OLTL Update Friday 7/4/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/4/03

By Nancy
Pictures by Juanita


This special episode starts at the Vega Diner. Natalie is tying a ribbon around the neck of a very large cut out picture of Bo. The writing on it says that Commissioner Buchanan wants you to have a safe holiday and not to drink and drive. He is in the Uncle Sam wants you pose. Cristian tells her that its going to look weird no matter what she does to it. Carlotta is putting decorations on all the tables and Nora, Starr and Matthew arrive. Starr wants to know where her mother is and Nora tells her that she and Jack will be along soon. Starr says they can’t be late because she is the star of the Fairy Tale Festival. Matthew says he is in it too and Starr says that she is the narrator and if she messes up the whole show is ruined. Nora goes off to order ice cream sodas and call Blair. Matthew asks Starr if there really is magic like in the Fairy Tales. Starr says no they are just made up stories with made up people. Matthew asks how and Starr tells him they all start the same: “Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess but she was very unhappy because...blah, blah, blah.” We see Jennifer walking around Angel Square with a basket and looking unhappy. Rex is sitting on the ground and tells her, “ he’s over there.” When she looks, it’s Troy exercising. Rex asks her where her spy cam is because the scene would be perfect for her “DOCS GONE WILD” video (those of us who like Ty get to watch him stretch and look hunky) He eyes all the women who walk by and Jen says that its an assignment and that she is taking the day off. Rex tells her they need to go back to their hotel room and make some fourth of July fireworks. She tells him that she has plans and that they will hook up later.

Matthew tells Starr that there is too magic, that his dad is watching them from heaven. Nora returns and tells him he is right. She tells Starr that she is right too but that she doesn’t go in for witches and evil spells but there is a lot of good magic all around us.

Al arrives at the diner looking for Marcie. He asks her what time she wants him to pick her up. She asks him, “pick me up for what?” He holds up a flyer for the Summer Formal and asks her if she forgot. Roxy finds Natalie at the Diner and tries to get her to work on her day off because of all the college chicks lining up to get their hair done for the Summer Formal. Natalie says she can’t make it because she has to get ready, too. Marcie tells Al that she isn’t feeling well and doesn’t think she will go. He tells her he has to do some things but he will be back and she is going even if he has to carry her. Rae, who has been sitting at the end of the counter, asks her if she is ok. Marcie tells her it would be better if she were someone else. Rae asks, “like who?” and Marcie tells her like thin, pretty and rich enough to afford a gorgeous dress so Al would fall in love with her for a life time as we spin into a fantasy. Jen is spinning around saying that she has been invited to the ball and that the prince is going to fall madly in love with her. Jen asks her which one of her 500 dresses she should wear. Marcie says she doesn’t know because she doesn’t have even one. Jen orders four scoops of ice cream with lots of whipped cream because she needs to keep up her strength. Fade back out to Rae talking to Marcie about feeling sorry for herself and that she needs to believe in herself.

Matthew asks why there aren’t any fairy tales about boys and Starr tells him about Aladdin and his lamp and three wishes. Suddenly we see Genie Rae telling him that he has three wishes and they disappear from the diner to go to her office.

Nora asks the kids if they had three wishes what would they wish for. Starr tells her that she hates those stupid fairy tale people who always wish for the wrong things except for Little Red Riding Hood who wasn’t even afraid of the big bad wolf. Nora says yes but she got into a lot of trouble. As they are talking we see Jennifer with her basket and know that she is going to be Little Red Riding Hood. Joe comes in and asks her how she is. She says fine and he tells her that she didn’t look fine when he saw her last night. She tells him that she was drunk...it was her wedding night after all. She tells him that for someone who doesn’t want to have anything to do with her, he spends a lot of time hassling her about her life. Natalie comes up and tells Joe that Carlotta needs help with the trays of food for the picnic tables. He tells Jen that is the reason he is there. Matthew asks Jen if she is coming to the picnic and she tells him that she has to see her mom at St. Anne’s. Nora asks how Lindsay is and Jen says she is practically back to her old self

Matthew spins the magic top and we see Genie Rae talking to him about granting his wishes. He tells her he wants something for his mom. She names a few things but he tells her that he wishes he and his mom could live in a Palace. Snap, he and Nora are sitting on a blanket on the floor of the Palace...Restaurant! He tells Genie Rae that she messed up. She didn’t grant his wish. Genie Rae says that she did and tells him that they are in a Palace, well, THE Palace. Back to reality.

Roxy keeps trying to get Natalie to work at the Hair Haven today but she tells her that she has to help with the July 4th celebration. Cristian tells Natalie that she is going to be the most beautiful woman at the Fairy Tale Festival. Marcie over hears and has a Cinderella fantasy. Nora, Carlotta, Jennifer and Natalie are all dressed up in fancy gowns and are going to the Campus Ball. Carlotta (looking very fine) gives her a long list of chores to complete by the time she gets back to the diner. After they all leave, Fairy Godmother Rae pops in to stop her from eating a gigantic bowl of ice cream. Marcie says the only thing that can help her is a magic wand and suddenly there is one and Rae is telling her that she only has one life to live. She grants Marcie’s wish to look beautiful and go to the ball to meet the prince.

