OLTL Update Friday 6/27/03

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/27/03

By Nancy
Pictures by Juanita

At Llanfair Joe opens the door and finds Jen standing there all dressed up. She says they have to stop going in circles and playing games and admit how they feel about each other. He asks her if that's what she really wants and she tells him that he knows what she wants, what he has wanted since they first met and they fall into each other arms in a passionate kiss as we hear Vicki say, "That didn't take long." Joe who is alone now and dressed in his white collar and black suit asks his mother what she said and she tells him it didn't take long for him to change clothes to go to the party. He tells her that there is something that he has to do before dinner. Vicki tells him that Asa doesn't like late comers, especially at his own parties. He asks her if she remembers that he had to straighten something out and she says do you mean Jen and he tells her it didn't go the way he wanted it to and he rushes out.

Marcie asks Jen if she is serious about getting married. She tells her that she really doesn't know Rex and that marriage is for life. Jen tells her she doesn't want to be all serious that life is about having fun and she and Rex are going to have fun for life. Marcie asks her if she has talked to anyone else and Jen tells her that the only ones to know about it are her and Joe and Joe couldn't care less.

Vicki tries to talk Jessica into going to Asa's party but she doesn't want to go and she knows that Asa will be angry with her but she can't face a lot of people and answer questions.

Cristian asks Antonio why he isn't going to be at Asa's party and he tells him that he wasn't invited. Cristian tells him that every police officer involved in Mitch's capture was invited and that Jessica wouldn't be there if it weren't for him. Antonio says it won't make a difference whether he is there or not and besides things are complicated. Cristian asks him if its because of Keri. He tells him that things are going to always be complicated.

Walker asks Blair if she is ok with him working at the Sun and staying at Todd's penthouse. She tells him he needs a place to live and she is just looking out for Starr's interests in the Sun (what about Jack?) He comments on Vicki signing over her interests in the Sun to Blair and she tells him that its a little more complicated than that because Todd hasn't been declared legally dead yet so things are just temporary. She tells him that she has a hard time talking about Todd. He says she must really love him. She says that she hated him and yes, she loved him. She tells him that its a done deal and gives him the keys to the penthouse as Starr comes down the stairs and overhears their conversation. Starr comes in and tells her mother that she can't let Walker stay in her dad's penthouse because Walker is creepy and besides his brother killed her dad.

Dorian visits Mitch in jail and asks him how he is enjoying his new home.

Vicki tells Jessica that she understands how she feels. That Mitch will be charged with enough capitol crimes he will never get out. Vicki says she will stay home with her but Jessica tells her she will feel worse if Vicki missed the party. She tells her to go and she will be ok.

Marcie meets Al at the Palace and tells him that she thinks that Max and Roxie make a cute couple. Renee tells Marcie how good she looks. Gabrielle tells Asa that Bo has been detained but he will be there later. Joe shows up looking for Jen and Marcie tells him about Rex and Jen leaving for Atlantic City to get married. She tells him that he should stop it because of the way they feel about each other. Joe tells her that he can't take advantage of Jen because she thinks that being in love with him will make her problems better. Marcie tells him that everyone has problems whether they are in love or not and that if he cares about Jen he should go stop her before she marries Rex. Joe tells his grandfather that he has to go take care of something and leaves.

Natalie talks Jessica into going to Asa's party for Vicki if for no other reason. She says that the sooner they get their lives back to normal the better they all will feel. Jessica tells Natalie how Vicki traded her life for her and she is afraid of letting her down. She decides to go.

Antonio tells Cristian that if he hadn't been pulled off Mitch he might have killed him because he hadn't felt that much rage ever, not even in prison. He tells him that he has to see Rae.

Dorian tells Mitch that as his wife she has certain rights and that instead of the authorities getting their hands on his hidden assets he should give them to her first. She tells him that she won't give him a divorce until she has her hands on "every ill-gotten gain she has coming to her." She tells him that she should have killed him when she had the chance. He keeps quoting biblical passages about Babylon and fallen women. She reminds him that she has already been convicted of killing him so double jeopardy applies if she kills him for real. He tells her that she had better fear him.

Gabrielle goes over to talk to Max and he tells her that he is not there for Asa's party, he is with Roxy and the kids. Gabrielle says, "Oh their still having fun together are they?" and Max tells her that Marcie makes Al smile more than anyone else ever has. She agrees but starts to say that she wishes... when Max stops her and she tells him its not a good time for honesty. He asks her what is going on and she tells him about telling Bo her feelings of jealousy over Nora. She says that she thinks she shouldn't have said anything but if she hadn't, her head would have exploded. Max asks her if that was the reason she was having cocktails with Troy MacIver last night. "Blowing off steam." Gabrielle looks surprised that Max knew.

