OLTL Update Monday 7/7/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/7/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

At Natalie and Cristian's house, a very concerned Nat and Cris are trying to figure out what to do about Jessica. Cristian tells Natalie that he thinks that there is more than meets the eye about Jessica and Mitch's death. She believes that Jess is steering clear of Antonio because of Mitch and that he "almost" accused Jessica of murder.

Meanwhile, the cop in question is at the diner with baby Jamie and Carlotta, who is quick to remind Antonio that even though Keri is back and is sorry, he shouldn't forgive her. Keri, who is having a meal with R.J. and Evangeline, tries to talk with her stubborn father. He warns her that Antonio and the other Vegas would not give Jamie back since the young child is with them at long last. While Kevin is at the church, he finally gets his younger brother to admit he has feelings for Jen. As their discussion is happening, Rex, in his usual manipulative manner, persuades his lovely, hurting new bride to give him a blank check for "their" investment, when in truth it is "his" investment.

Jessica decides to move out of Natalie and Cristian's house, only to then decide to call Antonio to talk to him about the murder, or what she isn't telling. Adriana is trying to get her godmother, Carlotta, to let her go see Sheyne. "No, those people at that garage are nothing but drug addicts." But when Antonio has to leave after getting a call from Cristian, leaving Jamie with his mother, the sneaky teen leaves the diner.

Elsewhere, at The Palace, R.J. is trying to get through to Keri (unsuccessfully) about getting a lawyer to write an agreement thing about Antonio's visits with Jamie. Keri is thankful for the help that Evangeline is giving her in dealing with R.J. and his issues with Antonio. Among the other people eating at the fancy place are the betrothed Asa and Renee. Renee is appalled to learn about what Asa thinks Renee is going to be doing (taking care of him). She tells him "I want to have a long engagement to enjoy." in not so many words.

Speaking of weddings, Marcie brings Jen a gift, of a wedding album, that wasn't meant to but, made Jen hurt realizing that yet again, she did something stupid. Back in the office of the church, Kevin tells Joey that he needs to take what he wants even if the girl that resides in his dreams is married. Joey is like "Like you did with me and Kelly?" "Yeah" Kevin admits. Kevin went on to tell Joey, that if he keeps analyzing every little thing, he'd grow to be a bitter old man.

Antonio listens to a shaky Jessica as she tells him of how she ran into Mitch on the night of his death at the docks. She reveals that she pushed Mitch away and he fell to the floor and she left. With that being said, Antonio is convinced that Jessica is not the murderer. A knock on the door leads to a steamy kiss between Joey and Jen that ends up with them in bed. In the restaurant of the hotel, Renee asks Kevin to try and knock some sense into his grandfather. A smarmy Kevin then lets an elated Asa know that the Banner is just the first in a chain of events that is going to be happening. First, the Banner, and more to come, then eventually, the "US of A" finishes Asa, raising a toast to Kevin. Rex interrupts the dining trio of Keri, Evangeline and R.J. to give R.J. the check for the investment and is then given a blasting by the lovable Marcie.

When Carlotta shows up with Jamie, R.J. is first to point out that it isn't Antonio. Carlotta says that Antonio had somewhere to be. And Keri tries to get Carlotta to believe that she is sorry for what she did and wants Antonio back, much to Carlotta's chagrin.

Natalie and Cristian discover that Antonio and Jessica are gone. They went to the docks were a patient Antonio helps a confused Jessica figure out what happened. They figure out that the real killer may have followed Jessica to the docks, and that Jessica may know who killed Mitch. At the Llanview bus station Adriana meets a teenaged River Carpenter. She tells him a bit about herself, saying that she has made a new friend but he is leaving. She is already smitten with him as he is with her. Something about her makes him kiss her right then and there. Rex unknowingly walks in on a very busy Jen and Joey, who are making love in the married couple's bed.

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