OLTL Update Wednesday 6/26/03

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/25/03

By Laura
Pictures by Juanita

Marcie speaks to Al about the limitless artist’s world. She tells Al how interested she is in her new art history class, but he’s more interested in expressing to her how much he wants to make love to her to which she reacts nervously. She tells him that she’s not ready for it, and apologizes. He tells her that he didn’t mean to pressure her. She then changes her mind and says that she wants to; it’s just that she can’t even wear a bathing suit. He tells her that he likes how she looks but she’s convinced that it’s because he’s never seen her underneath her clothes. She tells him no one’s ever been attracted to her before and then adds that his last girlfriend looks like a model. He insists that Marcie’s the only woman that he wants. She says that she doesn’t think she could ever do this because she doesn’t want to disappoint him, and then runs for the door. Al tries to give Marcie a message over the radio, something that asks her not to be afraid.

Once on the radio, Al tells Marcie how beautiful she is inside and out. He adds that it’s the only way he knew how to get her to listen to him, to believe him. He says he wishes he could better express how he feels, but instead he’ll leave it to the music. She becomes very pleasantly surprised at the gesture and he begins to record a mixed CD for her. She comes over and tells him that she believes him now, and they embrace. She says that she wants to, but she’s just not ready, and he says that it’s okay. She tells him she’s never done it before, and he promises that whenever they do, it’ll be perfect. She agrees, because she’ll be with him. He gives her a mixed CD that he made for her of all the things he wants to say to her but the music says better. He puts it on and she says she’s glad he’s not mad at her. He tells her that he loves her and when she asks him if it’s for real, he insists that it is. She says it back to him. She wants to know how she got so lucky and he says she didn’t, he did. They remind each other that they didn’t get along so well in the beginning. He says they still have a lot to learn about each other and she tells him they have the whole summer to do it. He asks her to take even longer than that.

Natalie shows Cristian a magazine that critiques his work, calling him bold and daring. He tells her he’d be nowhere without her and now because of her he wants to go some place he’s never gone to before. Cristian is less than excited since it’s only one review but she remains the eternal optimist. She ‘air paints’ moments that they will someday share together, like their wedding and first apartment. He says that it all starts in the head and asks her to close her eyes and asks what she sees. She says she sees beautiful colors with a rainbow and beautiful sky. Cristian continues to paint and Natalie looks on, beaming. She shouts at him that she loves him and then she whispers it into his ear. He gets paint on her shirt so she takes it off and she tells him she wants them to last forever. He says that they will, that they have all the time in the world.

Flash tells Riley she wants to go some place she’s never gone to before, after they cut the new CD. A band member, Shane, tells him, privately, that everyone except Flash knows how he feels about Flash. He tells Riley that if you don’t go after what you want, you never get it. Riley and Flash discuss their new song and how great of a team they are. She tells him that she can’t wait to meet the girl he wrote the song for and then asks if this girl is “the one”. In response he admits that he’s the only one who has feelings and of this she can relate. She swears she’s alright and that she just needs to stay focused. Carlotta’s goddaughter, Adriana, leaves her a note for Carlotta and then goes on a walk.

Adriana ends up at Midnight Logic’s garage where Shane introduces himself to her after she divulges that she’s new in town from Puerto Rico. He offers Adriana a beer and she refuses, but agrees to hang out for a while. He plays for her and she enjoys herself. She pretends she’s twenty-one and he doesn’t buy it, but he still gives her a beer. He asks if she plays and she says she plays the cello. Flash and Riley continue to work on their music but she starts coughing. She uses the spray and tells Riley not to worry because she won’t let the band down. He says he’s more worried about her health than about their CD. Adrian tells Shane that her godmother doesn’t want her to go out. He asks her to be there tomorrow night and he’ll play something just for her. Flash sings again and she thinks she’s off but Riley tells her that she sounds great. She grabs his music page to see the notes and finds the title, ‘Flash of Light’. She asks him why he lied about not having a title for it and he says that he wrote it for her, because of how he feels towards her.

Jen tells Rex that if you don’t go after what you want, you never get it, but he doesn’t agree with her snooping around Troy. He agrees to disagree but she gets preoccupied by her camera happening upon a shirtless Joey. Flash checks and sees who Jen is focused on and then says he needs to go get her surprise now, using her credit card unbeknownst to her. Joey sees what she’s doing and comes over. She admits that she hasn’t married Rex, yet, and he tells her that Rex isn’t good enough for her. She says she doesn’t know anyone who is, because Joey was supposed to be great for her but he needs more help than she does. He asks her to get back to they way they used to have, friendship. When she presses the issue, he admits that he was attracted to her. He tells her that she’s beautiful but he doesn’t want to take advantage of her.

