OLTL Update Tuesday 7/1/03

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/1/03

By Nancy
Pictures by Juanita

At the docks the police wander around the crime scene looking for clues. Flash, Nora, Antonio, Bo and Riley show up. Flash is visibly upset at having found the body and Nora is comforting her. Antonio
goes over to the tarp covered body which is sitting in a prop chair (here after referred to as a "throne" by everyone) Bo and Antonio have put on latex gloves and Bo nods to Antonio to remove the tarp
which he does revealing that the body is wearing a feathered mask. After carefully removing the mask (no one seems surprised to find out that the body is Mitch Laurence).

A very wet Dorian shows up at the Palace where she is surprised to find Blair and Walker together. She asks them why they are there since they had cancelled on her. Walker says they were restless and met by accident. Blair asks Dorian why she is so wet. Asa tells Kevin that he thinks Texas has been very good for him. Kevin tells him that he will be calling on him for help. Kevin and Joe tell Asa that they are sorry that Renee turned him down and Asa says that she is the loser. Joe tells Kevin that he is surprised that he came back to Llanview. Kevin says that he has things to do and he can only do them in Llanview. Joe tells him that being a minister is a lot more challenging that he thought.

At St. Anne's Troy is in bed with Lindsay when Jen shows up (drinking) to tell her mother that she married Rex. He grabs his things and ducks into the closet.

The medical examiner gives the body a quick check to determine the cause of death. He says that Mitch wasn't shot, stabbed or strangled but it might have been a heart attack. Bo says you have to have a heart before you can have a heart attack. Antonio finds a glass and hands it to the M.E. who thinks it could be poison. Antonio asks if it could be suicide. Bo tells him that the entire scene was staged. He then says that he is glad he has an alibi because he hated the guy, in fact, nearly everyone in town wanted to see Mitch dead.

Nora goes to the Palace to find Jessica and tell her that Mitch is dead. She asks her to step outside.

Bo wonders who had the guts to go through with killing Mitch.

Lindsay asks Jen what she is doing there and when Jen tells her that she got married to Rex Balsam Lindsay tells her that she wished she has talked to her first. Jen is upset that her mother is less than enthusiastic about her marriage. As she starts to leave she finds Lindsay's wet clothes on the floor and asks her if she has been sneaking out. Lindsay tells her that she had been walking in the garden when it started raining. Troy comes back into the room after Jen leaves. Jen stops in the hall and gets her bottle of vodka/gin/? from a drawer and leaves.

Asa shows up in Atlantic City and finds Roxy and Max. They talk about Renee and Max challenges Asa to a game of stud the stakes being that if he wins Asa gives Renee the romantic proposal she deserves. If Asa wins, Max has to remarry Roxy. Roxy calls Renee and tells her to get to Atlantic City right away.

Dorian tells Blair and Walker that her car broke down and she had to walk in the rain because her cell phone didn't work. She asks them how long they have been there and they give conflicting answers.

Riley asks Bo if he and Flash can leave and he tells them ok but he will have to question her tomorrow. Antonio finds the marks that show that Mitch's body had been dragged across the dock. The M.E. gives Bo post mortem info about the body and Bo tells Antonio he wants a copy of the log that shows everyone who visited Mitch in jail. Antonio asks Bo if they really want to solve this murder and Bo tells him not to even go down that road.

Nora tries to comfort Jessica and then asks her to account for her whereabouts all evening.

As the M.E. takes the body away, Bo tells him, "So long Mitch I hope you enjoy extremely hot climates. "He then tells the M.E. to put a rush on the toxicology reports. While searching the crime scene Bo finds Lindsay's scarf that Troy dropped.

Lindsay asks Troy why he can't spend the night and he tells her not to make more of it than it was. She says that it was just a good times, actually a few good times. She asks him why he came back and he tells her that she was right that they deserve each other and he leaves.

Nora tells Jessica that the questions are just routine and everyone will be asked these questions. Nora tells Jess that Mitch got what he deserved and Senior ADA Daniel Colson overhears. He says that is not the official position on the killing. That all murders are serious. Jessica tells them that she was at her grandfather's party all night. Daniel tells her that he saw her leave and come back sometime later. After Jessica leaves he tells Nora that she looks very beautiful.

