OLTL Update Thursday 7/3/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/3/03

By Nancy
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Antonio goes to Natalie’s house to find Jessica because she won’t return his phone calls. Natalie tells him that she doesn’t want to see him. He pushes by her and is stopped by Cristian. When he sees Jessica he pleads with her not to shut him out of her life.

Rex goes to Capricorn to talk to R.J. He tells him that he waited at the Palace until after midnight for him to show up. R.J. tells him that he doesn’t schedule his time to suit Rex.

Evangeline shows up and asks why he is going to let Rex invest in Ultra Violet. He tells her that for a minimal investment he can get Rex to work six nights a week at no pay and manage the club. She says that in effect Rex is paying to work for R.J.

ADA Daniel Colson asks Nora why she didn’t let him know that they found out the scarf belonged to Lindsay. She tells him that they don’t know for sure that it belongs to her.

Troy arrives at the police station to find out from Nora what is going on in the investigation. Nora asks him if he saw or heard anything since he lives right above the crime scene. He tells her no.

Bo goes to see Lindsay and tells her he wants to return her scarf. She tells him that it is not hers.

R.J. introduces Evangeline to Rex and tells her that Rex was going to invest in Ultra Violet but that he doesn’t need any more funding. Rex gets upset and R.J. takes him aside and tells Rex that if he works six nights a week and manages the club he will give him a 15% interest. Rex thinks that this a good deal and agrees.

Troy and Nora talk about Blair being a suspect. He tells her that he and Blair are not seeing each other any more. Daniel comes in and questions Troy about where he was on the night of the murder. Troy tells him that he was at home and asks if he needs an alibi. Daniel tells him that he just gave him one.

Bo continues to question Lindsay about the scarf and he tricks her into admitting it is hers by telling her that there were hairs found on it and they can do a DNA and find out who it belongs to. She admits that it does belong to her.

Cristian keeps Antonio from Jessica but he tells her that its police business and she agrees to go with him to the station. Cristian goes along.

Rex meets Natalie at the Palace while he is looking for Jennifer. She tells him that he is making a huge mistake and she asks him if he already needs money. He tells her that they are going to make an investment.

Evangeline and R.J. discuss the new club when Keri comes in to tell him that she is going to try and get Antonio back.

Troy goes to visit Lindsay and she tells him about the police having her scarf and that they can not find out about their being together. He agrees and tells her it didn’t happen and that it can never happen again.

Antonio takes Jessica into Bo’s office and leaves Cristian in the outer office. He tells her that she is important to him and he wants to know why she won’t let him help her. She tells him that she needs more time and he needs to deal with Keri being back in his life. He says they aren’t together. Jessica tells him that she was at the Palace all night and he reminds her that she left and came back. She asks him if he thinks she killed Mitch. Antonio tells her that he is not accusing her she just misunderstood. She asks Cristian to take her home. As they leave Cristian asks Antonio what he did to her. Antonio tells him to just take her home.

R.J. tells Keri not to let Antonio back into her life and once again he encourages her to see a lawyer about custody of Jamie. She tells him that they all made mistakes and that she didn’t come there to get his approval she just wanted him to know what she decided. He tells her when it all blows up he will be there for her. Evangeline says she should go but R.J. asks her to stay.

Rex and Natalie talk about his marriage. He tells her that she is the only one that is worried about him marrying Jen when everyone else is worried about Jen marrying him. Natalie tells him that he hasn’t mentioned being in love. She asks him if he married Jen for her money and he tells her that he loves her and if he weren’t in her life she would blow her whole inheritance. She tells him that Jen married him to get to Joey and he says he doesn’t care.

Rae is surprised that Antonio called her for an appointment considering how badly their previous session turned out. He tells her that he doesn’t know if talking to her will help but he has been screwing up left and right and Rae wants to know what in particular. He says its Jessica Buchanan. He says that he thought Keri was dead and he and Jess had been getting close. Ever since that monster got hold of her she has been withdrawn He blames Mitch for changing the way Jessica felt about him. He tells Rae about making Jess go with him to the police station. Rae tells him that he can’t run another person’s life that it usually ends of pushing them away.

He says it had already happened because Jessica thinks he has made her a prime suspect in her father’s murder.

