OLTL Update Wednesday 7/9/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/9/03

By Bubbles
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian is astounded to learn that her original alibi is not strong enough. While Dorian is talking to Bo about her situation, Blair tells Walker that she doesn’t think that Dorian killed Mitch. Troy and Gabrielle kiss just as Nora is in the Palace talking the bartender. Also, inside of the restaurant are Jen and Joey, who are talking about Jen divorcing Rex. While the lovebirds are kissing, a vindictive Rex goes to the church and talks to Andrew about getting Joey to leave his wife alone. Andrew gets a surprise to learn that Rex’s wife is Jen. Natalie and Cristian are having a nice time at home, when they are interrupted by grandpa Asa. Asa tells Natalie to get ready that she is going with and Cristian steps in front of her and tells the taller man that Natalie isn’t going anywhere with him. Meanwhile, at the Cramer/Lord home, one of the cops that showed up with Bo, finds the bottled water that was used to poison Mitch. This finding surprises Blair and Walker. Troy and Gabrielle part ways after she tells him that she can’t do what they are doing. Then Nora comes out and tells Troy what Lindsay told her. The good doctor then decides to pay the current resident of St. Anne’s a visit. Back inside the Palace Jen tells Joey that she gave Rex the money for the club, and in response Joey tells her that he loves her. Back at Natalie and Cristian’s, Asa tells Natalie that he wants to take her to London to see Clint on his birthday and that they have to leave that night. Natalie, who is ecstatic agrees to go with her grandpa. Asa tells her that his “new” driver will be back in two hours to get her. Natalie is running around trying to figure out what all she needs to do, when Cristian was like you have some good-byes to say, taking up where they stopped when Asa showed up. Joey goes to the church and Andrew tells him to either stay away from Jen or resign from the church. Rex then tells Jen that he wants all of her money and she agrees thinking that she will finally get her divorce from Rex. At St. Anne’s, Troy asks Sister Tracy to see what Lindsay’s dosage is and then has the look of Colin when he decides to switch her meds with aspirin. Lindsay then comes up behind Troy and hugs him, but Troy gives her an ear blasting for telling Nora that he was with her, for her alibi. Bo talks to Walker, who mentions the fact that Dorian can’t get tried again for Mitch’s death. Before he leaves, Bo tells Dorian not to leave town. Blair and Dorian both agree that whoever has been trying to frame them will not get away with it. When Natalie is going upstairs, she answers the door to find Rex who tells her that he is planning on taking all of Jen’s money, letting her in on what he walked in on. He goes on and on about why he married Jen, and when he says that the sex is great, Joey, who is behind him tells Rex to shut up. This leads to a fight with a frightened Natalie yelling for Cristian. Cristian pulls Joey off Rex only to find that Jen has arrived there. Jen runs to Joey telling that he needs ice for his bruise, while Rex says don’t mind me I’m just her husband and then tells Jen to forget about the divorce that he isn’t ever going to let her out of their marriage. Back at the Palace Gabrielle apologizes to Bo and asks to go with him to Matthew's game and Bo tells her yes, he would love that.

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