OLTL Update Wednesday 7/2/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/2/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

Flash uses the spray and her producer asks her about it. She promises she’s better and that one shot is all she needs, since it’s all she’s being offered. Asa comes and comments that she looks as wacko as her mother, Tina. Asa asks her why she’s here at this garage and she demands to know who he is. He tells her not to play dumb with him. Then he informs her that Clint is her grandfather, and Asa is her great-grandfather. She knows his name and he tells her she needs to leave the sewer and join her family. She tells him that her family is right here and tells him to leave, but he yells at her for mouthing off to him. Riley interrupts and tells him that the band has a gig. Asa calls them drug addicts and she tells him they aren’t addicts, they’re people who care a lot about their music. He threatens to drag her out and then the producer tells him to leave. Flash asks him to let them finish the set and she agrees to be at his house later in the evening. He agrees, and orders her to wear a dress. Riley calls her Sarah and she assures him that she was Flash when she started and she still is.

Walker joins Dorian and she’s upset that Blair’s not there as well. He hands her a copy of the day’s Banner, naming Blair as the primary suspect in Mitch’s murder. Kevin tells his people to pump up the story even more. Blair barges in and tells Kevin he’s going to pay for the libel. She informs him that his mother would never do something like this. He reminds her that murder is always the hottest topic. She threatens him with her attorney and he says he’s just reporting the facts. She asks him if he understands what that headline does to her daughter and he says he figures Starr would be used to having a celebrity mother because of her publishing the Sun. She shouts at him that she didn’t do it and reminds him that Starr owns the Sun, not her. He suggests she sell it if she’s really just a soccer mom who’s tired of being a celebrity. She figures out that this is what it’s all about with him and she calls him heartless and deaf, screaming so he’ll hear, that she doesn’t own the Sun.

Kevin tells Blair to relax and swears that when the police come up with a new suspect, she’ll be old news, because he’s a fair man. She closes with a comment that she’ll see him in court if there’s any libel here. He asks her out for the evening for dinner and she says she’ll never do that in a million years. She asks him to call his wife to town if he’s so lonely. Then she leaves, extremely unhappy, and he comments that he’ll see her tonight. Dorian insists that Blair did not commit the murder and then reminds him that he’s her alibi. Dorian recognizes that it’s Kevin, because Viki would never stoop this low. Walker says that giving the public a killer to focus on sells paper. She agrees and adds that the Sun needs to retain its edginess. He suggests that with Mitch dead his future may not be in Llanview and Dorian argues with him. She takes his hand and he glares at her and pulls away, leaving her confused.

Blair arrives and her aunt attempts to comfort her but Blair says she’s okay since no one’s convicted her other than Kevin. Dorian informs Blair that Walker plans to leave town and she asks him to stay because she needs a lot of good writers to help her beat Kevin at his own game. Blair and Dorian discuss what they want to give their viewers. Blair wants them to be truthful and classy and Dorian wants it to stay the same. Blair turns the conversation back to Walker and she tells him she needs him. He agrees to stay, and tells the women that he also agrees with Blair’s idea, adding that the truth is not always bland. He heads off even though Dorian asks him to stay and hear her plead her case. She asks why Dorian can’t be a good loser and at least be happy that she’s not being accused of committing murder.

Dorian continues to argue with her niece about the way the Sun should be run, but Blair threatens that it’s either her way or no way. Dorian quickly falls into line and Blair apologizes, adding that she doesn’t want to fight but she’s worried about the accusations. Dorian reminds her that they Cramer women, survivors, and they can beat dungeons, dragons, bad choices in men, and a few trumped up murder charges can do no harm, as long as she’s innocent. Blair yells at her that she is and then makes her leave. Dorian resurfaces to tell Blair that a lot of syringes were found in the linen closet. She applauds Blair for killing Mitch but calls her careless. Blair claims to have never seen them before and suggests that they were planted by the true killer. She asks Dorian if she killed Mitch and when she answers in the negative, upset that Blair would even think she would frame her for it, Blair says that she doesn’t believe Dorian because Dorian doesn’t believe her.

