OLTL Update Thursday 6/26/03

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/26/03

By Nancy
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Cristian asks Antonio if he can forget what Keri did. Antonio tells him that Keri wants them to be a family. Cristian asks him what he wants.

R.J. asks Keri how she can forget that Antonio slept with her mother and lied about it for months and the fact that Antonio seems to be with Jessica now that they were seen together everywhere.

Natalie asks Jessica how she is and as she picks up the morning paper she asks Jessica if she has seen it yet. Jessica says she had just looked at it. When Natalie looks at the headlines it says, "MITCH LAURENCE CHARGED WITH MULTIPLE HOMICIDES." Jessica blames herself for the two deaths.

Nora is at Blair's house with Matthew (no sitter today) and she is thanking her for changing her mind about testifying against Mitch. Nora starts to leave and mentions that Matthew hates going to the meetings with her so Blair asks Nora if she wants to leave him there with her and Starr while she goes to her meetings.

Jessica tells Natalie that she stole Mark's cell phone to call her mother and that is why he was killed. Natalie says it was their choice to work for Mitch that they knew what he was. Jessica says that Brian knew but he was going to help her anyway. Natalie asks Jessica if she wants some tea and Jessica says yes but she will make it. As Jessica leaves to make the tea, Natalie picks up the paper again and then she hears Jessica cry out and a loud crash.

Walker is meeting with Dorian about a project she says he was born to do when Blair comes in and wants to know what is going on.

Natalie rushes into the foyer to find Jessica holding a candle stick in front of the broken mirror. Jessica says she saw Mitch in the mirror as she walked by and grabbed the candle stick and smashed the mirror. The doorbell rings and its Bo checking on Jessica. When he sees the mess, Natalie tells him that Jessica thought she saw Mitch in the mirror. Bo asks Natalie if he can have some alone time with Jessica and she says she has to go meet Cristian. Bo tells Jessica that maybe she should call Clint, that he had talked to him earlier and that Clint is waiting for her call. Jessica says she doesn't know what to say and Bo tells her that they will always be there for her day or night and that she needs to lean on the people who care about her.

Antonio tells Cristian that it was Jessica who told him not to give up on Keri and the baby when everyone else was telling him that he had no place in his daughter's life. Antonio says he wants Jamie to have both parents but Cristian tells him its not that easy and he reminds him what Antonio told him when he was about to marry Jen. Antonio says it was different because Cristian was in love with someone else. Antonio tells him that he doesn't know what he wants.

R.J. tells Keri that Antonio has moved on with his life to be with Jessica and that he might be seeing a lawyer to get custody of Jamie when Nora shows up and tells him that he never gives up interfering in Keri's life. He tell Nora to stay out of it and she says too late.

Walker tells Blair that Dorian has offered him a job at the Sun. Blair tells him that Dorian has no right to offer him a subscription let alone a job. Blair asks Dorian how she thinks she and Walker are going to run the Sun because she doesn't have the authority to run the paper. Dorian says that Blair does and she gets Todd's will to show Blair the paragraph which leaves the Sun to Starr and since Blair is Starr's guardian she will have the power to run the Sun. Blair tells Dorian that she didn't read down far enough and shows her the paragraph which names a co-trustee to run the Sun for Starr and its VICKI.

Antonio shows up at Llanfair to talk to Jessica and Bo tells him that she is having a bad time and to go easy. He also tells Antonio that starting today he has to meet with Rae at her office at the hospital for counseling because of what happened during Mitch's arrest. Antonio says he doesn't need counseling but Bo says that his only other choice is to turn in his gun and badge. Bo leaves to meet Nora and Jessica tells Antonio that she can't have him there right now because she can't ruin anyone else's life.

R.J. tells Nora that he and Keri are in the middle of something and she says yes they are and that he has no business interfering in Keri's life and she leaves.

Bo and Nora meet and she tells him that she has lots of witnesses lined up to testify against Mitch. Bo tells her they better hurry since Mitch insists that the jail won't hold him for long.

Keri gets a call from her sitter that Jamie is running a high fever and she rushes out.

