OLTL Update Monday 6/30/03

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/30/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

Mitch asks his brother what he’s playing at and Walker replies that no one’s going to let Mitch out. He in turn threatens him if he doesn’t help him pay for his defense. Mitch gets angry that he gives him all of his account information. Mitch tells Walker he can’t do this to him and he replies that he didn’t do anything, because he did it to himself. Walker adds that Mitch is criminally insane and leaves Mitch screaming for the guards and insisting that the man is not who he claims to be. Walker smiles triumphantly but pretends to be upset when he sees Evangeline Williamson. He begs Mitch’s attorney to help him. Mitch demands that his attorney pick up the phone and orders his attorney not to listen to a word his so-called brother says. Mitch assures his attorney that he is not insane, and then tells her the truth, demanding that she act on it. He tells her that his brother deceived him and she wants to concentrate on his defense instead. He tells her to stop the devil, his brother. She assures him that she can’t help him with that, only with his defense, and then informs him that there will be no bail set at the hearing and his only chance is to plead guilty by reason of insanity. He screams at her, slams the phone against the wall repeatedly, and yells at her to get out because she’s fired.

Lindsay tosses and turns in her sleep as she dreams about Mitch going after Jen and Mitch teasing her about being in a nuthouse so he can do anything he wants to Jen. She dresses and to escape from St. Ann’s. Lindsay goes directly to Troy’s place and he asks how she escaped and why she came here. She says she wanted to ask for his help but lost her nerve. Troy assures her that Mitch won’t hurt anyone because he’s in jail. They both admit that they would kill Mitch if they could, but Troy’s a lot more graphic, right before he kisses her passionately and with fervor. He breaks away from her and she tells him she has to go back to St. Ann’s. He’s shocked at his own actions and uses Lindsay’s scarf to wipe his mouth and then drops it on the ground. She returns to her room at St. Ann’s, soaking wet, and gets into bed. Moments later Troy comes in and closes the door. They kiss, again.

Rex kisses Jen but leaves her alone in order to go play a game of pool. He adds that they now share her money and they’ll use it towards his investment ideas. She runs into Joey and asks why he’s there. When he asks, she confirms that she is now married. He says he went to the chapel but was too late. He says she could have done a lot better than Rex and is about to kiss her when Roxy interrupts. Roxy tells Jen she’s in trouble because she didn’t invite the groom’s mother. Joey tells them that he came down just to wish them luck and then he heads out. Roxy goes for the coins, and starts gambling. Finally she sees her son and tells him she should have been invited, and hopes she will be to his next wedding. Jen tells her husband she wants to go back to Llanview and Max and Roxy congratulate them and then say good-bye. He asks her if she really wants to go and she insists. She asks if he won at poker and he responds ‘not exactly’. Max insists that he won’t gamble or drink with Roxy because of what it leads to. Roxy has Max blow o the dice while she gambles and he gets a little bored and frustrated, especially because she hasn’t been winning. He does finally kiss the dice and she wins, then she kisses him passionately, and he stops, but then kisses back.

Natalie’s thrilled that she and Cristian have set a date. Al tells them they’re missing everything, that Kevin just showed up, and Natalie goes to meet her brother. Viki’s thrilled to see him and tells him Jessica’s been going through a rough time. Asa inform her that Kevin’s there to stay, in order to take over the Banner so she can be President of the University. Blair comes in and is almost as excited to see him as his family is. They ask about Kelly and he says he’s there alone, for now. He says he has a lot of setting up to do. She wants to call the Sun and inform them, but he’s already printed the news in the Banner. Blair mentions that she’s thrilled to go up against him. Kevin offers to buy out the Sun and she informs him that the Sun now belongs to her daughter. After she goes, Viki questions what he’s doing and he says buying and killing the competition would be keeping an eye on the prize. Asa comments that he sounds like a true Buchanan, and drinks to his honor. Troy overhears and rolls his eyes. Then he runs into Flash and Nora. He asks about Flash’s throat, then about Nora. They swear that all is well and then depart.