Lindsay thinks about her evening with Troy but her reverie is interrupted by her daughter’s arrival and comments about being a wreck. Jen demands to know why her clothes were wet and where she went. Lindsay wants to know why she’s demanding answers and Jen informs her that Mitch was found dead last night. She refuses to say she’s sad about it, and again swears that she was in the garden, not out off the grounds. She apologizes again for what she did to Sam and asks Jen for her help since she has an evaluation next week that could lead to outpatient treatment. She tells her mother that she’s always on her side. Lindsay turns the attention to Jen and asks if she’s hung over. Jen insists that no one sleeps on the honeymoon.

Lindsay asks Jen how she could think that Rex would make a good husband. Jen admits that it was sudden but adds that she’s happy. Lindsay asks when they even started dating and she replies that they were friends and then things changed. Lindsay asks what they know about him other than he’s Roxy’s son, which she adds is not a glowing recommendation. Jen assumes that her mother is making it about money and when Lindsay comments that it’s about what kind of person Roxy is, Jen reminds Lindsay that she’s in a mental hospital. Lindsay gets quiet for a moment and then asks Jen to tell her something about Rex, positive and quick, and attempts to get it with how they met. Jen says that Rex doesn’t have a major yet and she asks how he does in his classes so far. Jen admits that he got kicked out, and that he’s made some mistakes.

Lindsay tells her daughter that she doesn’t want her to end up like her. She says she just wanted Jen to end with someone sweet and loving, like Joey. Jen informs her that some girls don’t end up with guys like Joey, like how she didn’t end up with Troy, and adds that you take what you can get and she knows what to expect. Jen says it’s not the end of the world and then turns the conversation back to Lindsay’s whereabouts the previous night and if she had anything to do with Mitch’s murder. She repeats that she had nothing to do with his murder and asks her to stop saying that so she can get out of the institution. Lindsay asks how she would have gotten into Mitch’s cell in order to kill him and Jen begins to believe her mother since she didn’t know that Mitch was killed on the docks. After Jen goes, Lindsay fantasizes about Troy again and remembers dropping the scarf. Then she says to herself aloud, “If they find they’ll know what I did.”

Nora looks at pictures of a deceased Mitch and the new DA asks her why Blair has not yet been arrested. Nora says that she, Hank, and Bo decided that it would be a premature. He reminds her of the evidence, adding that a scarf was found at the crime scene, and also mentions that Blair had plenty of motives. Nora asks how Blair got Mitch and the throne down to the docks and lifted him into the thrown. He accuses them of cutting Blair some slack and she sticks to her comments and adds that they don’t even know yet if it even is murder. He’s not buying it and goes to check on the coroner’s report. Marcie mentions that he’s intense and Nora agrees then asks if Bo’s called in to which Marcie replies that he hasn’t. Bo orders his officers to check all the dumpsters and bring back anything suspicious.

Antonio finds someone in the river and heads in. Antonio pulls out the body of the officer who was on duty when Mitch was taken from his prison cell. Bo finds a wad of cash in the officer’s pocket and Bo assumes that Mitch had paid him off to cut him loose. Antonio asks if Mitch did him in, then why didn’t he take the cash back. Bo is more interested in how he ended up dead. Bo is also upset that one of his officer’s would take a bribe, just to end up dead. Antonio finds a bottle of water that originated from a fancy spa on the west coast. He smells it and says it was a lot stronger than water. Then he remembers that Mitch had wine spilled down the front of his shirt. Bo then finds a syringe.