Starr and Matthew have taken a taxi to the hospital to see Dr. Troy. He asks them if either of them are sick and when they say no, he asks them why they are alone. Starr tells him about this very creepy guy named Walker that she doesn't like. Troy agrees with her and Starr asks him to talk to her mother but Troy tells her that he tried but Blair isn't listening to him right now and doesn't want to see him anymore. Matthew says that he is hungry and Starr asks Dr. Troy to take them home. He tells her he can't leave the hospital right now so Starr says he will have to call her mother. Troy thinks that this is part of her plan to get he and Blair together.

Dorian is ranting about Vicki running a media empire right there in Llanview when Troy calls Blair. She rushes out to pick up the kids and Dorian leaves to go talk to Vicki telling Walker that he will have that job. He leaves with her but doesn't lock the door and comes back in alone.

Blair arrives at the hospital and scolds Starr about what she did. Matthew says he is hungry and Starr invites Dr. Troy to come have lunch at their house. Blair tells Matthew they had better call his mother and she asks Starr what would have happened if Matthew had been hurt.

Antonio is sitting in Rae's office not saying anything and she tells him that he doesn't have to talk she gets paid the same no matter what. She tells him that she doesn't care if he talks or not but if he doesn't they will meet once or twice a week until he decides to talk. Antonio starts to talk about Mitch's arrest and Rae asks him what happened. He says that Mitch resisted arrest and needed to be restrained and thats all that happened.

Dorian arrives at Llanfair to see Vicki and Jessica tells her that her mother isn't there so Dorian says she will leave her a note. As she goes to write the note she sees the damaged mirror and asks Jessica what happened. She takes Jessica into the living room to talk to her about keeping her sanity and not letting what happened to her push her over the edge the way Victor did Vicki and then she tells her that her own mother was so cruel that she drove both of Dorian's sisters into madness and they spent most of their lives in institutions. Jessica asks her how she kept her sanity and Dorian tells her she wasn't going to let her mother win by doing that to her and tells her to fight.

While Dorian and Blair are gone, Walker picks up some papers on Dorian's desk and goes to the safe, opens it, takes out some papers and goes back to the desk. He writes down some information, puts the papers back into the safe and leaves by the French doors as Dorian arrives through the front door. She goes into the living room thinking she heard someone in there.

Cristian arrives at Llanfair to check on Jessica. She tells him that Dorian had been there and that their talk had helped her. She tells him about the problems she had during her date with Antonio and she doesn't think they should see each other any more. He tells her that he thinks that she and Antonio are good for each other.

Rae tells Antonio that she has heard about Keri and the baby. He tells her about his mixed feelings about Keri, the baby and Jessica.

Troy tells Keri that the baby has an infection but will be fine and Keri can take her home but she still needs to be treated for the fever. Antonio runs into Keri and R.J as he leaves Rae's office and Keri runs into his arms telling him about the baby. He comforts her and tells her that she did everything right.

Blair shows up at Rodi's with Matthew and leaves him with Nora and Bo. Walker stops her before she leaves and asks her to stay and talk to him. She does as Gaby arrives, sees Nora Bo and Matthew together and Nora sees her reaction so she and Matthew leave. She tells Bo that she has been lying to him again. She tells him that she has tried not to let it bother her but seeing Nora and Matthew with him all the time but does worry her. He says he doesn't blame her and that he understands.

Cristian tells Jessica that Antonio cares about her but Jessica says she doesn't want to come between Antonio, Keri and the baby. Cristian tells her that sometimes a baby isn't enough reason to stay and that if she steps away from the relationship then they all lose.

Bo tries to reassure Gaby but is called away to the police station. Walker tells Blair that he has always been interested in being an investigative reporter. He asks Blair if she is going back to work at the Sun and she says yes for her children's sake. He says that Dorian said something about finding some financial papers and wonders if she had time to go through them. Blair said she is sure she did. Troy shows up and sees Walker with Blair. He heads to the bar when he sees Gaby sitting alone and goes over to talk with her. He talks Gaby into having a drink with him.

Starr surprises Dorian in the living room and Dorian asks her if she had touched the papers on her desk and Starr gets upset and wants to know why she would touch her papers. She leaves grumbling about being the one who gets blamed for everything. After she leaves Dorian says that someone has been going through her papers.


Marcie to Joe...at least talk her out of this stupid marriage

Dorian to Mitch...hello, darling how are you enjoying your new home

Jessica to Antonio...so you came here for me

Antonio to Jessica...you bet I did

Cristian to Natalie...what do you think? Time to set a wedding date?

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