Daniel Colson asks Bo about his having hired the dead officer that was involved in Mitch’s escape. Bo tells him that the man was qualified and he asks Daniel if he is going to blame the officer for Mitch’s death even though he was also dead. Daniel says he thinks that they should reevaluate the hiring process. Bo tells him to go do that.

Troy tells Lindsay to focus about what happened on the dock and she says “and what happened here in the room.” He tells her that he is never coming back to her. She tells him that he can’t control his impulses as well as he thinks he can. He tells her again that he is not coming back to her. She tells him that she understands him and he leaves. He runs into Nora outside Lindsay’s room and she wants to know what he is doing with Lindsay. She tells him that she thought he was going straight to the hospital. He tells her that this is a hospital and that he has patients to see. She tells him that she didn’t realize that Lindsay was one of his patients. He asks her what’s with the third degree. He tells her that he was just looking in on her. That contrary to what she believed that he does have a conscience. He says that she suffered a psychotic breakdown when she shot Sam and he feels responsible. He tells her that if she can’t understand that then he is sorry. Before he leaves he tells her that red (her dress) is still her color. Nora knocks on Lindsay’s door and as she opens it she starts to say that she knew he couldn’t....then she asks Nora what she is doing there. Nora wants to know why Troy was in her room and Lindsay asks Nora if she saw him and Nora says she even talked to him. Lindsay says that she must know why he was there if she talked to him and Nora says that now she wants Lindsay to tell her why he was there.

Natalie asks Rex if he knew what Jen was doing and married her anyway. He tells her that they will be together for a long time and it will take only about five minutes for her to get over Natalie’s brother Joe. Natalie tells him that he has no idea how manipulative Jen can be. He says that he does and as he leaves he tells Natalie that he is going to own his own nightclub. She looks skeptical.

R.J. and Evangeline are dancing and she asks him if it isn’t better than his obsessing on Antonio Vega. He says Antonio Who?

Antonio goes home to find Keri outside his door leaving him a note. He asks her what is wrong and she tells him nothing that she just dropped by and he tells her he doesn’t want her just dropping by. He knows she would like to pickup where they left off but it’s not going to happen. She tells him that she thought he would like to spend some time with Jamie. He apologies and asks her to come in because he has a big stuffed teddy bear for Jamie.

Cristian and Jessica arrive back at his house and he offers to get her a soft drink. She tells him that Antonio thinks she killed Mitch. Cristian tells her that Antonio was just doing his job that he doesn’t think she did it. He asks her if she saw Mitch after she was rescued from Lion’s Heart Manor. She says that she didn’t think she would. Cristian asks her if she saw him after he escaped from jail and she says she didn’t that she doesn’t know what she was saying.

R.J. tells Evangeline that there is someplace he would like to take her and she asks him where would that be?

Antonio is enjoying his baby and talking to her when he notices Keri looking at him. She tells him that he is so good with her and that she is sorry for keeping Jamie away from him. She says that Jamie suffered from not being with her father. Antonio tells her that she didn’t and that he is there now, that they are all together.

Lindsay tells Nora that she has no right to question her and to leave her alone. Nora says that she is there in an official capacity, that her scarf was found at a murder scene. Lindsay tells her that she already told Bo that she had no idea how it got there. Nora tells her that after she talked to Troy at the police station where he was asking questions about the murder he leaves and shows up at St. Anne’s. Nora says that she doesn’t think it is a coincidence. Lindsay says that she is locked up there...all day, all night and Troy stopped by to say hello to her. Nora tells her that she doesn’t believe her that she is covering up for someone but that as Lindsay knows, secrets have a way of coming out.

Daniel goes back to Bo’s office telling him he had a thought. Bo tells him to send him a memo. Daniel tells him that he might want to listen. He says that the evidence implicating Blair is substantial and no one can deny that. Bo says that Blair can. Daniel speculates that Blair had help from Lindsay in drugging Mitch. Daniel goes so far as to suggest that maybe Jessica had something to do with it and Bo says that she isn’t capable of murder.

Cristian tries to comfort Jessica when Natalie comes back home. While Jessica is lying on the sofa Cristian tells Natalie that Antonio really messed her up and that he thinks that she saw Mitch after he escaped from jail. Natalie asks him if he thinks that maybe Jessica could have killed Mitch. Cristian tells her that she couldn’t have. Jessica asks them if everything is ok.


A special 4th of July fairy tale episode!!

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