The new AD, Daniel tells Nora that the coroner went home sick and his assistant is running some tests, and he’s way less than thrilled. He says that he did find out that there was wine and arsenic in Mitch’s stomach, and broken capillaries and bruised cartilage indicating that his nose had been held. She comments that it puts a hole in his Blair Manning theory because she wouldn’t have been strong enough. Before he can respond Marcie interrupts because Evangeline Williamson is at the office. She come in and meets Daniel. Then she tells them, in brief, that Mitch made very little sense, he thought his brother was in league with the devil, he refused to discuss a guilty plea and then he fired her. Before Nora can counter, Asa interrupts, asking Nora where Bo is and whether or not he knows about Sarah. She takes him outside and tells him there’s been a lot going on and she doubts that Bo even knows yet. He asks what he’s supposed to say to Cord about her rock n’ roll gig. Nora takes off, upset because Flash isn’t supposed to singing.

The band records, even though Flash’s throat hurts and the band worries about her. She glances over at Riley and they sing to each other. The producer tells them they’re done and an assistant mentions there’s a woman outside just dying to get in. They let Nora in and she asks Flash to tell her that she wasn’t singing. Riley asks what the problem is and she informs him that Flash could lose her singing voice for good. Flash thanks her for caring but tells her it’s her life. The producer tries to get Nora to leave and Nora asks for the number so she can call the doctor. Nora tells him that she’s the Assistant District Attorney. Then she calls the doctor and the number’s been disconnected. Flash gets upset and screams that she wants to be left alone. Nora tells the band and the producer that if anyone cares about Flash they’ll have her checked out or this will be their last. Recording session they’ll ever have. Riley tells Flash that she hates that she did that to herself, asks about ‘Sarah’, and then offers to take her to the hospital. Then he tells her that she’s never sounded better and she replies that at least if she never sings again she’ll always have that.

At his request, Walker pays Kevin a visit. Kevin says he checked up on him and he offers him a job, adding that the Sun is going under and he shouldn’t waste his time. Kevin offers him a corner office, his own research assistant, and a lot of editorial freedom. He says it sounds great and thanks him for the offer but declines so he can stay where he’s needed. Walker hints that he’ll work there to help clear Blair’s name but instead states that there’s more room for advancement. Kevin seems surprised and then hints that he must think Blair’ going to jail unless she’d be editor until she dies. He says that lots of people had motive and adds that he’ll do his part by writing the best he can for the Sun. He thanks him again for the offer and then leaves, laughing.

Daniel tells Evangeline that it’s time someone tightened things up around here because Mitch would have never escaped if things weren’t run so badly. She asks him how much an assistant DA can actually do about it. He assures her that he can do a lot and promises a change in leadership. She recognizes that he has a personal mission and offers that she too has ambitions. Bo arrives and asks her some questions about Mitch and she replies that she’s already told Daniel everything. Bo says he wants an official statement. She answers that her time is valuable, but tells him he can call her office. Daniel asks Bo about the arrest warrant for Blair and he avoids him to ask Antonio to take down some evidence to forensics. Daniel tells Bo that there was lipstick on Mitch’s shirt and that it’s at the lab right now. He also tells him about the information he gathered from the coroner’s assistant and Bo surprises them by not only knowing about the wine, but also knowing that soon there will be proof that Mitch was injected. He tells Daniel to be patient.

Daniel looks it up and discovers that Bo was right and assumes it was a tranquilizer. Daniel suggests it then could have been a woman and Bo tells him to be quiet so he can read, and to close the door on his way out. Antonio smirks and wishes his best friend Hank would get back soon. Bo says that the lipstick smear makes him think it was a woman and Antonio agrees with Daniel that a tranquiller would make it easier for a woman to get some poisonous wine in him. They rehash Blair’s possible motives and Antonio suggests that the throne suggests revenge. He remembers that Mitch had Blair tied to the throne at the theatre. Nora interjects that she has a problem seeing Blair overthrowing Mitch, drugged or not. Bo suggests that she may have had help like when Doran helped her get a confession out of Mitch. Nora mentions Jessica and how traumatized she was. Bo mentions Lindsay and Nora replies that she’s seen the scarf on Lindsay before.

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