Kevin tells Blair he doesn’t like a beautiful woman to drink alone and orders a drink. She assures him that she’s waiting for Dorian, and Walker. He comments that he’d like to see the Sun put up a good fight before going down so he hopes Walker’s as good as Blair claims he is. Joey interrupts and they briefly discuss their career choices. Then Blair asks why he didn’t bring Kelly with him. Joey assures him that it’s not his business and when Blair directly asks, Kevin says things are just fine between he and Kelly. Walker calls Dorian and apologizes for being too tired to go to the Palace. Then he adds on the voice mail that Blair canceled too. Blair introduces Walker to Kevin and Walker claims he’s pleased to meet Kevin but he casually refuses to shake hands. Walker tells Blair that Dorian was too tired to join them. Kevin asks how Walker ended up at the Sun and he says he inherited it. Kevin comments that talent keeps a person there. Walker orders a drink. Walker promises Blair that Mitch will pay for all he’s done, especially to Todd, but Blair says a prison cell is nothing compared to a grave. Evangeline tells Walker that Mitch fired her. Mitch sits in his jail cell, deep in thought. Kevin introduces himself to Evangeline as the smartest and best looking of all the Buchanans. He offers her a job as his attorney.

Flash asks Nora what’s going on between them and she replies that Troy’s a great doctor, and keep it strictly professional. Nora reminds her that she can be trusted as soon as Flash gets defensive about her entire family being present. Nora adds that they’d all be thrilled if she told them the truth anyway. Cristian tells his fiancé to go talk to her brother but she’s nervous. He sees her and comes over, calling her beautiful and asking for a hug. Then he demands to see the ring and tells Cristian that he needs to treat his sister well. She asks about his taking over the Banner and he fills her in. Viki, meanwhile, asks Asa to stop encouraging Kevin since he’s already too much of a risk-taker. Asa tells her to spend her time on the university instead. Natalie tells Asa that Kevin reminds her of Asa, straight to the point. Natalie mentions to her mother the fact that Flash is Sarah, assuming she already knew, and Viki’s taken aback at first but then realizes it must be true.

After hearing the news, Viki immediately interrupts Flash and Nora’s meal and asks Flash why she didn’t reveal her identity to her family. She says she just didn’t want anyone to know. Flash immediately goes to Joey and demands to know why he revealed her identity to her aunt but he assures her that he didn’t. He’s immediately unhappy when he sees Jen and Rex arrive hand in hand. He tells Flash it wasn’t him and she asks if it was Jen. Then Viki comes over and asks Joey if he knew about what Natalie told her regarding Sarah. She interrupts and says that she doesn’t want everyone to know, especially Tina. Viki says no one knows where Tina is so she couldn’t tell her anyway but that she’s going to tell her father. Sarah says she doesn’t want him to worry. Viki assures her that her family loves her and promises to take care of her. Viki tells Asa she’s going home to check on Jessica.

Al asks his girlfriend what’s going on and assures her that he loves her. Then Marcie tells Al about Jen’s marriage. Al wants Marcie to taste some ‘fried things’ he’s ordered but she declines. He asks if everything is okay with them and she replies that it is. He reminds her that he loves her and they kiss. It starts raining and they head back inside. Marcie’s surprised to hear that Jen really married Rex and Joey’s less than thrilled to hear it. Al and Joey discuss Rex and Jen and Al tries to cheer him up. Marcie tries to talk to Jen about Rex, suggesting annulment, and she accuses Marcie of just being jealous. Al and Marcie reunite and at that moment both can see nothing except for each other. Rex calls R.J. and tells him that he has the money to put toward their investment, because he’s married now. Jen comes in and he immediately hangs up the phone. Jen asks him to go with her to St. Ann’s to tell Lindsay that they’re married. Rex tells her to do it on her own and she agrees but isn’t thrilled about it.

Blair and Walker reunite at the bar over drinks and Blair appears to be agitated. She talks about Starr and then asks where he’s been. He says he was there waiting for her and only left once, to go outside to roll up his windows. Nora asks Kevin about Flash’s whereabouts but while Flash hangs out on the docks, Bo calls Nora to tell her that Mitch has disappeared from his jail cell. And as she turns to walk away, she sees a hand hanging out of a garbage dumpster.

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