Jen is still sitting at the counter while Carlotta puts together a basket for her mother. Natalie tells her that since she married Rex they are practically sisters -in-law. They bicker for a while and Natalie tells her to stay away from Joe. Jen’s daydream does have her as Little Red Riding Hood. She runs into Joe and she tells him that she got married just to hurt him. He tells her that she always takes the wrong road and someone is going to get hurt. Marcie sees the beautiful Jen and is back into her Cinderella dream. We see her at Roxy’s with a very grown up looking Starr as her manicurist, Nigel as the dressmaker and Roxy doing hair and makeup. Starr has a New York/Jersey accent (don’t know which but its very good and funny) Nigel is wearing round, dark glasses and a very bad wig. Marcie asks Starr if she isn’t a little young and Starr says she is just short, "Do you have a problem with Short?" They do their magic and Marcie is lovely in a teal ball gown complete with “glass” slippers. She is excited because she says that now she can go to the Campus Ball and she starts to leave. Fairy Godmother Rae stops her with a “not so fast!” Apparently there is a catch.

Carlotta and Natalie are packing things at a table across from Jennifer and she overhears them discussing plans for the big wedding.

The catch for Marcie is that she has to pay for everything. Nigel tells her that she has to have everything back by midnight. Rae asks her if she is ready and Marcie asks her how she is going to get there...by pumpkin coach. Rae hands her a coin and tells her if she hurries she can catch the bus.

Reality again. Rae goes over to ask Jennifer how she is and Jen blows up and wants to know why everyone won’t leave her alone. She leaves and we see her in a red, hooded jacket with the basket going into her mother’s room. A blanket covered figure is in the bed and she hears whistling. She thinks its Rex but when she pulls back the covers its Troy with a very evil sounding laugh.

Gabrielle and Max show up at the Diner and Matthew asks her if Bo is going to the Festival. She tells him that Bo won’t be able to make it because he has to work to clear his desk so they can go away on vacation. Max and Gabrielle talk about her feeling better about Bo and Nora. She tells him that she doesn’t worry that he will get back with Nora.

Nora gets a phone call from the office and she complains that its her day off and to give it to Daniel Colson. She says that all she wants is a little peace and quiet. Matthew hears this and goes back into his fantasy asking Genie Rae for peace and quiet for his mother. We see him at St. Anne’s and Nora is a nun. Genie Rae says that Nora has taken a vow of silence and he says it wasn’t what he wished for. Rae tells him he only has one wish left and maybe he should wish for something for himself and not for what he thinks someone else wants.

Starr is talking about Cinderella and Marcie dreams again. She has arrived late and the ball is over and they are about to crown the princess of the ball...the slim, beautiful Jennifer. Max and Gabrielle are the king and queen and Al is the prince/voice of the night and he passes by Jennifer to go straight to Marcie. The clock strikes as he goes to meet her and Marcie runs out tripping and losing a shoe. When she gets back to the Hair Haven they tell her she is late and since she didn’t marry the prince she has to pay for everything herself. Marcie is very upset and asks Rae what kind of Fairy Godmother is she and can’t she do something. Rae tells her no she can’t but Marcie can.

Nora tells the kids that its time to get ready and goes to pay. Matthew dreams about his third wish while staring at the poster of Bo. He tells Genie Rae he knows what he wants, he wants Bo Buchanan to be his dad. She tells him that there are some wishes that not even a genie can grant. Back to reality and he is telling Starr that she is right, fairy tales aren’t real. Nora’s phone rings and its Bo and he tells Matthew that he will be at the festival. Troy stops by the diner and Jen wants to know why he is there. He says he saw her from outside and wanted to see how she was. She fantasizes about Troy coming on to her and as she runs from him she meets Rex who tells her he just wants money where is her purse? As the two of them crowd her against the wall, Joey comes to her rescue. Carlotta interrupts the dream with the filled basket and tells her that she hopes her mother enjoys it. She tells her she is sure she will as she leaves and runs into Joe. They look longingly at each other and then we see Marcie serving food to the terrible threesome to pay off her debt. Rae tells her she has the happy ending stick and as she waves it, Prince Al comes in with the lost shoe saying, “I believe this is yours?” Nigel takes it and says that “actually its mine.” Al tells her that he loves her just the way she is and we fade to reality where Al shows up with flowers for her and he tells her that he won’t go to the party without her. She tells him that she has changed her mind and will go. We see Rae smiling in the background.

Nora asks the kids if they know their lines and Starr says of course she does, “Yahda, yahda, yahda and they lived happily ever after.” Al and Marcie stroll by the Angel in the square and Rae stops and looks up as we fade to


Marcie to Jen: I’m the one that sent Joe to Atlantic City to stop your marriage
Joe to Kevin: I’m just trying to do the right thing
Keri to Carlotta: I love your son and we have a daughter.
Natalie to Jessica: Did you kill Mitch? Because its alright if you did.

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