OLTL Update Thursday 7/10/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/10/03

By Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Antonio’s Rage Continues to Grow!

After pouring his heart out to Rae about his feelings for Jessica, Antonio shows definite signs of his loss of control after breaking a glass during his heated confessional.  He admits that if given the chance he would have killed Mitch Lawrence with his own two hands, and despises R.J. for forcing Keri to let him believe that she and the baby died in the plane crash.  Rae then takes a softhearted approach in explaining that even fragile things do sometimes break and urges him to give both himself and Jessica time to heal separately from the things conflicting their lives.  Rae’s advice pushes Antonio closer to the edge and suggests that he seek professional help.  Antonio, going against Rae’s recommendation, takes off to visit Jessica at Natalie and Cristian’s.  Jessica, still living in the aftermath of the damage her dear departed father left, refuses to open up to Antonio and pleads with him to just stay away!

A Darker Side of Troy:

Troy, consumed with the outcome of Lindsey’s release evaluation, uses his manly charm to ease information out of a nun at St. Ann’s.  Upon learning that her evaluation is today he quickly researches a drug that can send Lindsey’s progress into relapse.  After finding the perfect drug he takes off for St. Ann’s to administer the drug to Lindsey, but little does he know that someone is noticing his rather erratic behavior…Cristian.  After arriving at St. Ann’s Troy distracts a nurse and switches Lindsey’s medication with his drug that will cause her to hallucinate and repress her mentality.  Just before starting her evaluation interview Lindsey is reminded about her medication and takes the pills!!!  After a few minutes the drugs kick in and Lindsey is now in a state of hallucination believing that her psychiatric evaluator is Troy himself!  Cristian becomes more suspicious of Troy when he overhears one of Troy’s female colleagues leaving a rather desperate message for Troy about him just dumping her after they slept together.

A Little Brotherly Advise:

After learning about Joey’s problems with Jen and her divorce from Rex, Kevin urges that Joey give up the church to be with her.  He even offers Joey a photographer job at the Banner, but Joey refuses and insists on playing by the book for Jen’s divorce.

Signs of Love for River?

As summer unfolds young love is in the air for River and Carlotta’s niece.  After running into each other at Angel’s Square he delights the young girl with music from his new MP3 player.  The couple is then interrupted by Carlotta and urges her niece to return to the diner while she deals with River.  After taking River to Andrew’s Carlotta advises Joey to keep an eye on River so that there is no more trouble.  River then confesses to Joey that he just wants to have fun and live in the moment of his youth and runs off to find Carlotta’s niece again.

Who’s Side is Walker Really On?

Outraged by the content of an article printed in the Banner about Blair and Dorian as suspects in the Mitch Lawrence murder case Dorian again claims that she has been framed.  Blair and Dorian argue about the possibility of the two being set up as Dorian claims that it possibly could be Vicky that is planting the evidence.  Kevin then shows up at Blair’s office at the Sun with flowers and continues to practice his flirting skills with Blair.  Just as Kevin begins to verbally attack Dorian about her involvement with Mitch, no one other than Walker jumps in to save her from him.  After the dust settles Walker leaves the office and is seen with a pill bottle (of what?)  Later Walker suggests to Dorian that she do an interview for the Sun to clear her name.  Whilst in the hallway being very secretive with Kevin, Bo interrupts Blair and Dorian to explain that he has found a bottle of arsenic hidden in a heating vent in Dorian’s office and that she is under arrest!!!

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