antonio comes to laugh at him, telling him that the Buchanans aren’t going to let him into they’re family because to them he’ll always be the little kid from Angel Square who happened to marry one of their women. Cristian assures his older bother that Natalie loves him and Antonio agrees that she does and will, until she gets tired of explaining away the Vega name. Cristian refuses to believe it and Antonio assures him that they’ll always be from different worlds. He tells Antonio to wake up and then brings Antonio with him when he looks for Natalie, who is nowhere to be found just like all the other guests. Antonio reminds him that no one wants him here and Cristian asks him when he got so cynical. He replies that he’s a cop; he’s seen a lot.

Clips are shown of R.J. torching his club with Nora and Lindsay inside, Blair driving into Luna who was trying to save Al, Marty telling Mrs. Douglas that Reverend Carpenter is a homosexual and that she saw him trying to seduce her son Billy, the gang rape of Marty Saybrooke, Bo finding Nora and rescuing her after the train wreck, Viki admitting to Andrew that she has breast cancer, and Natalie crying over Cristian’s limp body believing that Mitch killed him. In the dream, Cristian’s family try to convince him to come back to their side of town when Viki comes and apologizes and explains that this war is never over. She then stands with her family as they send Cristian away and Natalie calls to him. Cristian breaks through the family, standing before him like soldiers, in order to get to the one who calls for him. When he gets to her he tells her it’s not going to be easy but says they can do this, together. Viki and the rest of the Lord/Buchanans speak up in agreement, and applaud then toast them.

In Viki’s toast she tells them that even though life isn’t perfect, they will survive and proper just like everyone else in Llanview has and will continue to do. He turns to Natalie and asks if they’ll be okay. She replies that with everyone here, together, they’ll be together. Everyone applauds them, in both settings, and Viki finishes by saying to always remember who they are and who they were, and to never let go of the dreams for the future. Then she toasts to the bride and groom and they in turn toast to them, their families, for helping them to remember the past and to dream for the future. Cristian and Natalie awaken and tell each other about their dreams. They’re amazed that they basically had the same dream, and they have a private toast at home. The last shots to be seen are of the births of Viki’s children, the family’s recent reunion with Clint and with Kevin, then Rex with his mother, Lindsay with her daughter, Matthew and Al (separately) with both of their parents, R.J. with his daughter, Cristian with his brother, Dorian and Blair with Blair’s first child, as a baby and then later as a the Starr we now know, and then family shots of the Cramers, Buchanans, and Lords.

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