Asa asks Vicki if she had read her own paper and she thinks a minute and asks him if he means about the three finalists for the position of president of Llanview University. He tells her yes but that the other two were just for show and that she has the job to get some new business cards made. She is thrilled and speechless as Asa tells her that Llanview U has been going down hill the past few years and that he feels she is the one to make some changes. She tells him that she is worried about who will take over the Banner, that if Kevin doesn't want to relocate she doesn't know what she will do. He tells her not to worry about Kevin, to leave him to me. Jessica and Natalie show up. Jess tells Vicki that Natalie talked her into it.

Blair tells Starr that Walker is Mitch's brother and that they are nothing alike and that Walker saved her life. She tells her that Dorian hired Walker to work at the Sun and he does need a place to live. Starr says, "Not at the penthouse." Walker tells her that if her dad comes back he will move right out. Starr raises her voice and says she doesn't like it. Dorian comes in and Walker asks her if she got in to see Mitch. Blair asks her if she found out anything about Todd and Dorian suggests that they all stay away from Mitch. Blair says she is going to see him and Walker goes with her because he doesn't want her to see him alone.

Jen and Rex are in a "marriage chapel" in Atlantic City and the woman there takes Jen outside to get some flowers when Joe arrives.

Cristian meets Natalie at the party and shows her a check he got from selling another painting because of the article. He tells her with the hospital job and his selling his paintings he thinks its time to set a wedding date.

Max asks what's up with Gabrielle and the Troy Boy-toy. She tells him that she has to go talk to the kids. She tells Marcie that she looks pretty in black. Roxy says that means that black is slimming. Al takes her aside and tells her to be careful about any mention of Marcie's weight. Gabrielle apologizes for being insensitive.

Vicki wants to know what Asa's big surprise is and Renee tells her that he only wants them to beg to know.

Antonio and Jessica talk and he tells her things will be better. She asks him what going on with Keri and the baby. He tells her he is still angry and he doesn't want to talk about it because he came there to be with her. She smiles and he tells her," Now that the smile that I love." and kisses her. (good scene) She pulls away and says that she is sorry but she can't. He says he is sorry that he didn't mean to upset her and she says its not him, its her.

Cristian tells Asa that he is sorry for crashing the party but he wanted to be with Natalie. Asa says as long as Natalie is happy. They tell everyone that they have set a wedding date of November 7th. Asa tells everyone that he has an announcement, too and proposes a toast to his thirteenth and last wedding to Renee. She looks stunned and he asks her to say something and she tells him NO.

Mitch is surprised to have visits from two Cramer women in one day and starts quoting scripture again. Blair tells him that her testimony could have a big influence on his sentence and that she will go easy if he will tell her if Todd is alive or not. He implies that Todd is dead. She leaves and Walker goes to talk to Mitch.

Joe insists on seeing Jen but Rex tells him that anything he has to say to her he can say to him because that how it works with married people. Joe looks shocked and Rex tells him that yes, they are married.

Dorian and Blair discuss working together at the Sun and Blair wants her to understand that she doesn't own the Sun, that Starr does. Dorian asks Blair if she moved her papers and Blair tells her that she didn't. Blair thinks that its time that she tells Starr that Todd isn't coming back. Dorian tries to find out if Blair has romantic interests in Walker and Blair asks Dorian if maybe she does.

Mitch tells Walker that he betrayed him and Walker says he didn't pull the trigger. He tells him that he will help him fight the charges. He tells him that he knows that he has hidden assets and if he tells him where they are he will use them for his defense and not let Dorian get her hands on any of it.

Asa asks Renee what she means by no and she tells him that he could have asked her. He says he just did and she says no, you told me and leaves. Roxy tells him to try and be more romantic. Marcie tells Roxy about Rex and Jen getting married and she drags Max off to Atlantic City.

Rex tells Joe that Jen has already gone to the honeymoon suite but he can call her. Joe leaves and Jen comes in.

Jessica goes back to Llanfair looking miserable while Antonio is in Angel Square also looking miserable. Natalie says she is sorry Jessica left before their big announcement. She says she can't believe they have set a date and he tells her to believe it, that they have a lot to do. Vicki is talking to Bo on the phone telling him she is sorry he couldn't make it and that Jessica came for awhile but it was a little much for her. She turns and its KEVIN.

Joe is trying to reach Jen on the phone while Rex and Jen are married and Jen looks bewildered.

Dorian asks Blair when she would have developed feelings for Walker that she hardly knows him. Blair tells her that he took a bullet for her and he hardly knew her.

Walker has convinced Mitch to give him the financial information. As Mitch gives him the piece of paper Walker tells him that Dorian will not get the money. Walker quotes scripture and tells Mitch that he will never see it again either because he is going to rot in prison for the rest of his life.


Troy to Lindsay: How did you get out of St. Anne's
Joe to Jen: I heard you and Rex were getting married.
Jen to Joe: (showing him the ring) what do you think?
Mitch to Walker: you can't abandon me.
Walker to Mitch: sure I can.

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