OLTL Update Monday 7/14/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/14/03

By Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Good-Bye Mitch:

Plagued by her guilt over her father’s death, a traumatized Jessica is comforted by a loving Vicky at Mitch’s grave site and is assured by her mother that he can no longer hurt her or anyone in their family.  Jessica explains to Vicky that she is trying her hardest to move on which means avoiding Antonio.  Vicky eases her daughter’s pain and suggests that she be truthful about her feelings and protect herself.  In a heartfelt moment Vicky then asks Jessica to move back to Llanfair with her and Jessica proudly accepts.  After being pulled aside by Joey to discuss the final plans of Mitch’s ceremony Vicky is left at the tombstone and declares her gratefulness for his killer.  Shortly before the start of Mitch’s ceremony Dorian and Blair show up after Dorian is released from the police with evidence provided by non other than Walker himself.  The evidence: a photograph of Lindsey Rappaport at the docks at the day and time of Mitch’s death, and wearing the blue scarf found at the crime scene.  Jessica is shocked at the news and becomes increasingly agitated during the service constantly catching Walker’s cold stares at her.  Could the two possibly be hiding something about Mitch’s murder together?  Dorian, noticing Jessica’s fragile state, attempts to comfort her but to no avail.  After the ceremony Joey offers to walk his sister home after giving her some loving words of comfort.  As the two pass through Angel’s Square they run into Antonio and Keri and the baby having a picnic.  Antonio quickly jumps up from his picnic and runs to Jessica but she sends him back to his family.  Back at he cemetery Blair is suspicious on Walker’s motifs and accuses him of planting the evidence that got Dorian arrested.  Walker confesses to being the one that took the picture of Lindsey on the pier because HE was the one who killed Mitch!

Lindsey on the Run:

After confronting Jen at The Palace hotel about her video-camera her found at St. Ann’s with Lindsey, Troy begins to realize that it was not Jen who showed her mother the footage of the good Dr. with an extensive assortment of women.  An upset Jen then accuses Troy of being the reason for her father’s murder and is shocked to hear from Troy that her mother has yet again escaped from St. Ann’s.  Jen then rushes to St. Ann’s while Troy receives a phone call from Lindsey on his cell phone.  Troy begs Lindsey to tell him where she is hiding but she is more consumed with him and the women on the tape.  He continues his efforts to calm her down and Lindsey expresses her hidden fear of him.  He then is able to get through to her and assures her that he will take care of her.  After her phone call with Troy, Lindsey calls Jen to tell her that she is planning on turning herself in to the police.  Just as she hangs up the phone with her daughter she is snatched by Troy can carried off screaming.

Starr Back in Action:

During a brunch at The Palace the young Starr has found a new friend in Matthew Rappaport.  Starr tells Matthew that she does not trust mommie’s new friend, Walker and believes that her father Todd will return, but until then she will deal with Walker in her own way.  Matthew then confides in Starr about his wish for a new father, and if he could choose anyone in the world it would be….Bo.  After being joined by Bo and Nora, Matthew is invited to a Phyllie’s baseball game by Bo with Gabrielle.  Starr, known for her extremely persuasive charm, then bribes a waiter to give Bo the urgent message that Gabrielle can’t make the game for tonight, thus leaving the open space for Nora to join them as a family.  Starr wishes Matthew good luck with their family outing and leaves him with some words of wisdom about her code of life…you have to make life happen.

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