Jen asks him what he’s looking for and why he’s even speaking to her right now. He says he cares about her and she tells him not to. She asks him to look the other way next time he sees her, to just let go, but he says that he can’t. He wants to kiss her but she steps away. He tells her that he doesn’t want anything bad to happen her and when she comments about kissing cousins being sick, he asks how she knows about this. He says he’s not dating his cousin and when he asks if she’s been going through Flash’s things again, she asks him to leave her alone. He grabs her but when she repeats herself he instead grabs his belongings and splits. Rex comes and asks her if she’s gotten what she wanted, on tape regarding Troy. She replies that it wasn’t what she had in mind. Rex gives her a ring, to express his feelings, and says he has the wedding all set up. He says it’ll be a laugh to see the look on everyone’s faces, and she agrees.

When Matthew asks, Nora tells him that his father was a wonderful dancer, and then steals a glance in Bo’s direction. Matthew shows his mother how to cha cha. Nora informs Bo that Matthew will keep asking questions about his daddy until he knows the truth. Bo asks if Matthew would really accept him but before she can reply Gabrielle’s interrupting their family moment. Nora takes Matthew to get the jukebox working and Bo compliments Matthew prior to Gabrielle showing him some travel brochures. She asks him to go away with her and he keeps bringing the conversation back to Matthew. She tells him she’ll go anywhere they can be alone with each other and get back to what they used to have. The four sit at the table and listen to Al’s message then music on the radio. Nora looks from her son to his father and Gabrielle’s insecurities begin to resurface.

Bo tells Gabrielle that he wants to go to a dude ranch and she says it’s not what she had in mind but it could be fun. He tells her it’s a joke and that he wants to take her some place where she can be pampered. She says all she needs is him. He promises that they’ll go right after he drives Matthew up to his camp. Matthew plays a song on the jukebox for Bo and comments that his mother told him it’s like the one she and Bo won a trophy for. He asks them to dance and when she replies that she doesn’t think Bo’s up for it, he tells her to speak for herself. She asks Gabrielle for a little help but she says she’d love to see it. Nora and Bo have a great time dancing to ‘Jump, Jive and Wail’ by the Brian Setzer Orchestra and the crowd loves seeing it (as do Bo and Nora fans!).

Nora tires out before Bo does and he asks Gabrielle if she’d like to jump in. They play a slow song and Gabrielle tells him that she wants to do everything with him. She asks him to take an even longer vacation but he says a week is about all he can handle. Mathew walks over to say good-bye and asks Bo if they can go fishing before camp starts. Nora tells their son that Bo’s a busy guy but he replies that he always has time for fishing and says he’ll call to set things up. Nora suggests that they speak soon too and he agrees. Gabrielle asks if there’s a problem and he says that it seems as though the best thing for Matthew is to tell him soon that Bo is his father. She has faith that he’ll make the right decision and when he goes to take care of the check, she thinks aloud that it isn’t going to be easy.

Jessica visits her boyfriend and he’s prepared a romantic dinner for her but she has flashbacks to her meal with her father Antonio tells her that he doesn’t want her to be disappointed but she says it’s not possible after all that he’s done for she and her family. Jessica asks about Keri and their daughter Jamie, and about how he feels toward Keri. He says he feels angry and that when she died she was the love of his life, but when he found out about the lies everything changed, especially Keri. He adds that Keri has asked for forgiveness and he says that they’ll always be connected. He says he can’t let go of Jamie but he doesn’t know about Keri. He says that Jessica was the only one who ever thought he had a right to have a future with his daughter. He says that when he knew that she’s not a princess and that there’s a lot more to her than that. He invites her to dance but she flashes back to dancing with her father and tells Antonio that she can’t do this.

Antonio apologizes for making Jessica afraid and she apologizes in response. He comments on how steady she seems but she says that she doesn’t feel that way and refuses to ‘talk about it’. She wants to leave but he asks her to stay for his killer dessert, and then offers to be there if and when she decides she wants to talk. He pours her a drink and she looks nervous and sad when they accidentally touch hands. Jessica calls her ‘supercop’ a ‘gourmet chef’ as well. He makes her promise to keep it a secret and she again thanks him. He admits that he had a little help because he asked Viki for a list of Jessica’s favorite foods. She flashes back, again, to Mitch, and she leaves, promising to call later. As she storms out, she sees Keri standing in front of the door about to knock. Keri wants to talk and when Antonio says it’s not a good time, it leaves Keri thinking that there never is one She says that she loves him and wants them to try again, but when she sees the wine glasses she wonders if she’s too late.

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