Jessica goes back inside and walks up to her brothers in shock. Antonio rushes to her and she collapses in his arms. Jessica comes too on a sofa with everyone around her. She says she wants to go home and Antonio tells her he will take her home as soon as he can. Walker comes in from outside and Bo asks him where he was going. Bo tells Walker about Mitch's death. Bo tries to catch Walker in a lie about knowing details about the murder. (First time I've ever heard a man tell someone that he has to go to the bathroom on a soap. Walker tells Bo this and then asks him if he wants to go with him. Bo tells him that he went at the office.)

Renee asks Asa, Roxy and Max what is going on. She tells Max that he shouldn't be gambling. Max tells her that he knows what he is doing. Asa asks Renee why she is in Atlantic City and Roxy says "chick stuff." Renee repeats chick stuff and they leave the guys alone. Max is winning which surprises Asa.

Lindsay starts to remember being with Troy on the docks and realizes her scarf is missing. One of the nuns comes into the room and says that one of the other patients said that they heard a man's voice in her room. She tells her that they must have been dreaming. The nun finds the wet clothes on the floor and asks Lindsay if she has been outside. Lindsay tells her that she was outside in the garden when
it started raining.

Troy goes down to the dock to see what the police are doing and seems surprised to hear about Mitch's murder. He goes over to where he met Lindsay and tries to find Lindsay's scarf that he dropped.

Walker comes back in as Joe tells Bo about going to Atlantic City. Bo tells Joe that it's just procedure. Joe spots Jen drinking on the terrace and goes out to see her. He asks her where her husband is and she tells him that he is meeting her there. Joe says he left over an hour ago. He tells her to wait there while he goes to call her a taxi. After he leaves, Jen says that its a perfect wedding night just like she always dreamed.

Max wins the card game and Asa starts to leave when Max tells him that he has to pay off the bet. Renee comes up and tells Asa that he has to tell her why she is there.

Dorian tells Bo that her car broke down and since her cell phone wouldn't work she had to walk to the garage which was closed and the phone in the booth there was out of order so she ended up walking to the Palace. She tells Bo she didn't kill Mitch. She says that she had plenty of previous chances to kill Mitch. She asks if she can go home and Bo tells her ok but he will be talking to her again. Jessica tells Antonio that she wants to go home because her head hurts. Antonio asks if anyone has an aspirin. When Blair opens her purse to get one a feather falls out. Antonio picks it up and shows it to Bo. They tell Blair that the feather is identical to the ones on the mask Mitch was wearing when they found his body.

Kevin is sitting on the Palace terrace smoking a big cigar when Joe joins him. They talk briefly and Kevin says he needs to get to the Banner. Joe asks Kevin if he needs a ride and when the ADA comes in Kevin says that he wants to stay and get to know him better. Kevin tells him that big things are about to happen in Llanview and that the ADA is in a position to help him. Nora overhears from the doorway.

Asa tells Renee that he jumped the gun and didn't propose the right way. He tells her that no one knows him better and they no one is better for her than him. He asks her to marry him and she agrees Roxy tells Max that he finally did something right.

Blair tells Bo that she doesn't know where the feather came from. Bo tells her that he knows she visited Mitch in jail. She tells him that she asked Mitch about Todd and that Mitch implied that Todd was dead. Bo tells her he wants her to tell him everything that was said in the jail and everything she did since then. She tells him no. That she was falsely accused once before and that if he tries it again that she will sue the town. She stalks off running into Kevin who watches her leave with a worried look on his face.


Flash to Asa: Who are you?
Asa to Flash: Don't you play dumb!
Walker to Dorian: I'm not so sure that my future is in Llanview.
Jennifer to Lindsay: Did you have anything to do with Mitch's death.
Blair to Kevin (holding a copy of the Banner with a headline saying
she is the prime suspect in Mitch's murder): This is libel and you
know it!

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